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How to Paint a House Like a Pro in Easy Steps?


How to Paint Your House - Learn Steps to Paint Your House Like a Pro

Painting a house all by yourself can be fun and therapeutic. But it can also be a daunting task if you don’t know how to paint your house. Painting your house by yourself can also be inexpensive. Are you keen to learn to how to paint your house on your own?

If yes, you have come exactly where you need to be. This article will explain how to paint your house like a pro with easy and simple steps. Whenever you are planning to wear the painter’s hat, follow the steps given below:

  1. Plan Ahead

    If you want to know how to paint your house interior and exterior, you should plan the appearance of your house beforehand. Knowing how you want your house to look makes it easy to find suitable material and equipment. Remember that you don’t have to paint your entire home the same colour.

    Two colour combinations on the walls are pretty popular nowadays. You can pick two of your favourite colours after considering factors like the furniture in your room. Painting an accent wall in a bright shade can also be a great choice to enhance the appearance of your room.

    You can also try experimenting with different types of finishes, such as matte or glossy. For instance, if you want to know how to paint your house exterior, you should probably opt for a matte finish. On the other hand, a satin or glossy finish can be excellent for indoor spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms.

  2. Choose the Type of Paint

    Have you ever watched a movie or film, and it’s not the handsome protagonist that attracted you? But instead, you kept thinking about how beautiful the paint on the protagonist’s mansion looked. Choosing the right type of paint can ensure that you can transform your house into the one you were so envious of while watching a movie.

    You will come across different types of paints for your house. Each kind of paint has unique features that differentiate it from the other types. You need to know the utility of each type of paint before selecting the most suitable one for your house.

    If you want to know how to paint your house exterior, emulsion paint would be a great choice. They have high durability and strong weather-resistant properties. But if you want to know how to paint your house interior walls, you can settle for shiny enamel paint.

  3. Find the Right Tools

    Find the right tools

    Every painting job is unique, and for the best results, you need the right tools. Therefore, the next step in how to paint your house is to invest in high-quality painting equipment. Some essential painting tools that you should keep in handy are as follows:

    • Paintbrush
    • Paint roller
    • Paint tray
    • Rags
    • Painter’s tape
    • Putty knife

    If you invest in good brushes and rollers, you can complete painting your house quickly. Good quality brushes and rollers will ensure smooth application. The brushes and rollers will offer good coverage so that you don’t have to spend too much time on reapplication.

    If you want to know how to paint your house like a pro, painter’s tape is a secret element that you should have. It helps you to prevent blurs and drips. But remember to remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still a little wet to prevent chipping.

  4. Cover Anything You Don’t Want to Paint

    If you want to know how to paint your house on your own, you should also think about the mess you have to clean up later. Splatters and drips during a painting job are bound to happen whether you are an expert painter. But if you want to create less mess, you should take some precautions.

    Spend some time covering your furniture and floor with drop cloths. You can use plastic sandwich bags for small objects like doorknobs and secure them using tape. It will ensure that your favourite sofa or the white mosaic flooring does not get ruined by paint.

    If you want to know how to paint your interior walls, you should also focus on removing switchboards and outlet covers. You might think covering everything is a waste of time. But at the end of the painting job, you will not regret protecting your favourite things from drips and splashes of paint.

  5. Apply Primer Coating

    Apply Primer Coating

    You will find readily available paint-and-primer combinations in the market. But they are only useful when you are painting on a smooth surface. You should always apply a primer coating if there are issues with the wall surface. You should also go with a separate primer if your house was last painted a few years ago.

    If you want to know how to paint your house, you should focus on smoothing the surface. If you find cracks and holes on the wall surface, you should fill them with plaster. After that, rub sandpaper to make the surface even.

    Apply a layer of primer on your walls to ensure that you can apply smooth strokes with your brush or roller. Sometimes a surface with high-gloss paint or gloss paint might be challenging. In that case, you should use a bonding primer to make the surface smooth and even.

  6. Begin with the Main Job

    Begin with the main job

    The last step in how to paint your house like a pro is to begin painting without overthinking. You should always paint your home when the weather is dry. Humid weather will mean that your paint will take a long time to dry.

    Another vital tip to remember if you want to know how to paint your house is to paint from top to bottom. If you have to make corrections, do it while the paint is still wet. If you make corrections after the paint starts to dry, you will leave colour streaks and uneven marks.

Final Thoughts

You might not feel confident even after knowing the steps and understanding how to paint your house on your own. In that case, you should look for professional painting services. Nerolac offers the best professional painting services to make your home look beautiful. Get in touch with Nerolac today!

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