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Top 10 Wall Paint Colour Ideas For Study Room

Top 10 Wall Paint Colour Ideas For Study Room


Colours play an essential role in creating the atmosphere in the interiors. A study room is where you feel inspired and always motivated. colour psychology can affect mood and creative flow, so choose the ideal colours for your study room. Study room colour affects aura and focus, so that a wrong decision can affect the workflow. If you want to choose the right colour combination for your study room, then you need to focus on the four main factors:

  • Select a soothing colour for your study room because it will increase your concentration

  • Choose a room that has less footfall

  • Invest in high-quality furniture

  • Keep the room spacious and clutter-free at all times

Once you have covered all the factors stated above, you can go on to choose the ideal colour for your room.

10 Study Room Wall Paint Colour Ideas

  • Subtle Colours and Decor in the Room

    The study room is a calm and peaceful space for you to work with focus. You can choose a combination of white and earthy wooden tones for your room. The walls can be of white colour whereas the furniture will be a mix of earthy wooden colours and white.

    You can give minimal structure around your desk to make the room look clutter-free and arrange all the books and stationery on the shelves. Go with light-tone curtains and wooden flooring for the room, as it will add to the overall look.

  • Go with Mint Green and Light Tone Study unit

    You can choose mint green for the kid's study room and keep the desk white in colour. It will add an elegant vibe and blend the colours in. green helps in giving calm and serene vibes, which are needed during exam times.

    Choose a sleek and modular, white-coloured study table with handless drawers and shelves for the books. Add a whiteboard and colours that will break the minimalistic theme and also add peaceful vibes to the room.

  • Try Blue and White Study Room Decor

    You can go with a blue and white combination as it gives you a calming sky and sea image. You can add a brown wooden study table with a comfortable white chair in the room. Add a bed for the school-going kids with a bean bag for the comfort of the room. You can hang frames on the wall to give a nice interior look.

  • Pink and White Study Room

    Are you thinking of the best colour for a study room for your baby girl? Then go with pink and white, as it will add an imaginative angle to the room. You can add a wooden table with a comfortable white chair and fun elements on the table. Decorate the room with cool wall stickers to give a nice look. You can also add a bed to make the room look dreamy.

  • Cream Colour with Wall Decorations

    If you want to choose a modern study room colour, then go with cream. You can add minimal yet creative wall decorations to add an innovative touch to the room. A playful wall can do wonders when it comes to focus and concentration. You can also set up a modern shelf decor where you can display plants, books, and stationery. Add a pinboard above the table to give a modern touch.

  • Add Nature To Your Room

    Add Nature To Your Room

    There is nothing more soothing than having plants around in your study room. You can go for a biophilic study room decoration. Add green elements on the desk around the window to make the space look refreshing and calm. It is the best study room idea for kids as it will help them connect with nature and understand sustainability.

  • Minimal Decor

    You can go with simple and minimal decor in your room, which will give a spacious look to the room. You can get a good quality wooden table with a drawer attachment. Add a wooden yet comfortable chair and a lamp. You can choose dark wall colour for the study room to add pop to the room. Do not add any other elements like rug, bed, or frames to give a clutter-free look to the room.

  • Go with an Industrial Look

    You can choose metal furniture and wooden flooring for the room to give it an industrial look. Add natural colours like grey or white to keep the interiors unique. You can add black decor elements to the room to make it look gorgeous and nice. Also, add a few plants in the room to give light and a natural effect.

  • All-White Design

    There is nothing better than all white for study room wall pain. All white gives you the space to add decorations according to your needs. You can add wooden and natural elements to the room, like wooden racks, a jute hammock, wooden tables and chairs, wooden drawers, and plant hangings. Remember to add a vintage telephone and typewriter if you want to add an old-vibe look to the room. It is the best colour for a study room for people who like unique elements and need creative flow.

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  • Sustainable Study Room

    You can decorate your study room with everything natural, fresh, and calming. Add a metal table and a comfortable chair on one side of the room. And decorate the wall above the table with a pinboard, frames, plants, and unique elements.

    You can also add a jute basket as a wall hanging to keep minimal things in it. If you want a good space for keeping chart papers, add a metal basket in the room. Choose white as the room colour to make everything pop and look natural around the room.


Study rooms are known as places for productivity and creativity. You must put in unique yet calming elements in the study room, which will help you focus on your work or studies. The trick to maintaining the calm vibe in the room is to choose subtle and light colours around the room. You can also look up unique study room colours on the Nerolac website.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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