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 Your Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Your Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer has already made its way in most cities of the country. And there’s no better time than now to give your home a makeover. If you’re looking for wall painting inspiration, here’s our tip - consider inviting summer indoors this time!
Preparing your home for summer isn’t hard. All you have to do is follow this wall painting and home preparation checklist.

Opt for Cool Hues

When it’s hot outside, you must opt for house paint colours for your interiors that will soothe your eyes and calm the mind. The best wall painting colour picks will be cool colours like green, blue, purple, violet, and indigo. These colours are favourite picks for Indian homes not only for the charming ambience that they create but also for the colour psychology that they stand for. Cool colours are calming, soothing, relaxing, and peaceful. They also stimulate feelings of confidence, love, and trust. So don’t think twice before dressing up your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even bathroom walls with different tinges of green, blue, and purple. If you are someone who loves deeper tones, you will love wall painting colours like Irish Green (2581), Debonair (2371), and Intriguing (4305). Want to go with the lighter shades? Parakeet (2565), Cathedral Blue (2375), and Heliotrope (2291) will suit your style.

Look at our Exotic Escape ideas to get a little more creative.

Or Go Citrusy

Summers are incomplete without orange and lemon juice. So when looking for summer house paint ideas, NEVER overlook these citrusy colours. These hot colours signify cheerfulness, happiness, energy, and positivity - some things you need to beat hot summers. So pick vibrant citrus shades like Nasturtium (2070), Tulip Yellow (2020), and Wild Lime (2594) and paint your living room walls with them. Looking for neat and pretty bedrooms? Opt for citrusy pastels like Orange Grove (2068), Egg Custard (2032), or Sprinkle of Lime (4349).

Take a look at our Sunlit Bliss ideas to explore some alluring home paint combinations.

Think About Patterns

In case you are bored with plain walls painted in a single colour, there are countless wall patterns that you can opt for. From abstract DIY stencil work to rich patterns like velvets to creative wall textures, you can pick any artistic style for your living room and bedroom walls. You can select from our block motif stamp, pop culture design, denim look, and other patterns and textures to add a pop to your home walls. Select a combination of different shades of a colour or combine a hue with its contrasting colour - something like Kokam Red (4108) with Rose Ash (2204).

Dress Them Up in Ombres

The ombre wall painting technique makes every space stunning. This painting style is ideal for accent walls. Whether you choose this gradient painting style for your living room’s or bedroom’s accent wall, you are surely going to fall in love with the end results. Blending two or more distinct colours or light and dark shades of the same colour is the modern way to add a dash of art to your home walls. So pick two or three of your favourite colours and opt for this blending and fading style. The combination of Sunset Boulevard (4115)-Tapestry (238)-Morning Sun (4020) is one of the most beautiful ombre settings. If you plan to stick to just one colour, opt for shades of mint like Meadow Green (2536)-Mystic Cove (2535)-Serenity (2470) or blue like Blue Chamber (4246)-Blue Bench (4264)-Light Reflections (4297).

If you have a small space, the ombre technique is the best to trick the eyes and make your home appear spacious. You can go from dark shade to light from top to bottom or vice versa. You can even opt for a horizontal ombre by starting with the darkest shade from the left side and gradient to the lightest one on the right.

Going beyond wall painting ideas, decorate your home with plants. Plants can bring down the temperature inside any space. Also, beautiful plants, especially flowering ones, give a sense of well-being and freshness. So opt for some of the best indoor plants such as bonsais, spider plants, palms, snake plants, or succulents and place them strategically at different angles inside your house. Don’t forget throwing a lot of pillows and cushions so that you can relax in comfort while you gaze at your fabulous summer-ready home.

Next Steps?

Want to know which colours will look good on your walls? Use Nerolac’s Colour Palette and get colour combinations of your choice in seconds.

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