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 Incorporate Greens in your Living Room and Feel Closer to Nature

Incorporate Greens in your Living Room and Feel Closer to Nature

Placing bonsais inside your house or hanging potted plants aren’t the only ways to feel closer to nature. A few simple facelifts inside your house will help you feel connected with the flora and fauna outside. Start with painting your house!

  1. Tranquilizing Green Walls

    Calm your senses and feel healthy with green bedroom and living room walls. Bold or light, pastel or modern, green is a great house paint pick. Apart from more than 320 house paint shades of green, Nerolac also offers wall finishes that you can choose from. If you want a glossy finish on your bedroom walls, opt for our Nerolac Pearl Lustre Finish range. But if you are looking for a more matte look for your living room walls, choose Nerolac Impressions Ultra Fresh range. There’s so much that you can do with green wall painting colours. The simplest way is to colour the entire wall, top to bottom, with a single tinge of green. Or get a little creative and paint wall décor elements - such as wall motifs and mouldings - with one of the light Masterpiece Whites shades. Choose only contrast-coloured wall frames and wall hangings to add pops of colours in your room.

  2. Smart Vertical Garden

    Think about getting plants inside your space, but differently. Like with vertical gardens. This idea is ideal for living rooms, especially smaller ones. Choose the biggest wall of your living room, irrespective of its paint colour, and convert a part of it into a vertical garden. Make your picks of plants that aren’t too big, something like grasses and Bird’s-nest fern, talk to your home designer, and convert the surface into a living wall. Doing so will eliminate the need for leaving space for potted plants inside your living room.

  3. Artistic Accent Walls

    If you have something exquisite on your mind, it’s a great opportunity to use Nerolac’s Impressions Metallic Finish range. Add a tinge of style to your bedroom or living room by covering the wall with rich and elegant patterns like velvet or mesh. Another attractive way to design your accent walls using blissful greens is trying the ombre technique. Choose three levels of dark and light shades and create a stylish ombre pattern on your walls.

    If you are out of ideas for your accent walls (which is why this blog is here), choose a darker wall painting shade than other walls and use it for your accent wall. Let the contrast be your room’s accent.

  4. Serene Bathrooms

    Nobody said green wall painting colours are only meant for your bedroom, living room, and drawing room! Move beyond these rooms, and think about adding a dash of green to your bathroom’s environment as well. Deep shades of unconventional greens like Goddess (2509) and Green Glory (2504) are the best wall painting hues at the moment. If you are someone who loves softer shades, opt for pastels like Celery (2585) and Spring Sprite (2593).

    Pro tip:You can even have an accent wall in your bathroom. Be as creative as you can!

  5. Glass It Up

    If your house is surrounded by ample greenery, you are already close to nature. All you have to do now is to feel it and let nature enter your home. Rather than picking green paint colours, or going with the wall painting ideas mentioned above, you can install large windows facing the lawn or landscape area. Opt for large picture windows, arched windows, or French sliding windows to increase the view of lush greens around your house. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can use blinds, Roman shades, or sheer white drapes.

    Another simple tip to feel closer to nature is getting green-coloured couches, tables, beds, chairs, and kitchen cabinet sets. If not entire furniture, then opt for green-coloured bed sheets, pillow covers, cushions, curtains, rugs, carpets, and other upholstery. If you have contrasting wall painting shades of yellow, orange, or blue, then green furniture and upholstery will create an alluring environment inside your rooms.

Next Steps?

Want to know which colours will look good on your walls? Use Nerolac’s Colour Palette and get colour combinations of your choice in seconds.

Looking for “paint shop near me”? With Nerolac Store Locator you can find a paint store nearest to your location in seconds!


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April 11, 2021

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