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Top 8 Colour Trends Dominating 2023 For Home Décor

Top 8 Colour Trends Dominating 2023 For Home Décor


Here we are, almost at the end of the first half of 2023. During this period, we saw some amazing colour shade trends at the center of attractive home décor settings. If you are seeking some inspiration for your home renovation, then here are some home colours that we found are dominating 2023’s home statement.

Trending Wall Paint Colours in 2023

  1. Forever Green Colour Trends

    Green is the colour of nature; it is the colour of health and well-being. Green colour has been a preferred choice among homeowners as the colour gives them the feeling of tranquility. This refreshing colour looks great on walls and even on the furniture. From deep emeralds to tropical green to mint, green is your choice if you love the concept of nature and harmony.

  2. Berry-licious Colour Trends

    When it comes to darker tones and rich home colours, berries make it to the ‘Top 5’ list. Lovers of darker shades like red, wine, and violet colour can’t give up on stylish berry shades. Strawberry and cherry reds, raspberry and cranberry pinks and crimsons, alluring blueberry purple, and mulberry violets bring opulence to interior spaces. These bolder house paint colours have already become a popular style statement as seen in the first half of 2023, and we assume that the love for them won’t vanish soon.

  3. Black Is For Eternity Colour Trends

    Who doesn’t love black! Black has been a preferred choice for people who love to experiment with luxury and boldness in their home décor. From flooring to walls, from furniture to home accessories, black and the blackest of the black are favorite colour shades of many homeowners. Some like to team up black with golden for a rich theme, some create a beautiful setting with contrasting house paint colours, while several others prefer to keep it basic, i.e., blacks-and-whites.

  4. Nudes and Neutral Colour Trends

    Dark colours convey an air of mystery and drama, while light colours create a feeling of spaciousness. The fondness for nudes and neutral colour shades is a popular trend that’s being seen since the second half of 2022. Blush, beige, tan, dusk, and other rich earthy tones, minimalist pastels, serene neutrals, and soft nudes are widely chosen by modern 2023 homeowners.

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  6. Hues of Blue Colour Trends

    From the Santorinian combination of Starry Night Blue-and-Whites to jewel-toned Ocean Blue-and-Golden, people can never get just enough of the hues of blues. Blue is the colour of the sea and the sky; blue symbolizes tranquility, peace, calmness, and serenity. From rich sapphire to cobalt to vibrant Parisian blue, homes are becoming mindful spaces with this selection of shades.

  7. Shades of Grey Colour Trends

    From neutral tones to the deeper ones, the shades of grey have been enhancing homes for quite a while now, and will surely continue in the coming seasons. One of the best parts about grey, in all its forms, is that it’s a refreshing take on a neutral colour. With several different patterns and textures to create an earthy setting in home interiors, grey as a home colour is being used as the main element.

  8. Snow White Colour Trends

    The elegance of white refuses to go away. White is sophisticated, white is modish, white is graceful, and white is soul-soothing. From a minimalistic theme to luxurious and rich décor, white is considered to be the best of home colours for different home elements. Individuals have been combining white with other warm colours and lighter tones for adding a touch of calmness and elegance at the same time.

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  10. Glittery Golds and Sunny Yellow Colour Trends

    Bright and vibrant yellow has undoubtedly been a great house paint colour pick since years. Colour shades of yellow and golden such as - mustard, pale yellow, lemon, sunshine, and goldenrod - brightens up the space and keeps people lively and motivated throughout the day. Looking for some enticing home ambience and latest house paint colours? Choose from these artsy and modern colour shades to make your home stylish yet warm and comfortable.

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