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Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

Summer is when you want to spend as much time indoors as possible. That’s why it’s super important to create a home setting that cheers up your mood as you spend your leisure time at home, away from the scorching heat! Let's get inspired by common summer elements, bring them inside your house, and make the most out of summer 2019.

Summer Sunnies

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

If you want to give your home a summer facelift, the first home paint design to consider is using summer shades. The most common summer colours are the shades of the sun - shades of yellow, orange, coral, and salmon. Whether you want to paint your bedroom, living room, kitchen, library, or bathroom, these bold house paint colours will be ideal for any part of your house. Try this idea, for instance. Paint three walls of a room with Jolly Yellow (4021). For the fourth wall, go for an ombre pattern with the darkest shade at the bottom - something like Coral Candy (4100) - and the lightest hue at the top - something like Sugared Peaches (2115). Everything in the middle can be gradient shades.

Soothing Splashes

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

Water is soothing, not just to your body but to your eyes too. So think about getting soothing aquamarine hues inside your house. Opt for soft shades of blue, turquoise, indigo, sea green, and green house paint colours for practically any part of your house. These colours are cool colours and are naturally calming and peaceful. That's exactly what you need when the temperature outside shoots up. If you wish to add a dash of colours in your room, throw some colourful upholstery, furniture, accessories, and lamps in the room.

Dainty Florals

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

What do you see the most around you during summers (except the blazing sunshine)? Its colourful and bright flowers blooming in their full glory. Get inspired by these pretty blooming colours and opt for house paint colours that will make your home beautiful. Rajasthan Pink (4157) or Orange Dream (2109) inspired by lilies, Olympia (2305) of periwinkle and petunia, Daisy Chain (2018) of daffodils, and Sunset Boulevard (4115) of hibiscus can be the best picks for alluring home paint designs. You can also use the dark sunny shades as they are the colours of the most popular Indian flower - marigold.

Refreshing Candies

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

No summer holiday is complete without those refreshing lollies, candies, and ice creams (especially for your kids). And since we all know that art imitates life, it’s time to take house paint colour inspirations from these! Pick from the most vibrant and bold tinges of hot pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, or brown to create fabulous home paint designs for your bedroom and living room. An ideal room would have a combination of several peppy colours. Use bright orange rugs and carpets, dark pink bedsheets and cushions, yellow or red furniture or decor accessories, white ceiling and flooring, all tied together with an amazing backdrop of shiny green walls. Nerolac's Impressions Eco Clean range would be ideal for making your home colourful like a box of candies. This idea is perfect for your li’l one's room.

Sandy Beach Feels

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

You may be attracted to the beaches during summers to enjoy your evenings and soak in some freshness. But considering the warmth of Indian summers, beaches may not seem like the best vacation idea. Fret not, there's another way to get closer to the beach feels. All the colours that remind you of a beach vacation can come into your living room. All you have to do is pick sandy house paint colours like Angora (2794), Allspice (2768), and Maple Syrup (2776) for your living room. Complement the ambience with sheer white draperies, beige furniture and upholstery, and dark chocolate-coloured rugs.

Sandy tans can also be used in the kitchen area if you have white or even brown kitchen tops.

By opting for these beige and brown home paint colours, you are not only making your home ready for summers but also creating a marvellous space that will be a style statement.

Absorbing Deeps

Bright and Bold Colour Ideas for Your Home for Summer

Stay cool and create a cosy environment inside your space by picking the deep shades of blue, green, purple, maroon, and orange for your house paint colours. Deeper, bolder tones are known to absorb light and heat so that you don't face the blinding glare of the summer sun. Dress up your bedroom walls in your favourite deep shades. Another brilliant idea is to add contrast in your room by painting an accent wall with the lighter shade of the colour you opted for your room. Don't limit this idea to just the bedroom; it will be an excellent home paint design idea for your living room as well.

You don't have to limit yourself to one of these home paint design ideas. Your home has so many rooms, which means you can select one of these house paint colours inspiration for each room. There's a lot of possibilities for you to make your home summer-ready!

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