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Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

Paints can do a lot for your space, but paints with a touch of design can transform anything mundane into a masterpiece. Your living room is a representation of your abode and it often signifies the style, approach and lifestyle of the people living in it. A great place for get togethers, parties and the first look into the house - living rooms have a lot to live up to. In order to meet those expectations, every homeowner is in search of wall painting ideas that will beautify their space.

Wall painting ideas for living rooms are not too hard to find, but a lot goes into hand picking the right choice. From earthy hues for simple wall painting ideas to extravagant textures for modern wall painting ideas, your living room can be your own canvas with the help of paints and textures.

To navigate through the world of wall painting ideas, we have curated a list of simple to modern wall painting ideas for your living room, with expert recommendations. You can also check out the latest wall painting ideas for your home here.

  1. Furniture to Wall in Velvet Shades

    Furniture to Wall in Velvet Shades

    Monochrome is not just limited to walls. This monochromatic wall painting idea for living rooms has changed the way designers look at combining furniture and walls. Velvety, rich, sophisticated - warm shades run from furniture to walls creating a uniform style with depth and character in the living room. In order to achieve this wall painting design in your living room, all you have to do is choose one deep, velvet shade, choose a large piece of statement furniture like a couch to represent the same shade, and design the whole room in the same paint family. Voila! Your living room will become the centre of all conversations. One of the latest and modern wall painting ideas of 2022, this is one of the simplest to achieve even in smaller houses.

    Characteristics: Warm, sophisticated, contemporary

  2. Faux Bricks In Muted Tones

    Faux Bricks In Muted Tones

    Brick walls are timeless, but faux brick walls have been stealing the limelight lately. Faux brick walls are a popular wall painting idea with muted shades like grey, beige, dust pink, charcoal taking over. The red dusty brick look is still in vogue, but the faux brick wall painting idea has made the process a lot simpler with a wide range of shades available to a homeowner’s disposal. The perfect way to place your faux brick wall in the living room is to use it as a backdrop for your dining area, your shelfs or your couch area. These walls can blend in perfectly with furniture as well. Here are a few ways you can experiment with faux brick walls:

    • Go for the classic white and pair it with bare walls to break the monotony
    • Channel the chic you and paint your faux brick wall in pop shades to stand out
    • Have a two-toned faux brick wall with colours like blue and white
    • Go for the traditional brick wall approach with paint and a dusty red

    Characteristics: Rugged, modern, chic

  3. Murals in earthy tones

    Murals in earthy tones

    If you love earthy, deep tones, you can go a step beyond regular paint and introduce painted murals to your focal walls in the living room. This wall painting idea for living rooms can work wonders if paired well with deep coloured bare walls to create a warm, tranquil living room.

    With colours like deep green, warm blue and other earthy tones, murals that represent nature in similar palettes can blend in perfectly. From simple leaf motifs, to painting the deep woods or peacock adventures, murals have a way of blending in with earthy tones and bringing your living room to life.

    Characteristics: Creative, dusky, tranquil

  4. Luxe abstract in neutrals

    Luxe abstract in neutrals

    Neutral shades like beige, tan, gold, creams can accentuate your walls with abstract designs too. Let’s not leave abstracts and geometric patterns to pop colours only. The beauty of neutral tones is that it adds an elegant finish to abstract painted walls, delivering an aura of elegance in your living room. Perfectly suited for modern and luxury-designed houses, this wall painting idea for living rooms is one to entertain. Here are a few ways to make your living room look luxurious and modern:

    • Pair your walls and furniture with lights like chandeliers, lamp shades etc.
    • Go for luxurious rugs, upholstery and furniture to match the colour scheme
    • Draw a little contrast with couches and chairs in shades of rust, blues and velvet greens

    Characteristics: Luxurious, suave, elegant

  5. Rustic motifs in golden accents

    Rustic motifs in golden accents

    Motifs usually give a very traditional vibe to the space. Rustic motifs are a great wall painting idea for Indian living rooms, adding a rooted yet contemporary air to the space. Pick a wall paint backdrop in a neutral tone and add rustic motifs with golden accents to help your focal wall stand out.

    1. Choose your focal wall and plant it with rustic, golden motifs
    2. Play with gold-finished decor, lighting and accents
    3. Let the rustic vibe run all over your furniture
    4. Choose sheer curtains to balance out the drama

    Characteristics: Rustic, traditional, warm

  6. Lines in Pop Colours

    Lines in Pop Colours

    Tired of bare, boring walls? Visualise simple, thin lines across the same walls dividing it into segments with the power of colour. Bare walls can be transformed into a creative and modern wall painting idea for living rooms just by drawing abstract lines across it. There are a few ways to bring your wall to life with the help of lines and pop colours. Let us tell you how to turn your simple walls into a sought-after wall painting idea for your modern living room:

    1. Choose a pop colour like blue for your wall and draw understated, black or white lines on it to make a statement
    2. Reverse the colour and choose a muted tone for your walls and draw lines with pop colours like blue, red or green to accentuate it
    3. Draw vertical or horizontal lines to show symmetry on otherwise bare walls
    4. Play with paint in between the lines by dividing the wall paint further with two tones

    Characteristics: Simple, creative, vivid

  7. Texture and Paint combos in Vivid Colours

    Texture and Paint combos in Vivid Colours

    If you want a tad bit of vibrant in your living room, without disturbing your bare walls and current colour scheme, we have just the wall painting idea for you. A textured, accent wall can add character and depth to a room and can give you the creative liberty of playing with vibrant hues too. If you’re worried about too much colour, choose one wall of colour and texture and keep it simple with the rest. If you do not want to experiment too much with textures, just change the finish of walls from glossy to matte to make a subtle difference.

    Texture and paint combinations can range from vivid colours to muted tones and textures for your living room. Vivid colours as accent wall paintings are the latest trend for living room designs.

    Characteristics: Funky, chic, futuristic

From living rooms to kitchens to the whole abode, we have curated all the latest and trending wall painting ideas for homeowners to choose from. It is of utmost importance to understand your space, its requirements and the ideas that are state-of-the-art to remain relevant. We are here to keep you in touch with trendy designs, colour charts and wall painting ideas for homes.

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