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Find The Perfect Waterproofing Solution for Your Basement

Find The Perfect Waterproofing Solution for Your Basement


When you think of your home, you often picture your living room, the dining area, your bedroom and other areas close to your heart, like the kitchen. The basement is often the most ignored space in homes since it is either used for utility and storage purposes or it holds a distant dream of being transformed into an additional room someday. While it is the perfect storage space, it also possesses the risk of heavy water damage, seepages and leakages that can eventually lead to structural damage and costly repairs. A dream home is one with a dry basement. Any home’s value spikes when it has a strong, dry, and problem-free basement as it indicates the home’s overall health. A dry and well-maintained basement provides a strong foundation to the upper rooms and walls of your home.

In this blog, let us help you find the perfect waterproofing solution for your basement while helping you understand the benefits of basement waterproofing and finding a wall seepage solution.

The Need for Basement Waterproofing

Water seepage and water damage are the direct consequences of an unattended basement. Finding the right waterproofing solution for your basement can help eliminate structural damages and prevent mould and mildew problems. Our experts have listed down reasons that point to the vitality of basement waterproofing:

  • Water easily seeps through and trickles down cracks, pores or any openings straight to the basement leading to water damages, leakages, structural damage and weakening the foundation of your walls.
  • A moisture ridden basement makes room for mould and mildew. Some moulds can be harmful and toxic as well. Moisture can eat away weak materials and damage furniture and walls.
  • You might want to use the basement as an additional room and remodel it. Modern homes flaunt basements that have been converted into game rooms, party spaces or a bar area. A dry basement leads to a great remodelled space.

Different Types of Basement Waterproofing Solutions

While water damage and moisture may lead to panic in most homes, there are many ways that will lead you to the right wall seepage solution and waterproofing solution for your basement. Basement waterproofing is a holistic solution that combines various methods to achieve the goal of maintaining a dry basement without water damage and moisture. Basement waterproofing has three layers of impact. The first and outermost layer is the exterior land outside your house that includes the soil and the water present in it. The second layer is the exteriors of your home that include the windows, the walls, gutters, drainpipes and the foundation. And the third layer is the basement itself with the interior foundation, flooring, walls and pump.

  1. Interior Waterproofing

    Interior Waterproofing

    Basement waterproofing begins with an interior waterproofing solution that includes a sump pump, protective and waterproof coatings and waterproof flooring. Interior waterproofing usually tackles seepages and condensation. A sump pump is fit below the basement floor in a pit to drain away all the water entering through walls and leaky floors. The drainage system includes a pipe that collects the water and takes it to the sump pump positioned below, that then takes it further away from the foundation and pumps it out. Sump pumps are an effective basement waterproofing solution for groundwater issues and basement flooding.

  2. Exterior Waterproofing

    Exterior Waterproofing

    Exterior waterproofing is the process of excavating in and around the exteriors of your home’s foundation and bottom footings, power washing the area and walls and applying a thick waterproof coating or membrane. This process ensures that water infiltration through the exterior land of your house is prevented. Waterproof coatings on the exterior are a strong line of defence for leakage and infiltration. However expensive, time consuming and disruptive this solution is, it is a long-term, sustainable solution that preserves the structural stability of your basement and foundation.

  3. Interior Sealants

    Interior Sealants

    This is the perfect wall seepage solution for basements. Interior sealants are a type of coating applied to the interiors of a basement to prevent seepage and leakage that come in through pores, capillaries, cracks and gaps. Interior sealants are a waterproofing solution created to seal walls and floors and prevent light seepage and trickling of water through concrete into the basement. This may not solve an inherent moisture problem or a major flooding problem. If you have a poor drainage system or high groundwater, interior sealants can work as one of your basement waterproofing avenues.

  4. Foundation Crack Injections

    Foundation Crack Injections

    If you do not wish to excavate and landscape the soil around your home’s bottom footings and foundation, you can opt for foundation crack injection as one of your waterproofing solutions. Foundation crack injections are temporary fixes for minor cracks in your foundation where epoxy or polyurethane is injected into the damaged area to seal it and prevent water seepage. It can prevent moisture entry and simple water damage. It is important to know that this method is used for minor cracks and not major structural damages.

  5. Box Type Waterproofing

    It is one of the oldest forms of waterproofing solutions. It is applicable in low to medium water zones where a box like structure is created below the basement foundation to endure the stress and water pressure. Perfect for basements and swimming pools, box type waterproofing should be undertaken by trained professionals for a safe solution.

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Choosing the Right Waterproofing Solution for Your Basement

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is not just another added chore for your contractor. It offers an array of benefits to homeowners in its own protective, preventive and secure manner. Here are a few advantages of a sound basement waterproofing plan for your home:

  1. Protection for your Basement Tiles and Floors

    Protection for your Basement Tiles and Floors

    Moisture, water damage and leakage can destroy your tiles and floors in the basement over time, even leading to rotting of materials. Waterproofing acts as a preventive method to increase the durability of your basement floors and tiles while protecting it from mildew, damage and moisture.

  2. Prevention of Flooding

    Prevention of Flooding

    A holistic waterproofing solution prevents flooding and reduces the risk of water damage in your basement. Whether it’s rain or water drainage, a good basement waterproofing solution will create a protective layer against water.

  3. Better Indoor Health of your Home

    Better Indoor Health of your Home

    Moulds, mildew and moisture will only deteriorate the hygiene and health of your basement thereby decreasing the overall value of your home. Waterproofing solutions improve the air quality of your home by preventing mould growth, moisture and mildew in the basement area.

  4. Protection of your Structural Elements

    Moisture and water can damage vital elements within the basement including electronics and furniture. It can also damage structural elements like pillars, floors, and walls. Waterproofing solutions protect movable furniture, electronics, and the structural integrity of your basement.

  5. Protection of your Sump Pump

    Protection of your Sump Pump

    Basement waterproofing reduces the water pressure and stress on your sump pump. It allows your sump pump to function well and protects it from excess damage.

  6. Temperature Control and Reduction in Energy Costs

    Temperature Control and Reduction in Energy Costs

    When you waterproof your walls, it can reduce the moisture within your basement and this further helps in controlling the temperature in your home and reducing energy costs.

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DIY Tips for Waterproofing Your Basement

  1. Install a Dehumidifier

    Install a Dehumidifier

    Begin with checking your basement’s humidity level. If it is quite high and ropes in moisture, a strong dehumidifier can help reduce the moisture. A dehumidifier can suck out the moisture leaving you with dry air. Be sure to test the dehumidifier and check the humidity in your basement before the purchase.

  2. Add/fix Window Well Covers

    Window wells are added to the exteriors of your homes and windows to collect water. Window wells with window covers are essentially put up to prevent soil collapse but it can also work to stop rain water, soil seepage and snow seepage into your basement.

  3. Repair Cracks

    Repair Cracks

    You can repair minor cracks by injecting these with epoxy or a professionally chosen liquid that hardens the gap to prevent water seepage. You can also repair wider cracks with hydraulic cement. However, this might not lead to a permanent solution for cracks in the foundation.

  4. Apply Waterproof Coating

    Apply Waterproof Coating

    Do apply waterproof coating to your basement walls and floors after the cracks are filled and cleaned. The walls need to be cleaned for the coating to remain effective and to seal the area. Nerolac’s waterproofing solutions can help you out here.

Professional Services for Basement Waterproofing

If you want a moisture-free and protected basement, you must opt for professional products and services that offer basement waterproofing solutions. Nerolac’s Perma range of solutions can help you with walls while Nerolac’s NXTGen services will help you find contractors for professional waterproofing needs.

Since we have reached the end of this blog, we hope to have imparted the basic knowledge for basement waterproofing and the right waterproofing solutions for your home. If you liked this read and wish to explore water leakage, water seepage and waterproofing as topics, here are a few related blogs for your next read.

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