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 6 Tips On Choosing a Striking Exterior Paint Palette

6 Tips On Choosing a Striking Exterior Paint Palette

Most visitors make a first impression of a homeowner, before setting foot in a home. As outer walls, just like interior walls, are a reflection of your taste and personality. Thus, if you want your much-adored home to be the talk of the neighbourhood, for all the right reasons, selecting an exterior paint scheme that works is vital. There are no set rules and regulations that dictate the selection of exterior paint colours. However, having an exterior wall paint colour that is not blending well with the neighbourhood can raise many eyebrows, and not the flattering kind. Try our few simple tips to choose exterior home paint colour schemes, to transform your exterior walls and dazzle onlookers with ease.

Explore the Fixed Elements

A vital step to get the exterior house paint colours right is planning around the surface elements that are the hardest to alter. Unless you are renovation includes changing the entire structure, the roof, tiles, stonework, driveway and other fixtures will remain constant. Thus, consider these fixtures before selecting exterior house colours, to ensure they blend into or contrast the paint scheme appropriately. You can also take inspiration from the undertones from these fixture, such as the brick wall, the marble sculpture or the tan roof, making them elements in your exterior paint colour palette. By choosing exterior paint colours that will tie the fixed elements together in a harmonious way, you have attained the recipe for a fail-proof exterior house colour.

Dig through the History of Your Home

Every home has an architectural style an era. Be it a Victorian structure, a Craftsman bungalow or a mid-century modern home, the exterior paint colour scheme should feel appropriate to the style of the house. Engage with architects or contractors, or just research online to discover the era and style that your home resembles the best. After finding the perfect style, you can browse through home designs and colour palettes to find the one that best suits your home.

Consider the Surroundings

Unlike interior décor, when selecting exterior paints, think about your street and the landscape around your home. The consideration of the surrounding and what you would like the relationship of your house with the street to be plays a vital role in the colour selection process. Sit back and take a look at the road or trees, to evaluate if you would like your house to be slightly lighter or brighter to stand out or conversely, a neutral hue to make it blend into the surrounding.

Diversify the Palette

When selecting paints for exterior walls, select at least three or more exterior paint colours. Typically, an exterior paint colour scheme comprises of three essential colours, the base colour that is the dominating paint, the accent colour, for the doors, window frames and other smaller areas; and a contrast colour, for the castings, frill, rail and trim. Choose a colour for the trim that contrasts with the base colour chosen by you. For instance, if your primary hue is dark, opt for a white or pale trim. On the other hand, a light field colour can be accentuated using a darker trim shade to produces a sharp and dramatic effect.

Consider the weather

Selecting exterior home paint also requires the evaluation of the weather condition that may wear down the paint colour in time. Many of our best exterior paint colours have been created to withstand the effects of rain, dust and sun, still keeping the exterior of your home fresh and attractive for a long-time. Thus, you must consider the environmental conditions, such as heat, rain and frost on your external walls and choose long-lasting, high-performance exterior paints. Our collection of exterior paints include Excel Rain Guard,Excel Anti Peel amongst other, that ensure your home walls have the required weather protection and dazzle onlookers for years to come.

Test and observe

When choosing paints for the house, never rely on shade cards and catalogues alone. Exterior shades can vary significantly owing to the effect of light on the colour. Thus, try the shade by buying a quart of paint and test it on an inconspicuous area of your exterior home wall. Observing the shade at various times of the day can help you tweak the tone lighter or darker before applying it over the entire surface. Many people make their first impression of your personality before stepping foot into your home. So, make a striking first impression, by painting your exterior walls to impress and outshine expectations.

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