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 5 Ways to Holi-fy Your Home

5 Ways to Holi-fy Your Home

The festival of Holi brings a splash of rich and delightful colours everywhere. If you are craving to give your house a pretty makeover, this is the right time to do it. For, what better way to bring in the festival of colours than by painting and decorating your home! Get started today itself, consider these ideas, think creatively, go shopping, and Holi-fy your house in the most attractive way.

  1. Paint the Walls “Gulal”

    Holi is incomplete without gulal, and so will your house be if you are looking for Holi wall painting ideas. This pinkish-red powder signifies auspiciousness, something that is the essence of every Indian festival. Bring the energy and auspiciousness inside your house by adding a dash of paint colour like Salsa Pink (4124). Use this alluring shade for your bedroom walls, living room walls, or even garden area. If you don’t wish to paint your house with such a deep hue, you can always pick a lighter one, something like Coralle Pink (4575).

    Pro tip: Get inspired by our Walk-to-Wall Holi Ke Rang pattern and create lovely patterns using a combination of three shades of pink - a deep shade like Grenadine (2188), a lighter hue like Happy Valentines (4110), and a mid-tone like Coralle Pink (4575).

  2. Or Pick Bold Holi-inspired Paint Colours

    If you wish to make your home look as colourful as your face after a playful Holi-day, there are endless opportunities for you. Every paint colour, every shade has a certain extravagant appeal that can match your expectations. If you are looking for wall painting colours that are both trendy and vibrant, opt for Holi-inspired shades like Budoir Luxury (4198), Mali Opal (4242), Plush (4309), Green Genie (2546), Gilded Lily (2056), Nasturtium (2070), Adventure (2189), and Plum Passion (4577).

    Pro tip: You can use a series of varied vibrant colours to create our Walk-to-Wall Holi Ke Rang pattern or something artistic like our Rich Velvet pattern.

  3. Dress It Up in White

    We all know that the most common dress-code colour for Holi is white. Dress your home up for Holi, too, by playing around with white paint colours. Pick from a diverse hues of whites from Nerolac’s Masterpiece Whites collection – something like Cornerstone (4471) or Seashell Pink (4067). Calm your senses by painting your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom walls and ceiling with Marble Mist (2911) or Sweet Thing (2344). If you don’t want completely white-washed walls, you can always throw some contrast by painting your wall mouldings, brackets, floating shelves, and other wall elements with whites. Small elements in whites with a deep-toned backdrop will make your house look exquisite.

  4. Use Colourful Upholstery

    The simplest way to Holi-fy your house is by opting for colourful curtains, rugs, cushion covers, bedsheets, and other colourful elements. If you have mono-toned walls in light paint colours, you can add a dash of colour to your upholstery. This idea is apt for those who prefer wall painting colours in pastels, beiges, or almost whites for their homes. Up your colour-game and look for pieces that have different colours together; avoid getting curtains and cushion covers of your favourite colour all the time! While shopping for vivid-coloured upholstery, keep your room’s paint colour in mind so that you don’t get something that looks completely out-of-the-place.

    Apart from upholstery, you can also throw some colours inside your house by decorating your space with colourful wall hangings, framed art-pieces, wall stickers, and floor patterns (rangoli designs).

  5. Play With Flowers

    Do you know how people used to make colours for celebrating Holi in the past? Holi colours during those early days were made from flowers and plants. Flowers and colourful leaves were plucked, dried in the sun, and then ground to fine powders. So why not go back to those old days and bring back flowers during this festival of colours? Not by making colours from them, but by using them to decorate your house!

    The simplest way to incorporate floral essence in your house if to place potted flowers at different points or put up hanging pots near windows. Get colourful garlands of your favourite flowers and hang them smartly at different spots in your house. If your house has a staircase or a balcony, you are lucky! You can decorate the staircase railings or every bit of your balcony with flowers. Going back to the idea of floor patterns or rangoli, use flower petals to make beautiful patterns to add colours (and fragrance) to your house. If withering flowers make you sad, pick those pretty and colourful artificial blooms available in the market. Again, keep your home’s paint colours in mind while buying flowers for your rooms.

    Once your home is ready for this exciting festival of colours, invite your friends and relatives over. Flaunt your Holi-fied home in the best way possible. Lastly, cut the chances of your home’s walls getting spoilt by colours and water by choosing Nerolac Impressions Eco Clean range. The excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning properties of these home paint colours will let you bring your house back to its original state with just one swipe of a wet cloth.

    Happy Holi!

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