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Bring the Magic of the Magnificent World Indoors

The world around us is so colourful and mesmerising. We just couldn’t stop ourselves from looking at the beautiful world differently. We got so inspired by some interesting moments, festivals, celebrations, and scenes in different cities that we decided to take cues and develop some outstanding home paint ideas. The result - Nerolac’s Walk-to-Wall inspirations for your home! Soothing Sands This home paint idea is inspired by refreshing beaches. Those artistic patterns created on sandy beaches with the splashes of waves caught our attention. We’ve created a similar pattern on home walls using texture paints from the Nerolac Impression Ideaz range. All that was needed to create this design was two delighting colour shades, a roller painter, and a string waistband. We painted the finished wall with one of those two shades, and let it dry for about fifteen minutes. Then we wound the waistband on the roller in random ways, dipped the roller in the second shade, and covered the wall in a systematic vertical manner. Modern and Pop Design If you have masking tape and an eye for stylish colours, you can convert your bedroom, living room, or drawing room into a masterpiece. We took inspiration from pop culture on a wall in Amritsar and started to create a contemporary pop home paint idea. We chose vibrant texture paint colours like Adventure (2189) and Joyride (4023) for a home wall, divided the wall in different patterns using masking tape, and painted alternate sections with each of these colours. We also used a cloud-shaped stencil to add a bit of drama. The result looked extremely fancy! Paper Craft When you think of colourful and cheerful scenes, a bustling market comes to mind. We, too, got inspired by the lively street bazaars of Delhi. Creating home paint ideas inspired by the papercraft found in the capital city’s markets was an easy thing to do. We finished a home wall using our acrylic wall putty - Redimix Primer+Primer before getting started. Then, we wound thin metal wire on a roller painter in a diagonal pattern. We made our choice of bright texture paint hues and dipped the roller in these two colours spread side-by-side in a painting tray. We opted for a quarter round pattern and ran our roller from the left side of the wall to the bottom. The abstract patterns created on the wall left us spellbound! You can choose a colour combination like Anise Star (4505) and Orange Capsules (4047) for a forever popular market feel. Vivid Indian Festival No colourful inspiration is complete without creating home paint ideas inspired by the cheery Indian festival of colours. We were impressed by the splash and burst of colours in the environment during Holi and decided to Holi-fy our homes with beautiful wall art. Once our wall was finished with wall putty, we wrapped a thin plastic bag on a paint roller. We dipped the roller in three of the most high-spirited texture paint colours from our Impressions Ultra HD range. We then ran the roller vertically, from top to bottom, and repeated the same for the entire wall. The final wall indeed looked like someone had played Holi artistically inside the house. Decorative Stencils Whether it is getting inspired by the famous flower market in Mumbai or the walls of Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, home paint ideas created using stencils have unmatched appeal. Plus, these home paint ideas are easy to use in your house. All you need is a rangoli stencil. You could also create a stencil of your choice using plastic sheets. Cut your favourite shape on the sheet, place the stencil on the wall, and paint with the texture paint of your choice. The sky’s the limit for decorative patterns that you can cover your home walls with. Don’t think twice before using these inspirations inside your house. If you are inspired by another moment or scene that you witnessed, think of creative home paint ideas and ways to bring them to your house. If you need help discovering a magical way to redefine the magnificent world around you, then upload the frame you capture with us. If shortlisted, we will use your idea in our theme-based Photowalk book called Colour Trails. Our colour experts may also get inspired with home paint ideas to transform your home walls.

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