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How to Paint a Bedroom?

How to Paint a Bedroom?


How to Paint a Bedroom - Learn Steps to Painting Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most intimate corners of our home. We come back to our bedroom at the end of the day and wish to relax our minds and body. The appearance of our bedroom has a significant impact on our mood. Painting our bedroom can go a long way in enhancing its appearance.

But are you afraid because you don't know how to paint a bedroom? No worries, as we have come to teach you the steps to paint your bedroom like a pro. Go through the steps below and give your bedroom walls a stylish and delightful look.

  1. Select the Type of Paint

    If you want ideas on how to paint a bedroom, the first thing that you should focus on is the type of paint. You will come across various types of paint that can be used to improve the appearance of your bedroom. You need to understand the functionalities and advantages of each kind of paint to determine the best one for your bedrooms.

    For instance, you can opt for emulsion paints for your bedroom. They are water-based paints and offer more convenience with fast-drying properties. Moreover, emulsion paints are also durable for a long time. Therefore, you don't have to spend money on a repainting job anytime soon.

    Apart from the type of paint, you also need to choose the type of paint finish you want in your bedroom. You can opt for a satin finish as it will offer the right amount of shine to your bedroom walls. Matte finish is a good idea for your bedroom if the walls have any imperfections.

  2. Pick a Colour Combination

    The next step in the "how to paint a bedroom" guide is to select your favourite colour combination. Painting all the walls of your bedroom in the same colour can make it boring. To break the monotony of your bedroom, you can experiment with a few shades. However, experimenting doesn't mean you will have to make your bedroom look like a rainbow.

    Sticking with two colours can give your bedroom a chic and classy appearance. Don't be afraid to play with neutrals, as the right combination can deliver stunning results. The colour combination of your bedroom should match your sense of aesthetics.

    Consider the furniture and flooring in your bedroom while choosing the colour combination of your bedroom. Lighting is also a crucial factor to consider to end up with the right combination. Your bedroom walls should match up with the surroundings and add a nice contrast.

  3. Cover Your Furniture and Floor

    Cover your furniture and floor while painting

    Painting your bedroom seems like a therapeutic idea. The results will make a satisfying smile appear on your face. But the not so glamorous part of painting your bedroom is the cleaning that follows after. Therefore, the next step in the "how to paint a bedroom" guide is to avoid a mess during the painting job.

    If possible, remove all the furniture from your bedroom before painting it. But we understand that it does not seem like a practical idea to move all the furniture. What you can do is cover all the furniture with drop cloths. Use fabric drop cloths instead of plastic ones as they are less slippery.

    You also don't want paint spills and splatters on the floor. So, you can use rosin paper or masking paper for your floor, carpets and rugs. Spills and splatters are inevitable during a painting job. But taking these precautions can protect your furniture and flooring. It will also leave you with less mess after the job is done.

  4. Prepare Your Walls

    If you want ideas on how to paint a bedroom, preparing your walls is mandatory. Before beginning to paint, it is prudent to wash your walls with a heavy-duty cleaner. Without grease and dirt on the walls, the paint will stick better.

    Take a closer look at the wall to find defects and imperfections on the surface. You should knock down all the bumps and nail pops on the wall before beginning to paint. Cover them up with a patching compound if you find holes or cracks on your bedroom walls.

    You should also use sandpaper to smoothen the patched areas. Apply a coat of primer to ensure that you can apply smooth strokes. Also, do not forget to remove switch plates and outlets from the wall before starting to paint.

  5. Find the Right Equipment and Materials

    Find the Right Equipment and Materials

    If you want to know how to paint a bedroom, you should focus on choosing the suitable materials for the job. You might need special tools depending on the condition of your walls. Before beginning your painting job, make a list of items you will need for the job.

    For instance, painter's tape is a useful material compulsory for every painting job. Stick painter's tape along the trim edges before painting your bedroom walls. Using painter's tape, you can avoid marks on the ceiling and get a clean line between the ceiling and the walls.

    You should also focus on the quality of the tools and material. Buying cheap painting tools and materials might hamper the quality of your painting. Read reviews, seek recommendations and don't impulsively buy tools and materials to paint your bedroom walls.

  6. Start Painting

    The final step start Painting

    The ultimate step under "how to paint a bedroom" is to pick up the brush or roller and do the job. Always stir the paint before applying it to your walls. Start with a small area and see how it looks before proceeding further.

    Don't apply the second coat until the first one becomes completely dry. You should always paint your bedroom with a good light present. Instead of using artificial light, you can use natural light to do the job.

    After you are done applying all the coats, you should clean your rollers and brushes. You can use hot soapy water for a good cleaning job. Carefully peel off the painter's tape while the paint is still a little wet to prevent it from chipping off the wall.

Ending Note

If you still feel you need help or you are not confident about how to paint a bedroom then use Nerolac professional painting services and hire a professional painter to paint your bedroom like a pro today!

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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