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9 Popular Indian House Colour Combination for Outside Walls with Pictures

9 Popular Indian House Colour Combination for Outside Walls with Pictures


9 Popular Indian House Colour Combination for Outside Walls with Pictures

The facade of your dream home leaves a lasting impression on anyone and everyone interacting with you. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the exterior house colours of every Indian home. While interior wall painting and furnishings require meticulous planning, exterior house colours and paints also demand research, time and attention to detail. When choosing indian house colour combinations for outside walls, there are many factors that a homeowner needs to consider along with the colour scheme. We are here to guide you with expert tips on choosing the right colour combinations with an array of options to meet your exterior house colour needs.

  1. Tips to choose Indian House Colour Combinations Outside

    • Choose a colour combination or a colour as per your weather, natural lighting and region. For eg. vibrant shades look great in sunlit regions and neighbourhoods
    • Always handpick exterior house colours as per your personality, aesthetics and surroundings
    • Along with choosing colours, go with weather-proof and anti-dust paints or finishes.
    • Steer clear of high gloss finishes as they might reveal wall imperfections over the years and are prone to dust. Choose eggshell or satin finishes over your chosen scheme.
    • Be uniform when it comes to the colour scheme, design and finishes
    • 60:30:10 - Use this ratio if you’re going with a indian house 3 colour combination outside
    • If you wish to go with darker shades, use it for roofs, pillars and trimmings as darker shades attract dust and require frequent coats of paint
  2. Classic Indian House Colour Combinations Outside Walls

    When it comes to exterior house colours, the best route to take is the timeless and classic one. Let’s explore 3 evergreen choices for Indian house colour combinations outside.

    1. Cream and White

      Cream and White Outside Wall

      Earthy, traditional and timeless, this classic Indian house colour combination outside is sought-after and always in vogue. White makes the exteriors look pristine while the terracotta cream balances out the monotony and brings in a fresh hue to add dimension. Perfect for areas with busy streets, trees and hot summers, cream and white are ideal exterior house colours for modern Indian homes.

      Characteristics: Timeless, sophisticated, muted

      Suited for: Houses near greenery, small houses, houses with roofs

    2. Yellow, Beige and White

      Yellow Beige and White Outside Wall

      Three colour combinations are often chosen to represent modernity, colour schemes and exterior designs. It is perfect for houses with multiple pillars, layering, roofs, trimmings etc. This is the most sought-after Indian house colour combination outside. Yes, yellow, beige and white add character to exteriors and a tinge of liveliness to bare structures. The thumb rule for three colour combinations is to use your colour scheme in the 60:30:10 ratio to achieve the perfect paint harmony.

      Characteristics: Modern, energetic, classic

      Suited for: Houses near water bodies, big houses with floors and width, farm houses

    3. Monochrome

      Monochrome Outside Wall

      Yes, you can choose one shade for exterior house colours without a worry. Let’s tell you how. Monochrome is a classic trend that lets you achieve uniformity on the walls of your newly painted home. If you choose the shade of grey, you need not just paint your whole house in one tone. You can also experiment with different hues of grey to add the ombre effect. This not only lets you stay monochromatic for an overall uniform look, but also lets you have a gradient effect in the same colour family.

      Characteristics: Traditional, uniform, rooted

      Suited for: Modern structures, 3-4 tier houses, tall houses

  3. Indian Simple House Colour Combinations Outside

    Most homeowners may want to stay subtle yet sophisticated with their choice of exterior house colours. For contemporary, simple choices, our experts have suggested two Indian simple house colour combinations outside.

    1. Grey and White

      Gery and White Combination Outside Wall

      This muted and neutral colour combination delivers elegance and simplicity to your exterior walls, Perfect for modern structures in bustling cities, this modern Indian house colour combination outside is well suited for homeowners that like to stay sleek and minimalistic. Traditional structures can also undertake a similar colour combination, however the neutral grey and the classic white augments straight cut architecture.

      Grey and white is perfect for colourful surroundings, lending a neutral overlay to it.

      Characteristics: Simple, evergreen, neutral

      Suited for: Modern structures, villas, 3-story buildings

    2. Peach and White

      Peach and White Combination Outside Wall

      Peach is a lovely spring colour and when paired with white, creates an elegant and rich vista for homeowners. If a homeowner is looking to re-do a traditional structure, a fresh coat of peach and white can render it new. This is a simple Indian house colour combination outside that not only complements greenery but can also marry busy streets and cityscapes. To increase the vibrancy of your home, you can play with shades of peach and use white to balance it out.

      Characteristics: Contemporary, bright, balanced

      Suited for: Traditional and modern structures, small farm houses, big houses, row houses

  4. Small House Indian House Colour Combination Outside

    Colour combinations are not restricted to gigantic houses. Quaint and delicate villas, farm and row houses can take on beautiful colour combinations. Let’s have a look at a popular choice for small houses.

    1. Yellow and Cream

      Yellow and Cream Colour Combination Outside

      Yellow is India’s favourite colour woven into its cultural fabric. The bright yellow when paired with the neutral cream exudes a lovely combination suited for Indian surroundings. Perfect for green surroundings, townships and planned neighbourhoods, this combination is a safe and ideal choice. Yellow accentuates features of smaller houses, as homeowners can use yellow as accents on trimmings, doors and windows.

      Grey and white is perfect for colourful surroundings, lending a neutral overlay to it.

      Characteristics: Vibrant, energetic, traditional

      Suited for: Traditional and modern structures, small houses

  5. Attractive Indian Simple House Colour Combination Outside

    Our homes are our pride, and we look for exterior house colours that symbolise pride and exuberance. We have curated a few attractive Indian simple house colour combinations outside to represent beauty, pride and grandiose.

    1. Blue and White

      Blue and White Simple Colour Combination

      Whether it’s the Mykonos blue and white or the royal indigo paired with immaculate white, this attractive Indian simple house colour combination outside is a voted favourite amongst most homeowners. Bright, warm and modern, your home is bound to look grand, trendy and sophisticated. Break away from the monotony of earthy and neutral shades and paint your home in this attractive scheme for extra curb appeal. Even deep blue accents add character to modern homes while white dominates large expanses. It is perfectly suited for row houses and sleek structures.

      Characteristics: Warm, unique, trendy

      Suited for: Row houses, planned neighbourhoods, city homes

    2. Orange and Grey

      Orange and Grey Simple Colour Combination

      When you think of vivid and bright colours, orange is one of the top few colours that pop into your mind. Although not a popular choice for exterior house colours, the vibrant orange when paired with the bland grey make for a good, trendy appearance. If as a homeowner you want to downplay orange, you can use it as accents on your exterior walls.

      Orange brings in energy and gives you the perfect solution to move away from boring, age-old beiges and whites.

      Characteristics: Eccentric, fashionable, vibrant

      Suited for: Large houses, houses with greenery and gardens

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    3. Red and White/Cream

      Red and White/Cream Simple Colour Combination

      Red is a traditional Indian colour and often represents the deep roots and hues of our culture. Dusky red is often used for roofs, pipes and brickwork traditionally. Red and White is a colour combination for exterior home outside colours that brings in the perfect blend of simplicity, modernity and tradition. It can turn your traditional home into a modern one and can turn your modern villa into a traditional haven.

      Characteristics: Stylish, elegant, traditional

      Suited for: Large houses, city homes, villas

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    Other Modern Home Indian House Colour Combinations Outside

    • Brick red and grey and brown
    • Green and grey
    • Blue and grey
    • Teal and white

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Paint your House of Dreams with Indian House Colour Combination Outside

Your abode needs to look good inside out. Keep in mind tips while choosing the right Indian house exterior colours as it will become the personality of your house that will reign for years to come.

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