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5 Colour Combinations That Go with Orange for Your Home

5 Colour Combinations That Go with Orange for Your Home


Orange is one of the liveliest colours you can pick for your home! Orange wall colour can brighten practically any home. If you have already planned to make the best use of orange wall colour, then you have made the best plan for your home. If you are a fan of orange home colours, you can indeed paint all your rooms orange. But did you know that you can make an even fantastic choice by pairing orange house colour shades with other colours? Prevent all your rooms from looking similar, and pair up orange walls with these awesome colours to create alluring orange wall colour combinations.

  1. Blossom White

    Blossom White

    There’s no other colour that makes the orange paint colour combination more amazing than white. Limit a bold or mid-toned orange shade to an accent wall in your living room or bedroom and paint up other walls and ceiling in pure whites. This is how you create a perfectly-balanced orange colour combination for the hall and other places in your home.

  2. That Perfect Companion

    That Perfect Companion While orange goes well with both black or white, it looks especially nice when coupled with grey paint shades for the house. Grey couples beautifully with practically any colour. A little unusual, this colour combination looks modern when you play around smartly with both these colours. Limit lighter or mid-toned shades of grey to smaller areas like half walls, accent walls, or walls with your television and shelves on them. This way, you will let the peppiness of orange take over the theme in your home.

  3. Sunny Serenity

    Are you a fan of sunsets and sunrises? And is that why you want to paint your room orange? If yes, then multiply the emotions and look by throwing in some yellows in the space. There’s so much you can do with these two sunny colours. Either pick a wall, paint it orange, and keep everything else yellow, go vice versa, or try a smart way to combine both, like paint in chevron or ombre pattern. In the end, place deep-coloured wooden furniture in the room to complete the look.

  4. Muted & Pop

    Muted & Pop Not sure if pearly white is your colour to paint on your home walls? Rich hues of beige and muted off-whites can be your solutions for creating an orange wall colour combination in your home. Match the colour with itself but tinted lighter - as in beige, peach, light coral, and butterscotch. Or go lighter and choose an off-white shade like Cameo Peach (2107). These charmingly subtle colour combinations are soft and calming because they remind us of autumn’s natural colours.

  5. Deep Embraces

    Deep Embraces Calling all those who like to live in warm-looking spaces! You don’t always have to create orange paint colour combinations with lighter, contrasting colours. You can go dark and go bold by picking deep house paint shades like wine, berry-inspired reds and crimsons, chocolaty browns, and vibrant greens. Don’t forget to get many lights and lamps to lighten up space, or you may just go overboard and make your rooms look gloomy and dark. What do you want your room to reflect? Energy? Passion? Happiness? Enthusiasm? And the list of all the awesome thing simply goes on… But no matter what you want your room to say, you will always have at least one orange wall colour combination to work in that direction. All you have to do is select the right companion of orange to reflect the best mood and theme you wish to have in your house.

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