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Home Colour Schemes to Suit Your Personality

Home Colour Schemes to Suit Your Personality


The way people choose their home’s interior paint colours speaks a lot about their emotions and personality types. Several colour psychologists (experts in the field that studies colour as a determinant of human behavior) have proved that most colours are associated with certain emotions and personality types. It is a great idea to use colours that match and complement your personalities in the space in which you spend most of your time. Personality-driven house paint colours make you a stronger individual by enhancing your core character. It often helps you to lower the intensity of the negatives you have in your life. So here’s how you can choose the right colour depending on your personality type and create the finest home décor setting.

  1. Blues for Calm Individuals

    Shades of blue are a popular interior paint colour for every type of house as the colour is known to be peaceful, tranquilizing, and calm. If you are a confident, peace-loving, stable yet fierce person, blue can be an ideal pick for your home’s décor. Furthermore, if you are a workaholic and experience stress and focus-related issues on a regular basis, opting for one of the blues will work wonders for you. This colour will let you have a peaceful time after a hectic day and also let you become more efficient at whatever you take up. For people who aren’t fans of a lot of blues in their house, you can always have an accent wall of a contrasting colour and complementing home accessories of contrasting shades.

  2. Greens for Pleasant People

    Green walls have always been a preference for homeowners, irrespective of their age. From milder shades to darker hues, all tones of green complement people who have a pleasant, lively, personalities. People who choose this colour often expect love, attention, care, and a lot of positivity in their life. Shades of greens, paired with some hints of browns, greys, blacks, blues, or any of Nerolac’s Masterpiece Whites shades bring you close to the comforting lap of nature. So if you have a pleasant personality that attracts positivity, don’t think twice before painting your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even home exteriors with something between Mint Sherbet (2541) and Green Glory (2504).

  3. Yellows for Creative Souls

    People who choose yellows and different tones of it are generally perfectionists, dreamers, go-getters, and creative souls. These people tend to have pleasant, chirpy and bubbly character. Painting your house with this interior paint colour has several advantages. The biggest benefit of choosing this as your house paint is that you can choose practically any other colour for the contrasting elements in your house. Another best part about the sunny yellows is that they can make every part of your home beautiful. Pick from either the milder or vibrant tones from Nerolac’s yellow colour palette and paint your walls, single accent wall, ceiling, doors and window frames, staircase, etc. with them. Don’t forget to buy matching or contrasting drapes and upholstery to make your house look outstanding.

  4. Oranges and Tangerines for Flamboyant Ones

    People who love orange and different shades of it are generally social butterflies, ambitious, creative, expressive and have a lot of enthusiasm. Make your personality stronger by choosing a tone that resonates with your awesome character. Go bold with a darker shade, something like Tyler’s Truck (2112) or Coraline (2154) and have some patterns with a lighter shade like Cameo Peach (2107). A stencil work, velvet pattern or mesh pattern with a lighter tone will look spectacular with deeper shades of orange.

  5. Browns and Beiges for Reliable Beings

    Browns and beiges are comforting, and so are the people who prefer these colours for house paint. People who are honest, stable, reliable, resilient, and responsible should live in a house painted with different tones of browns. Irrespective of the shade you choose, browns and beiges tend to give your home an elegant and posh look. Making your home a rich place to live in without burning a hole in your pocket and only changing your home’s interior paint colour is a good idea. A cotton, mesh, or velvet pattern will look alluring on any wall of your house. Complementing furniture in black or dark wooden accessories will only add to the graceful aesthetics. Individuals who wish to add a modern and rustic touch to their home décor can also opt for exposed brickwork finished with a coat of natural brown, something like Cinnamon Tea (2084).

  6. Pinkies and Corals for Fun-lovers

    Another popular interior paint colour is pink. Pink isn’t only about the typical hot pink; there’s a lot more to pinks, like corals and peaches. If you love different shades of pinks, corals, and peaches, then you are surely a bright, outgoing, fun-loving, and compassionate person. Pinks and corals create a lovable ambiance, which means that it is an ideal colour for families and couples. Keep the love and compassion alive by covering your home walls with artistic effects using shades from Nerolac’s pink palette. If you are looking for contrasting tones, then look nowhere else and choose from the pretty Masterpiece Whites. Every interior paint colour is vivid in its own way, just like varied human personalities. So the next time you want a makeover for your home, keep in mind what each colour means and pick something that would complement your personality type.

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