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Securing Your Home From Virus and Bacteria

Securing Your Home From Virus and Bacteria


The current COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for the entire world. People who used to put hygiene at the bottom of their daily lives have now changed the way they live. Everyone is cautious now to avoid catching the virus, and we are all taking measures to ensure protection against the coronavirus. We wash our hands regularly, wear masks, and avoid crowds. But is it enough? Not really! Studies have shown that the coronavirus can stay on surfaces for hours and even days and can infect you if you touch your mouth or eyes after touching those surfaces. So you need to ensure that all the characters in your home are free of viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. What Should You Clean?

    If you are using surface disinfectants to clean high-touch surfaces and parts of your house, you are doing a great job. But did you know there are other places in your home that are touched very often and can be the cause of health issues? We are talking about your home walls. You have no idea what you must have got inside your home. And while touching the wall, you may have unknowingly transferred viruses, bacteria, and germs on the walls. A physical transfer isn't the only way those nuisance-creators must have gotten on your home walls. Air-borne germs may have also travelled in your house and made their homes on your walls. Whatever the way is, you need to ensure that you clean your walls so that these viruses and bacteria don't stay on your home walls.

  2. Why Should You Clean Home Walls?

    Your home walls can harbour all kinds of viruses and bacteria that can last on them for hours and even days. It is impossible to avoid touching walls, especially when you are at home for a longer period of time. You may touch your home walls, get disease-causing bacteria and viruses on your hands, and bring them closer to your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Common viruses and bacteria found inside Indian homes generally enter our bodies through these four openings and result in health issues. And we aren't just talking about coronavirus disease; that is a current scenario. Viruses and bacteria are responsible for your "usual" cold, cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, and other problems. If you have kids and your parents living with you, it becomes even more important for you to clean and disinfect your home walls to avoid any bacteria and virus infection. Kids, especially, touch home walls all the time while running around in homes and playing. Moreover, their sensitive immune system can be easily attacked by common bacteria and viruses. The same is the case with older adults; they may transfer germs from walls when they touch them for support. So to keep your dear ones safe, keep the walls clean.

  3. Should You Clean or Disinfect Home Walls?

    We all know how hard it can be running around the house with a cloth and disinfectant spray cleaning the massive walls. And even if you are ready to put in that kind of effort, remember that there's a huge difference between cleaning your home walls and disinfecting them. Cleaning will only remove dirty, grimy, and oily layers. But disinfecting will actually rid your walls of bacteria and viruses breeding on your home walls. So instead of wiping and washing your home walls, use an antiviral paint to prevent virus and bacterial infection at home. Now you may ask if antiviral and antibacterial paints even exist. Yes, they do. Try Nerolac Excel Virus Guard paint.

  4. Secure Your Home With Nerolac Excel Virus Guard

    Nerolac Excel Virus Guard paint is India’s first anti-viral interior paint. Developed with Japanese Shiquy Technology, this antimicrobial paint reduces germs, viruses and bacteria by 99.9%. The antiviral paints can also reduce influenza, enterovirus, stomatitis, pathogens, and a wide range of bacteria that cause a lot of health issues - right from the common cold to serious infections. What’s more? It comes with a unique fabric finish that gives your home a premium European look. It can also help reduce the foul smell and control humidity levels in your home. So it’s true that the emulsion provides all-around home care, isn’t it? And one of the best things about Nerolac Excel Virus Guard antiviral paint is that it is easy to apply. Apply it once, and it will not let any viruses or bacteria stick to it for months!

  5. When Was the Last Time You Disinfected the Walls?

    You must be spraying disinfectants on your home walls, but remember, the effect won't last long. It's time you think about a more long-term solution. Choose an emulsion for your home walls that not just provides a premium European finish but also protects your family against harmful germs. Order Nerolac Excel Virus Guard Interior Paint now to protect you and your family from bacteria and virus infection. Whatsapp ‘virusguard’ to 70450 60000 to know more.

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