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8 Trending Home Outside Colour & Exterior Wall Colour Design with Images

8 Trending Home Outside Colour & Exterior Wall Colour Design with Images

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8 Best Home Outside Colour & Exterior Colour Design with Pictures

Gone are the days when we saw beautiful houses in the same shades of beiges and whites. Although these classic colours still reign the exterior house colour arena, recent trends have introduced a variety of monochromatic shades, two and three colour combinations that can leave a lasting impression. Your home deserves the latest trends coupled with the right choices as per size, colour scheme, surroundings, and architectural style. Our experts are here to help you with top-notch recommendations, styles, and tips to choose the right home outside colours.

1. Single Home Outside Colours for Exterior Walls

Monochrome has always been a classic trend that has stuck to home outside colours always. Apart from monochrome, homeowners can choose their favourite shade and pair it with neutrals so that the primary colour still dominates. Here are a few timeless and trendy single home outside colours curated by our experts.

  1. Top Home Outside Colours – Green

    Green Home Outside Colour

    Hues of green are a unique and attractive choice for home exteriors. Green emits harmony, security and balance, deeming it an auspicious yet trendy exterior house colour. Homeowners can choose from varied hues of green depending on their aesthetics, design plan and architectural style. The most common hues in green are pastel greens and forest green. So if you’re looking to spruce up your farm house or add some life to a modern structure, green is a noteworthy choice.

    Here are few shades of green to choose from:

    Emerald Forest (2524)

    Leaf Tint (2542)

    Fragrant Pear (4386)

    Sherwood Forest (2552)

    Characteristics: Soothing, elegant, unique

    Suited for: Farm houses, cottages, traditional houses

  2. Top Home Outside Colours – Blue

    Blue Home Outside Colour

    Sky Blue is an all-time classic, but have you explored the vast palette of blue for exterior home colours? It’s every homeowner's dream come true. Blue has gained popularity in the exterior home colours category. Do not restrict yourself to traditional blues, as your home can flaunt a turquoise blue, a dusty blue, a deep sky blue or a grey blue as well. The beauty of blue is that it’s very versatile and can be paired with woodwork, brickwork and stonework.

    Here are a few shades of blue for home outside colours:

    Deep Turquoise (4310)

    April Sky (2372)

    Prelude (2365)

    Iced Chiffon (2464)

    Characteristics: Bright, versatile, trendy

    Suited for: Modern homes, traditional homes with roofs

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  3. Top Home Outside Colours – Neutrals

    Neutrals Home Outside Colour

    Classics never lose taste. White, cream, taupe and beige are neutrals that every homeowner can always bank on. These neutrals never disappoint and will always make your house look sophisticated and grand. Pairing different neutrals is also quite the trend for modern home designs. Neutrals also work perfectly with other dominant accents. Be it a big house, modern structure or traditional home, neutrals can always do the design justice with freshness, a coat of sophistication and pure elegance.

    Here are a few go-to neutrals for home outside colours:

    Bond White (2659)

    Persian Beige (2786)

    Taupe Mist (2883)

    Linen Cream (2743)

    Characteristics: Timeless, elegant, minimal

    Suited for: All sizes of homes

  4. Top Home Outside Colours – Grey

    Grey Home Outside Colour

    Grey has gained a popular spot not only in exterior home colours but also in interior wall paints. Grey is a surreal muted shade that can make any wall or structure look minimal and suave. The shades of grey have a different appeal altogether. The lighter the grey the more serene it feels and the darker the grey the more depth and warmth it adds to your exteriors. Grey trim work, stone work or roofs are always popular and in demand for a sophisticated home design.

    Here are a few greys for home outside colours:

    Grey Shadow (2946)

    Green Tiara (2598)

    Stunning Gray (4545)

    Deep Forest Gray (4548)

    Characteristics: Suave, classy, contemporary

    Suited for: Modern homes, panels, trim work, stone work

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  5. Top Home Outside Colours – Yellow

    Yellow Home Outside Colour

    Yellow is a colour that is very close to Indian culture as it represents the vibrancy and energy it imbibes. Even the palest shade of yellow brings in a certain level of energy to exteriors with positivity and liveliness. If you do not wish to go with the classic yellow, a butter yellow will always go well with neutrals to add a tinge of colour and energy to your exteriors with all subtlety intact. A loud yellow can always be used as accents or paired with toned down neutrals to bring in visual harmony.

    Here are a few shades of yellow for home outside colours:

    Meringue (2011)

    Starlight (2009)

    Texas Yellow (2013)

    Tarragon Leaves (4007)

    Characteristics: Bright, energetic, lively

    Suited for: Modern homes, accents, doors, windows, traditional homes

2. Indian House Colour Combinations Outside

While monochrome has always been quite the trend, two and three colour combinations have taken the design world by storm too. You can also choose monochrome with combinations by choosing different hues of the same colour palette, giving it a gradient appeal. Let’s have a look at a few colour combinations of home outside colours.

  1. Top House Colour Combinations Outside - Brown and Red

    Brown and Red Home Outside Colour Combination

    Both rustic and warm colours, brown and red colour combinations work well with cottages, farmhouses and traditional houses. Warm shades of brown and red are soothing yet dramatic enough to add a grand appeal to your home exteriors. You can also use stonework, brickwork, and trim work to play with these dark shades on your exteriors.

    Here are a few brown and red combinations for home outside colours:

    Kokam Red (4108)

    Red Ranch (4573)

    Pot of Gold (4036)

    Golden Shadow (2712)

    Characteristics: Raw, rustic, vivid

    Suited for: Traditional homes, modern brick homes

  2. Top House Colour Combinations Outside - Green and White

    Green and White Home Outside Colour Combination

    A popular combination in design and fashion, green and white has entered the exterior house colours race too. Elegant, balanced, and full of character, this combination is trendy and can make your house appear stylish. A serene white complement the sublime green drama rendering it perfect for modern houses, traditional houses, and modern designs.

    Here are a few green and white shades we recommend:

    Greenery (2626)

    Amazon Trail (4376)

    Crisp (2660)

    Bond White (2659)

    Characteristics: Contemporary, minimal, classy

    Suited for: Modern houses, small traditional houses

  3. Top House Colour Combinations Outside - Grey and Blue

    Grey and Blue Home Outside Colour Combination

    A trendy and millennial colour combination, grey and blue is commonly witnessed on modern home exteriors. Popular colour combinations with grey are grey and orange, grey and blue and grey and white. The warmth of blue and the subtlety of grey sit well on modern home exteriors, further augmenting sleek architectural designs.

    Here are a few home outside colours for grey and blue combinations:

    Cosmic (2391)

    Juneau (2970)

    Blue Wash (2457)

    Jade Cream (2933)

    Characteristics: Sublime, chic, modern

    Suited for: Modern houses with minimal design and block structures

3. Tips to choose Home Outside Colours

  1. Research about the latest trends, tested trends and colour schemes before painting your exterior walls
  2. Stick to your colour scheme
  3. Don’t combine more than three colours and be sure of proportions
  4. Always include railings, windows, roofs, trimmings in your colour scheme as well since it forms a part of the grand output
  5. Choose a colour or shades that augment your architectural style and not strike a conflict with it
  6. Keep in mind your surroundings so your house is in harmony with other colours
  7. Also read: Indian House Colour Combinations for Outside Walls

Choosing your dream colour scheme for home outside colours isn’t difficult when you have trusted experts to guide you through it. Happy painting!

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