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 5 Wall Decor Ideas To Elevate The Appearance Of A Room

5 Wall Decor Ideas To Elevate The Appearance Of A Room

‘A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy’. - Juan Montoya. Beautifying a house is a process that involves lots of care and attention. Each swab of paint and every chosen element requires a touch of your personality and liking, to make a home appealing and attractive. The first step for creating eye-catching home décor is diverging from flat home paint colours, towards striking textures, vibrant patterns and exciting décor ideas that can add a touch of glamour to your house.

Few Trendy Wall Design Ideas That Can Transform Your Home

Choose amongst our trendy décor ideas to transform your interior décor,

Metallic Glow

Metallic fixtures, ceilings and even metallic focal walls can be the perfect base for complementary accessories or matte black fixtures. Using Copper, Bronze, and Dull Gold hues is a trendy new way to add elegance and richness to the interior décor. With metallic texture wall paint designs over the focal wall or ceiling, you can create a stunning industrial décor that has an elegant yet rustic effect on the room walls.

Antique Stone

Stone walls, brick fireplaces and Victorian arches can never become outdated. A stucco or stone finish can help you create a matte and rustic stone design over the focal wall of your room. An antique yet contemporary touch to the living room, study or common areas, using faux stone texture paint designs, can be mesmerising for the beholder.

Asymmetrical Patterns

The creative freedom attained by using asymmetrical patterns over focal wall paint is liberating. You can use various shades of flat color or textured wall paint designs to create mesmerising patterns that draw the onlooker and add interest to your space. You can easily turn your home walls into eye-catching artwork, by choosing from the extensive collection of asymmetrical wall painting ideas , in either monochromatic or contrasting schemes.

A Touch of Textile

A softer feel of textile is contrary to the cold and hard walls of a home. Using plush cushions, drapes and rugs in a room can soften the hardness and add warmth to the room. Moreover, textile finish texture wall paints that have a feel of flowy velvet can be used to add warmth and elegance to your home.

Bold Accent

A focal wall can be like artwork, which draws the attention of guests and adds the much-needed interest in a room when painted in a bold and vivacious hue. However, choosing the right paint colour is essential for fashioning a head-turning masterpiece. A focal wall that is well-adorned with eye-catching wall designs is a welcoming change that can transform your interior walls into a stunning work of art.

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