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Modern Texture Paint Design for Your Rooms

Modern Texture Paint Design for Your Rooms


Discover Modern Texture Paint Designs for Your Rooms

You know how much of a difference the fabric of an item of clothing makes? Well, that’s exactly how the power of texture design can change the way your rooms look. Modern texture paint designs are nothing less than your rich designer clothing fabrics. Texture paint designs go a step beyond paints and colour and add elements of pattern, depth, dimension and charm to your rooms. Texture paint designs are meant to elevate your rooms with patterns, visual difference and colour. Our experts and designers have curated 2022’s latest and trendiest modern texture paint designs for your rooms. From minimal styles to eccentric tones, we have outlined it all for homeowners to choose from.

What are modern texture paint designs?

Texture is the feel and consistency of a surface be it hard, natural, artificial or fabric-like. Modern texture paint designs are paints made to achieve a rich texture both visually and physically. Modern texture paint designs can range from visual patterns to rich textures like faux stone and brickwork.

Let’s have a look at modern texture paint designs for all rooms.

Modern texture paint designs for elevation

If you’re looking to elevate any room in your house, certain popular modern texture paint designs will always stand out and help you achieve great results.

Living room modern texture paint designs

Living rooms are focal points of home decor and interior design. Modern texture paint designs are magic wands for interior designers as they change the dimension and space, especially a living room.

Bedroom modern texture paint designs

Your bedroom is your personal oasis. Along with it reflecting your personality, you also need the walls to reflect a calm and serene aura. Let these bedroom modern texture paint designs adorn your walls and transform your bedroom.

Modern exterior texture paint designs

Modern exterior texture paint designs are quite different from interior texture designs because of the factors we need to consider while choosing them. The factors include weather, pollution, dust, natural light and surroundings.

  1. Colour wash texture paint design

    Colour Wash Wall Texture Paint Designs

    The colour wash technique is essentially like a watercolour technique. It is abstract and gives a very old-paint like texture to flat walls. Inspired by the sky and its ever changing surface, colour wash texture paint designs are great to elevate a flat and boring colour scheme. You need not restrict yourself to neutral tones for colour wash. Homeowners can also dabble in two colours for a colour washed wall. You can also steer clear of conventional greys and beiges and move towards contemporary colours like navy blue, deep green and pastels for a lovely contrast.

    Suited for: Living rooms, kids rooms, bedroom ceilings

  2. Spatula wall texture paint design

    Spatula Wall Texture Paint Designs

    The spatula technique is a classical approach to modern walls that creates a rough, sandy texture with the brushes’ effects. Spatula wall texture paint design is a modern texture that can take on vibrant colours like yellow, blue and red and is often spotted in many contemporary houses. The trick here is to change the movement of the spatula to achieve a rustic yet modern texture on your signature walls.

    Suited for: Living room signature walls, bedroom statement walls, balconies etc.

  3. Faux wooden texture paint design

    Faux Wooden Wall Texture Paint Designs

    We love wood and its smooth and warm texture. We often find wood as an accent in many Indian homes. Be it traditional or modern, wooden textures seem to find their way into homes through generations. However, advancements in paint technology have introduced modern texture paint designs that imitate wooden textures calling it faux wood. It gives the illusion of wooden textures and adds depth and dimension to your living room. Whether it’s for your central living room wall, wall unit backdrop or a statement wall, wooden texture paint designs are always set to create warmth and the perfect impression.

    Suited for: Large living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms

  4. Smoky texture paint design

    Smoky Wall Texture Paint Designs

    With uneven paints, exposed walls and the grunge aesthetic, smoky texture paint design has made its way into being one of the popular living room modern texture paint designs. Its raw and rugged visual texture clubbed with the colours it can take on lets your wall speak volumes. As popular as it can be for living room settings, it is also a common choice for bedroom areas.

    Suited for: Minimal and modern design schemes, sleek furniture, small rooms

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  5. Fabric texture paint design

    Fabric Wall Texture Paint Designs

    For real fabric interior textures, go for grasscloth texture design. However, there are texture paint designs to bring out a fabric-like visual on your walls. These new and modern texture paint designs are cosy, look rich and are ultimately elegant for your bedroom. Imagine having a statement wall in your bedroom with this fabric texture. Fabric textures look very different and depend on the technique used to achieve it. From sponging to twisting the brush, fabric textures look velvety, soft and rich.

    Suited for: bedrooms, Bedrooms with balconies, bedrooms with large spaces

  6. Marble texture paint design

    Marble Wall Texture Paint Designs

    We all love marble’s smooth and elegant finish. However, with advancements in paint technology, modern texture paint designs are now able to achieve a marble-like visual and finish on walls. The marble modern texture paint design is best suited for bedrooms because of its soft and elegant features. It is a replica of real marble but is cost-effective since it’s painted. Along with marble, texture paint designs are able to achieve stone, brick and other surface-like finishes as well.

    Suited for: Modern bedrooms, small bedrooms, bedrooms with large windows

  7. Exposed seamless concrete

    Concrete walls are pretty popular choices indoor as well as outdoor. Exposed concrete walls look seamless but are elegant and sophisticated. A bit rugged, unfinished and exposed, these modern texture designs can be painted in contemporary colours while the texture remains gritty. It is an organic texture that is perfect for concealing flaws and providing depth to exterior surfaces. The beauty of exposed concrete or cement walls is that it can be layered with weather protecting properties and dust-resistant coats while being aesthetically valued.

    Suited for: Modern exterior homes in cities, townships, farmhouses

  8. Rustic texture paint design

    Rustic Wall Texture Paint Designs

    A lot of modern and contemporary homes are taking on a rustic style. By rustic style we mean texture paint designs that reflect a rustic, raw and rugged look on the facade. You can go rustic by either including brickwork or faux brickwork into your texture paint design plan, or you can choose texture paints with rustic colours. Rustic texture paint designs on modern structures is a 2022 favourite because it gives you an unfinished, uneven yet gorgeous vibe to an immaculate structure.

    Suited for: Modern structures, box houses, farm houses

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Modern texture paint designs keep evolving with time and certain types we’ve mentioned here will always remain timeless. So it’s time for you to up your home’s texture game and plan a seamless home improvement journey with us!

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What are modern texture paint designs?

Modern texture paint designs are textures or texture-like paints used on walls to add aesthetic value and a feel to your living areas. They can range from patterns, motifs, wall art to basic finishes.

Do exterior walls need modern texture paint designs?

It is a trend to have modern texture paint designs on your exterior walls. In the world of home design, just paint for exteriors is a long gone trend. With textures like exposed concrete, colour contrasts, faux marble, faux stonework - exterior texture designs have entered the market.

Can modern texture paint designs be applied to kitchens?

Yes, modern texture paint designs can thrive in kitchens. Kitchens are a wonderful workspace and need attention to detail too. Easily cleanable textures like marble, glossy finish/lacquer finish work well in kitchens.

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