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Nerolac NXTGEN Home Painter Services: Your Path to a Stunning Home Transformation

Nerolac NXTGEN Home Painter Services: Your Path to a Stunning Home Transformation


When your house needs a paint job, it is best to turn to professionals for all the help you need. Whether it’s the exterior of your home or a single room, professional home painters ensure that the finish is satisfactory, the site is well managed and the project adheres to given timelines. Nerolac NXTGEN home painting services provides professional painters and contractors near you, to bring alive your home’s vision. You can opt for user-rated, reliable and trained house painters in and around your area through Nerolac.

In this blog, we will understand the significance of NXTGEN home painting services, the need for professional house painters and the benefits that come along.

Why Choose Nerolac Home Painters

There are various key benefits of choosing professional home painters from Nerolac. Here are a few:

  1. Expertise and Efficiency:

    Expertise and Efficiency

    Nerolac’s professional house painters carry the necessary skills and expertise to ensure a satisfactory paint project for your home. They are also efficient leading to time-effectiveness and professionalism needed to handle your project.

  2. Technical and product knowledge:

    Technical and product knowledge

    Nerolac’s professional home painters possess technical expertise and product knowledge when it comes to tools, equipment, paint palettes, weather and technique.

  3. Best-in-class quality:

    Best-in-class quality

    Nerolac ensures high quality when it comes to their industry-best products and tools. They assure quality in terms of products and professional output.

  4. Colour consultation:

    Colour consultation

    Colour consultation can be tricky. Nerolac’s professional painters offer the best advice as per trends, light and technicality when it comes to colour, best suited for your project and vision.

  5. Professional clean up:

    Professional clean up

    DIY projects can be messy. However, house painters leave your site spick and span after any paint project.

  6. Professional equipment and tools:

    Professional equipment and tools

    Nerolac’s NXTGEN professional home painters have access to various automated tools, equipment, paints and more.

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How does NXTGEN Home Painting Services work?

Let us take you through the home painting process in brief.

  1. Fill a form on NXTGEN’s website and plan a meeting :

    Fill a form on NXTGEN’s website and plan a meeting

    All it takes is a simple form to request a call back and Nerolac’s team will be in touch with you. Plan a meeting and schedule it with professionals to better understand your requirements.

  2. Site evaluation and consultation :

    Site evaluation and consultation

    Our team will visit the site to evaluate it and consult on the next steps. They may even outline the scope of the project and provide advice on what needs to be done.

  3. Colour consultation :

    Colour consultation

    Colour and design consultation will also be a part of the evaluation where your design, layout, colour combinations can be explored. Our professionals amalgamate your style, persona and the layout of the site.

  4. Quotation :


    Once the plan of action is set, a detailed quotation is presented to you with options and choices. The estimate or quotation will include, product and equipment rental cost, labour cost, material cost etc.

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  6. Preparation and scheduling :

    Preparation and scheduling

    Once the quotation is finalized, the project begins and our professionals prepare the site and schedule the paint job. Preparation involves priming, sanding, cleaning etc.

  7. Inspection :

    Once the project is done, quality control takes place and inspection is underway with professionals to add last touches.

  8. Cleaning :


    Our professionals ensure all debris, paint stains, splatters, dust etc. is cleaned and your site looks brand new.

  9. Handover:

    Your site is handed over to you for inspection. Any minor touches can be done at this point, if you spot some issues.

Get the Best Home painting services and materials with Nerolac

With over 1500 Nerolac colours to choose from, professional painters, automated tools and high-quality paints, you must opt for Nerolac’s NXTGEN home painting services. When you take the professional route, your project can be left in safe hands without worrying about a professional output, sati sfactory results, longevity and time management. Whether it's painting the inside or outside of your home, Nerolac strives to improve its appearance and safeguard it. Opting for Nerolac NXTGEN home paint service guarantees a stunning, enduring result and a painting process that's free from complications.

In conclusion, NXTGEN Home Painter Services is the way to transform your home into a beautiful haven. The professional expertise, top-quality materials, and dedication to excellence make the process of beautifying and revitalizing your living space seamless and rewarding. Choose NXTGEN for a stunning home makeover.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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