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 8 Shades of Blue to Bring About Tranquility in Your Home Decor

8 Shades of Blue to Bring About Tranquility in Your Home Decor

Colours are an essential part of our life. Imagine a world devoid of colour. It’s practically unimaginable, right? Well, colours have the power to affect our moods, eating habits, and even who we get attracted to. This is why people choose their house paint colour very carefully. Talking about one of the most popular home paint colours, blue tops the list. The colour blue is associated with feelings of tranquillity and serenity. When used in homes, it is known to give you a reassuring effect. Let’s take a look at some tones of blue to bring about tranquillity in your home.

1. Rich Blue

Rich Blue Let’s talk about the most common kind of blue wall paint first. When a rich bottle blue shade like Garden Glory (2431) is paired with white, it adds more light to your room. White contrasting elements give a new definition to the blue colour. Blue paint colours can add a sense of calm in your home. Combine it with other white elements like lamps, furnishings, accessories, upholstery, and other elements for a balanced home setting.

2. Denim Blue

Denim Blue The combination of off-white and denim blue works very well in a bedroom. If it is a kid’s bedroom, you can opt for bright yellow or orange along with denim blue wall paint colour to bring vibrancy in the room. The mixture of these two colours works as an extra animation in the environment, making it more relaxed and fun. And if you want real denim pattern on your home walls, you can try our DIY denim texture with blue paint colours.

3. Ice Blue

Ice Blue Fans of muted home painting colours - this shade of blue wall colour is ideal for you. The lightest shade of blue visible can act as a perfect backdrop if you have deep-coloured furnishings and accessories in your living room (yes, living room only). Subtle wall paint colours and black or dark-shade-of-any-coloured furniture makes for ideal living room decor.

4. Cerulean Blue

Cerulean Blue Moving a bit darker from pale blue but still lighter than rich blue, the cerulean blue can be another wall colour idea. The colour is more towards the oceanic shades and looks amazing on home walls. You can choose this blue wall paint for your bedroom, hallway, living room, and even kitchen. You can pair this blue wall paint colour with any other colour you want. Contrasting colours go best with this shade of blue.

5. Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue Luxe up your home environment with blue room colour with white or off-white flooring and ceiling. Add golden accessories and embellishments and even wall detailings to spice up the decor even more. If you have a small room and still wish to dress up your walls with this blue wall colour, then place a full-size mirror near one wall. This will add depth to the room and make it look spacious. om.

6. Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Coming to an even darker shade of blue wall paint colour, this colour is great to add saturation to your space. This dark and contemporary blue wall colour is ideal for your house if you have marble flooring and shelves. Wooden furniture, especially light maple-coloured ones, complement this backdrop. And because it is a dark tone, don’t forget to add golden or silver elements for added awesomeness.

7. Teal Blue

Teal Blue Teal is a combination of blue and green. Both are common colours found in nature. The sky and seas are blue, whereas vegetation is majorly green. Teal can, therefore, give you an environment that conveys peace and tranquillity along with added freshness when associated with a large incidence of natural light.

8. Bluish Grey

Bluish Grey Let’s try something different. Pick a grey with a blue undertone. The colour is neither very grey nor very blue. But the shade looks really pretty when you choose them for practically any part of your house. The best home colour combination using bluish grey is when you pick a dark cobalt blue-like colour for a feature wall, wall detailings and other accessories. Not just dark blue, you can even experiment with other deep colours like maroon and wine. While these were just a few shades of blue, we provide a wide variety of blue tones to our customers. And, our consultants can help you pick the right blue wall paint colour shades for your home. Reach out to us today to colour your home intelligently.

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