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Looking for Trendy Interior House Paint Ideas?

2018-04-25 Looking for Trendy Interior House Paint Ideas?
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Boring, dull walls and a décor that is not a reflection of your personality can make a house unfamiliar and uninviting. Interior paint colors are a useful tool that can be used to create a surprising focal point or vividly accentuate a home design. Although paint color trends come and go, few contemporary interior décor ideas never fail to impress.

Take a look at a few incredible and trendy interior paint color schemes that are well-designed to set a trendy vibe to your home:

Distressed Blue and White

Blue and white is a no-fail interior paint colour combination. The distressed or sun-faded shade of Blue, over living room or bedroom walls, can set a relaxing and carefree vibe to the house. Closer to the likes of a beach house, a washed-out blue wall or furniture can replicate the tranquillity of sea into your home. Blue walls can be given an exciting contrast through white trims and classic furnishing for an attractive décor.

Pastel Yellow

There are those of us who feel warm and sunny summers must stay forever. For the likes of sun lovers, a muted tone of Yellow as the base colour complimented by muted greys or white can be a perfect interior paint idea. Accentuated further using light floral draperies, lively cushions and floral arrangements that add freshness along with accent colors into a warm and luminous room, is a recipe for a classic yet trendsetting décor.

Teal Green

There is never enough time to observe the trees and walk through nature in our busy lives, yet nature has a special place for most. Nature inspired themes curated using a vivid and eye-catching shade of Teal Green, alongside muted Browns, can be an interior paint color scheme that refreshes the décor and the beholder.

Mint and Chocolate

Don’t be afraid to try a range of pastel paint colors that may seem intimidating to pull off. Pastel interior paint colors, such as Mint green, have gained immense admiration in contemporary homes. Mint Green is a calming paint color, and Brown furnishings liven the room up with their stark contrast. A décor scheme in a minty-chocolate combination is worth feasting your eyes upon.

Classic Monochrome

An interior color trend that never goes out of fashion is classic white walls with complimenting accent colors that hit the right notes. For a trendsetting interior design try bold checkerboard prints over the floor or walls that add a playful feel to the room. Classic White interior paint colors can also be accentuated with brightly painted focal walls in shades such as Cerulean, Cobalt Blue or a striking shade of Pink.

You can create your own interior home painting scheme, using out of the box colours that not only add interest and beautify your home but also set a trendy vibe that demands attention.


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