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11 Stylish Colour Combinations for Your Kitchen

11 Stylish Colour Combinations for Your Kitchen


Getting the perfect color combinations for kitchen walls can add style to your cooking.

Whether you are inspired by bold colors or need a soothing environment to aid your culinary skills, whether you have a large or small kitchen, we have a colour idea for your kitchen cabinets, flooring and walls.

Here is a list of 11 amazing kitchen color combinations to delight you.

Colour Combinations for Kitchen: 11 Stylish Ideas for Kitchen Walls & Cabinets

  1. Sage Green and Cream

    Sage Green and Cream (Perrier – 2563 and White on White – 3002)

    Kitchens are where our appetites are fed and bodies nurtured. Thus, it is so important for these spaces to boast colours that are inviting and boosters of creativity. Choose a calming combination of pale green and cream to paint your kitchen. This colour combination for walls is hassle-free and aesthetically very appealing.

  2. Prussian blue, Sunny Yellow and Ivory

    Prussian blue, Sunny Yellow and Ivory (Olympian Blue – 2392, Bumble Bee – 2014 and Nearly White – 2904)

    This is a color combination that makes a trendy statement. Use the Prussian blue to create a color block: use it for cabinets or walls behind the stove as it is not prone to staining. The bright and sunny yellow can be used to offset the starkness of this shade of blue. Paint a kitchen island with this color.

    Bathe the rest of the kitchen in ivory and you have yourself a gorgeous mélange of striking colors that accentuate each other so much. This is a great color combination for kitchen walls in a home that is relatively large with ample natural light pouring in.

  3. Lemon Yellow and Deep Gray

    Lemon Yellow and Deep Gray (Bumble Bee – 2014 and Baked Clay – 4538)

    Pantone rarely announces two different colors as the ‘color of the year’. But in 2021, it did. As an ode to Pantone’s announcement, why not opt for a version of their winners for your next kitchen color idea? Opposites definitely attract in this duo as lemon yellow and deep gray come together to create décor magic.

    The color combination works perfectly to brighten up a dull day as well as invite you for a fun time in the kitchen. Set up some tables in the area so as to invite others to come eat a meal or chit chat with you as you buzz around the kitchen area. Go for this yin and yang combination if you want a nice change of scene.

  4. Ocean Teal and Pastel Green

    Ocean Teal and Pastel Green (Le Mer – 2476 and Menthol – 2534)

    Pinterest showed a 17% upward search in 2021 for teal as a color option for kitchens. The color is currently the hot favorite and research suggests that its here to stay. For those who want to incorporate it into your kitchen but are worried about it clashing with another bold color, going for a color in the same family would be the right choice. Pastel green works wonders in this situation. Both of them give an easy breezy feel: akin to a day spent by the ocean. This color combination makes your kitchen an oasis of tranquility and is soothing to your senses.

  5. Cappuccino Brown and Cerulean Blue

    Cappuccino Brown and Cerulean Blue (Night Cafe – 4453 and Columbine Blue – 2363)

    This is a classic color combination for kitchens. The cappuccino brown works to give the impression that wood has been used for kitchen cabinets and islands. On the other hand, cerulean blue makes it an oasis of calm and breaks the monotony that can be caused by colors in the brown family. Together, these colors have a very lasting visual appeal that is attractive to the eyes, and somehow, also works positively on the appetite.

    Another aspect of this color combination is that it works well for both classic and modern home designs. This is because there is a timelessness to both colors that make up this duo.

  6. Ruby Red, Gray and Lush Cream

    Ruby Red, Gray and Lush Cream (Adventure – 2189, Mute Gray – 4538 and White on White – 3002)

    One of the upcoming trends that seems like it’s going to be around for long is the concept of a colorful kitchen. Choosing more than two colors to paint the space is something that will work beautifully in a studio apartment to differentiate the kitchen area from the rest of the home. All shades of red are extremely popular and this can be complemented wonderfully with cream panels and gray cabinets.

    These kitchen wall paint colors add a burst of vibrancy to the home and no doubt accelerate your desire and creativity to prepare tasty meals.

  7. Onyx Black and Citrus Orange

    Onyx Black and Citrus Orange (Coal Mine – 3008 and Mandarin – 2069)

    For something truly out of the ordinary, you can choose onyx black and citrus orange as a color combination for your kitchen. This is a rarely-seen duo of colors in such a space and is sure to make some heads turn. Complement it with French windows to give the impression of a larger space than the one you are working with.

    This color combination works well when the rest of the home is painted in a neutral shade. A lot of people choose to make their kitchen stand out and if that is your desire, this should be your combination of choice.

  8. Charcoal Black and Lapis Blue

    Charcoal Black and Lapis Blue (Yucca – 2935 and Waveland – 2390)

    Kitchens are spaces where things get heated up: quite literally. To offset the heat produced in this space, why not go for a combination that uses cool colors? Charcoal black and lapis blue are wonderful colors for this agenda.

    A no-frills combination, they are not prone to getting stained easily and also offer a wonderful backdrop to other design elements while still retaining a personality of their own. You could have a lapis blue wall coupled with charcoal black cabinets or vice versa, and this combination of colors will still work its magic. The cooling and calming effect of this color combination is unparalleled when it comes to kitchen spaces.

  9. Burgundy and Ivory

    Burgundy and Ivory (Adventure – 2189 and Nearly White – 2904)

    This is a bold colour concept but one that makes an elegant statement. Burgundy, when paired with ivory, makes for charming combination of hues. Any shade of red is instantly appetizing and this is true for burgundy too. This charming kitchen has a western feel to it that is apt for large homes.

  10. Beige, Blue and Mustard

    Beige, Blue and Mustard (Linen Cream – 2743, Valley of Stars – 2458 and April Sun – 2034)

    When thinking of colour combinations, why settle for just two? Add one more to the mix for that extra dose of fun. Choose to complement mustard yellow with blue and beige for a space like a kitchen. The combination of bright and neutral shades will liven up the space and also provide an inviting atmosphere for all your culinary escapades.

  11. Sea Green, Cream and Walnut Brown

    Sea Green, Cream and Walnut Brown (Shimmery Blue – 4291, Nearly White – 2904 and Sea Oats – 2724)

    Sea green, cream, and walnut brown come together to create a soothing concoction of contrasting colors. All of them are very pleasing to the eye and create a sensation similar to a balmy summer’s day spent lazing around in a meadow of flowers. To give the right effect, this kitchen color idea must be used for larger spaces as it is a combination of light hues.

    With three colors to choose from, you can really have a field day deciding what color to paint the cabinets, walls, and ceiling. Try painting the ceiling sea green to feel like you are standing right under the open sky.

    Next Steps?

    How do you get the perfect kitchen? Choosing the right color palette for kitchen is important as we spend so much time in this part of the house. Pick a color combination for your kitchen that reflects your style the most.

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