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6 Colour Shades for Your Home to Help You Relax

6 Colour Shades for Your Home to Help You Relax


Home is where we all wish to be after a tiring or stressful day. Because the home’s where we all feel comfortable and calm. Did you know that you can increase the feeling of relaxation by choosing the right home colour shades? All you have to do is select one of these colours for your living room, or bedroom, or wherever you spend most of your time.

  1. Sweet Lavender

    Sweet Lavender

    Want a feeling of luxury while you glance calmly at your home walls? Pick a lighter shade of purples like Brinjal Purple (4196) or Sensuous Lilac (4183) to keep frustration and irritation away. Pair these paint colour shades with off-white or beige furniture to amplify the feel.

  2. Refreshing Aqua

    Refreshing Aqua Want an instant splash of freshness to your mood every time you enter your house? Then you must pick bright aquamarine shades like Upbeat (4314) or Silky (2472) to lighten up the entire setting and your mood. But then pair these paint colour shades with contrasting dark blue, black, or grey accessories and elements to keep the overall ambience balanced and pretty.

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  4. Yellow Gleam

    Yellow Gleam We all deserve a little dose of relaxation every day, and there is no other colour except muted yellow that can give you that sense of tranquillity. Bring the rays of the sun inside your house and dress up your home walls with lighter tinges of yellow. Throw a bit of brown to the setting, and you are good to go the calming path.

  5. Classic Beige

    Classic Beige If you want to take the combo of yellow and brown a bit ahead, then beige should be your pick. Beige is neutral, calm, and relaxing, and also provides the best posh and modish feeling in the house. The best part is that this wall paint colour can be complemented with any kind of decor theme.

  6. Luscious Salmon

    Luscious Salmon Our last one in the relaxing colour shade card is our brightest pick - soothing salmon pink. This colour elevates confidence, action, and excitement. Add a lot of flowers and greens to your room to achieve a cute home theme. Don’t add any more colours to the setting, or you may end up overwhelming the entire mood. Aren’t these some fabulous paint shades for the bedroom and living room? If you aren’t sure which of these will be ideal for your living room and bedroom, you can use Nerolac’s Colour My Space mobile application. The app’s Previews feature lets you upload pictures of your rooms and visualise how each of these colours will look on your home walls in real-time. You can even check the appearance of these relaxing colours in different lighting settings - natural sunlight, white light, and yellow light. This way, you can imagine how your home will look at different times of the day in each of these colours. Isn’t that an amazing way to visualise and select apt relaxing colours out of these for your living room and bedrooms. Download the app (Android | iOS) right away! It’s available in English and 9 Indian languages to make using it simpler for all.

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