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Bathroom Paint Colour - 7 Ideas for Different Types of Bathrooms

Bathroom Paint Colour - 7 Ideas for Different Types of Bathrooms


Bathroom - a place perfect for unwinding after a hectic day or taking a splash when days go blue. For such a wonderful part of your house where you can be yourself, you need bathroom colours that look wonderful and don't tame your vibe. Thought white is the best bathroom paint colour? Or are you planning to make the simpler (and not-so-great) pick with artistic tiles? Get out of your comfort zone and try one of these bathroom colour ideas to transform your bathroom for awesomeness.

Try These Bathroom Colour Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

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  1. Bathroom Paint Colour With Bejewelled Emerald

    Bejewelled Emerald

    If you were trying to make your bathroom look classy and posh with vintage-styled jewels or copper fittings, the ideal backdrop should be a deep emerald shade. A bathroom wall colour tone like Le Mer (2476) is made for stylish bathrooms of all sizes. Metallic and yellowish lights, stone or metallic bathtub and basin, and copper or brass-like plumbing fixtures create an alluring decor that can mesmerise your senses every time.

  2. Bathroom Paint Colour With Gorgeous Graphite

    Bathroom Design And Colour Image If your bathroom faces the north and doesn't get a lot of light, you need a bathroom paint colour that can reflect light and illuminate the space. Our suggestion - muted grey! This light yet gorgeous tone looks lovely with all kinds of bathroom decor, especially the spacious ones. But if you wish to create a beautiful bathroom, you need to pair this bathroom paint with white sanitary ware and fittings. And don't forget to add several lights and lamps. That's how you'll light up your dark bathroom.

  3. Bathroom Paint Colour With Fresh Salmon

    Fresh Salmon A punch of freshness every time you step into your bathroom - we understand that craving! If you have a compact bathroom, but you wish to make it look peppy, we have just the right bathroom colour idea for you. A bathroom colour tone that's a mix of salmon and coral. A bright shade like Sunset Boulevard (4115) is excellent to bring vibrancy to your bathroom. Pair up this bathroom wall colour with mint or medium grey detailings like tiles, wall patches, shelves, cabinets, and sanitary ware.

  4. Bathroom Paint Colour With Dreamy Snow

    Dreamy Snow When you don't like your spacious bathroom to look cluttered at all, you need a pretty bathroom colour combination because the colours, too, contribute to the overall look. For the bathroom wall colour, choose something delicate but flamboyant, something like a pastel blue. Blue Tonic (4250) is meant for minimalistic and spacious bathrooms. Whether or not your bathroom receives natural light, this colour will brighten up the bathroom gracefully.

  5. Bathroom Paint Colour With Sunkissed Deeps

    Sunkissed Deeps Dark and deep wall colours are making their way to bathrooms from living rooms and bedrooms. So experiment with something unusual, something exciting. If you have a large window facing the shower or bathtub, dark bathroom colours will compliment and balance the brightness. Pure white fixtures, marble flooring, and high ceiling painting with a very deep hue together create a welcoming bathroom colour combination. Still not sure which colour to pick? Dark grey, cobalt blue, deep sea green, or extreme violet can be some bathroom paint ideas.

  6. Bathroom Paint Colour With Earthy Balance

    Earthy Balance Want traditionally rich or rustic decor in your bathroom? Do you already have wooden flooring with a few wooden windows? Don't think twice, and simply pick a rich brown bathroom paint. Brown bathroom colour continues its surge in popularity for well-lit or shaded bathrooms. Tall tower candles, a wooden bench, glass divider, and metallic fittings create a breath taking bathroom experience. And if that's too much brown for your bathroom, add another colour element by painting an accent wall with a lighter brown bathroom colour.

  7. Bathroom Paint Colour With Delicate Enchantress

    Delicate Enchantress Not into the bold, vibrant bathroom colours? Try a more subdued hue like lavender. This pretty and space-enhancing bathroom paint colours is right for small bathrooms with too much to fit in. When paired with all-white fixtures and wares, you'll get a tranquil space to rewind and freshen up. Keep the accessories, lights, and bathroom fabrics in white too, so as not to overwhelm the space with too much purple. This bathroom wall colour is apt to add the right amount of colour to the room, while still keeping it neutral and muted. We love how these bathroom colour ideas can give different types of bathrooms an instant facelift. But apart from these colours, you must also consider which bathroom paint you choose. Look for paint and finish that will be able to withstand moisture, splashes, and soap. You can pick our Pearls Emulsion range the colour is known for its excellent washability, something that your bathroom paint needs to have so that it doesn't wash away with time.

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