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Create an Outdoors Inspired Kids Room for Your Little Ones

Putting a toddler to sleep is hard. All they want to do is play, watch cartoons, talk to you, or hear bedtime stories. As they grow and start sleeping in their own room, the challenge to put them to sleep becomes even more difficult. From your child’s point of view, though, this is understandable. Independence can be scary at first, even if it just involves something seemingly insignificant such as being in an independent room. As a parent, you can make this transition easier for your children by giving them a room that is full of fun and adventure. When you design your kid’s room with a fascinating theme and different wall painting ideas, your child is bound to fall in love with this new room colour and design. Since kids are especially curious about the outdoors, a great idea would be to infuse an outdoors inspired theme into your kids’ room.

1. Sleeping on the Clouds

How often have you sung a lullaby to your little one about flying them to a dreamland and making them sleep on a cloud? Quite often? Well, how about we make that lullaby a reality for your child? Design your child’s room to depict the sky. Select the best shades of blues to bring out the sky using the room colour. Don’t forget to add those fluffy clouds with the purest shades of white wall colours. And while you are at it, get some contrasting bed sheets and cabinets.

2. Sail into Dreams

Making paper boats is one memory that never goes away. We all wanted to be a sailor sailing through waters at some point of time. So does your little one. Have a nautical bedroom theme for your kid. Install a little boat bed for your tiny mariner and watch him sail happily into his dreams. Don’t forget to add the blue sky with sunshine using some decorative wall painting ideas. You could also get your little captain’s name painted in wall colours.

3. Fly with the Fairies

After reading and hearing so many stories about fairies, your daughter would love to visit a fairyland herself. Bring that fairyland to her by creating one. Redesign her room colour to add some fantasy. Add a wall mural of enchanted flowers and rainbows with fairies just above the bed’s headboard. For this theme, you can go crazy with different shades of pinks that your princess deserves. There are so many other themes you can try for your child. From the wild jungle theme to something as simple as football theme, you can be as creative as you want. To help your creativity come to life, Nerolac has just the perfect blend of bedroom colours.

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