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Beat Indian Summers with These Cooling Paint Colours

People across the globe love going to beaches or walking on misty grass. Doing so not only relieves stress but also helps in refreshing moods. What’s the reason behind this? It is because the colours of sparkling water or soft grass soothe the eyes and enchants the senses. Shades of green, blue, purple, violet, and indigo are considered to be calming and soothing, and they stimulate the feelings of peace and harmony.


Won’t it be a great idea to bring these strong colours inside your house and use them for stylish wall painting ideas? After all, it’s almost summer, and choosing these cool house paint colours will be a great way to feel refreshed all season long.

  1. Graceful Greens

    Let’s start with the most pleasing colour to the eye - green. This cool colour is easily associated with Mother Nature. Depending on the hue, greens can make you more cheery or calm you down.

    The greenness in your house can make you feel like spending your entire summer vacation at home! Mimic the natural world around you by picking your favourite shades from the diverse wall painting palette of greens. Opt for a quintessential house paint shade like Brilliant Garnet (4390). If you wish to add a dash of cheery spring to your space, greens with a bit of yellow to them, like Green Rage (2643) or Starfruit (4427), can be the best idea. For people who wish to get a bit experimental and opt for modern wall painting colours, there are shades of teal such as Tansy (2480) and Emerald Forest (2524), shades of olive like Fernleaf (4419) and Golden Olive (2672), and shades of sea green such as Marina (4358) and Corsage (2516). If you wish to add a bit of art to your home walls, move beyond plain walls. Get inspired and put some patterns like velvets or crushed cotton on your bedroom and living room walls.

  2. Blissful Blues

    Nature possesses just as many serene blues as it does greens. Look at the clear blue ocean water or the mighty sky above. These hues create a sense of relaxation and playfulness at the same time, making them especially popular choices for bedrooms. Bottom line: blue synonyms with positivity of all kinds. So add more positivity to your space with enthralling blue walls.

    Shades of aqua and pastels are ideal summer wall painting colours. You can use them strategically to paint all of your living room or bedroom walls. These charming shades work greatly for kitchens and home exteriors as well. Fans of bold and vibrant blues can opt for shades like cobalt, violet, and azure, something like Blue Sapphire (2411), Blue Blanket (4247), Velvet Diva (4223), Debonair (2371), and Olympian Blue (2392). A lot of people also opt for unusual shades of peacock and ocean that are different from the clichéd blues. If you don’t want deep-toned home interiors, limit these dark tints only for your accent walls and let the lighter shades dominate the ambience.

    Mix blue living room walls with clear white lamps and bulbs to create a perfect chill-in-summer ambience. And why only living room, shades of blissful blues are apt for your bedrooms, study room, and even bathrooms!

  3. Peaceful Purples

    Purple stimulates peacefulness, power, romance, and passion and also promotes creativity and imagination. This cool colour provides the benefits of blues and warmth of reds at the same time. It carries the essence of relaxation and freshness, which makes it a perfect summer colour.

    Purples, berries, indigos, plums, lavenders, mauves - every shade of purple is tranquillizing! Although it is a cool colour, purple is one of the “hottest” summer house paint choices for people. So get inspired by the colours of wines, sangrias, fruits, and flowers and dress up your home walls with different hues of purple with Nerolac Impressions 24 Carat. This luxury emulsion will just double the opulence of your rich home interiors. Whether you want a shade of purple that is pinkish or more on the bluer side, there’s one shade of purple for everyone, every mood, every home setting. But if you can’t choose the right pick for your home, use Nerolac’s Colour My Space – your personal assistant that helps you to make the right choices – and choose your wall painting colours for each of your room.

    Velvet furniture, soft bedding, metallic ornaments and accessories in gold and silver, and dim lights are just a handful of the many options to redefine passion in your bedroom. For exquisite living rooms, just place some flower vases and large mirrors with velvet furniture and metallic art pieces.

    To some extent, blacks, browns, tans, golds, and beiges are considered warm colours. Cool colours, on the other hand, consist of whites, ivory, silver, and grey. Irrespective of their classification, you can utilize these colours to make a powerful statement this summer. An accent wall, of one of these colours is a smart idea. You can even opt for these shades when covering your home walls with DIY patterns. These colours will always rule the list of wall painting colours throughout the year. So don’t refrain from combining these neutrals and basics with your cool house paint picks.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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