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 What is stain resistant paint?

What is stain resistant paint?

A stain resistant paint is a paint which can withstand discoloration and does not easily absorb stains, dust and indoor pollutants. Stain resistant paints have resistance to acquire stains from surrounding atmosphere and protect and preserve the beauty of your home walls. Stain resistant paints help to retain the dazzling look of your walls for a long time.

The walls of a home are constantly subjected to stains, dust and external agents. Your kids may accidentally slide their muddy arms across the painted walls to ruin their look. Pets may carelessly leave their paw marks on the walls. Guests at home may accidentally spill tea and other beverages on the walls. You may take all the care possible, but your walls will still get stained. Invest on the right wall paint to maintain the glow of your walls.

What are the uses and benefits of stain resistant paint?

Different wall paints come with different levels of stain resistance. When you are painting your walls, you expect the new look to stay for long. This is one good reason to invest in a superior stain resistant paint manufactured by trusted brands like Nerolac.

Why paints stain? What are common things that cause stains on walls?

Below are few substances that can stain your walls:

  1. Gravy dishes that have oil

  2. Lipstick and cosmetics

  3. Sauces and beverages

  4. Art supplies like colouring pencils, pens and paints

Why some paints stain more than others?

The constitution of the wall paint decides how easily it may acquire wall stains. You must pick wall paints that have high sheen so that they retain their shiny look. A coat of primer applied after painting the walls can also reduce the chances of wall stains. You must select the paints for your walls based on your home’s specific requirements.

There are several reasons why wall paints may lose their glow. All paints are not the same. Some modern paints are designed to resist discoloration. If you choose such paints, you won’t observe many stains on walls.

Which types of paint are most stain resistant?

It is difficult to remove these stains from painted walls with low sheen. Matte or flat paints tend to stain more compared to other paint types. This is the reason why more people today select stain resistant paints to paint their home walls.

Which is the best stain resistant paint?

You can never stop your children from being artful and decorating your home walls with crayons. You may wish there was a stain resistant paint that could retain its appealing look in spite of the stains. Nerolac understands this need of home owners and designed Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable paint.

Here are some unique features that make it the best stain resistant paint for modern homes:

  1. You can now become worry free when it comes to stains on walls and can remove stains of haldi, chutney, pickle, crayons and several common staining elements in just a wash.

  2. The wall paint has antibacterial qualities. It also resists fungal growth.

  3. The Low VOC and Low Odor features make it ideal for home walls.

  4. The soft sheen paints come with superior flow and brushability.

  5. The paints possess qualities like superior toughness and elongation, preventing cracks from appearing.

Explore the range of Nerolac washable paints which are stain resistant and take your pick to give your house a whole new look. Now you can let your children live their childhood freely, exploring art and creativity. Give them wings without compromising those luxurious looks for your walls.

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