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What is Wood Paint - Wooden Colour Paint Guide

What is Wood Paint? All You Need to Know About Wood Paint

Many homeowners out there like to decorate their homes with wooden floors and furniture, mainly because they add colours and lustrous surfaces to a home. You will find wooden furniture and flooring made from woods like oak, cherry, pine, mahogany and many more.

However, wooden furniture and flooring also require a lot of protection from water potential damage due to regular usage and light. So, what can be done in here?

The best way to offer protection to the wooden flooring and furniture is with wood paint or finish. Just a single coat of paint will make the wooden flooring and furniture appear brand new and help them regain their hold on their durability.

The best part about the wood paint is that it will cover up the dry and cracked surface on the wood with a shiny and clear coat.

What are the Types of Wood paint Available?

There are various types of wood paint available, which you can easily use on wood furniture or flooring. Do you want to know what they are? Let us check them out.

Oil-Based paint

Oil-Based Paint

Why oil-based types of wood paint finishes are a good choice? Well, it is mainly because it offers a super-smooth surface. Once the paint dries up, you will get a glossy or matte finish that only some paints offer. However, it will surely depend on the type of oil-based wood paint you choose.

This paint is also easy to use, and it will go way deep into the crevices and then paint over all the inconsistencies of the wood's surface. You just have to clean everything right after you complete the painting, and it's going to be enough to get the most out of this particular wood paint.

Water-Based paint

Water-Based Paint

This is another waterproof wood paint, which is pretty easy to use. The water-based paints can stick with all kinds of wooden surfaces, including the previously painted ones, making it an excellent choice for wooden floorings or furniture. Besides that, these paints will dry quickly, and you don't have to wait for days for this wood paint to cure.

It only takes several hours for the water-based paint to dry up, and they are also the easiest paints to clean. If you make a mistake, you can wipe off the paint, even when it has completely dried off. Just like the latex paint, it can lose a bit of durability because it's pretty easy to clean.

If you want the paint outdoors or something that can withstand harsh settings, water-based paints might not be a good choice here. But they are an excellent option for indoor furniture or products.

Latex paint

Latex Paint

Latex is another great wood paint, which is pretty easy to use and requires a little or no priming beforehand. Besides that, this type of wood paint will not stick to brushes, and you can clean it up with no hassle. The paint is also smooth, and with few swipes, you can cover up the entire wooden surface or object. It comes in many finishes, so you can give the wooden furniture or objects a look and a texture that you like.

What Are the Uses of Wood paint?

One of the biggest wood paint uses is that they help make the entire house pest-proof. This is especially true when your home is made from wood both inside and out. You can use the interior/ exterior paint to protect your home from fungi or bacteria due to moisture.

Another reason to opt for wooden wall paint for your home is that it will keep the interiors of your property cooler, especially during the summers. It can also save 30% of your energy bills. painting your wood with interior wall paint/exterior wall paint can also offer protection from the UV rays of the run.

The sun's rays can discolour and damage all wooden surfaces or furniture. Therefore, applying wood paint on the surface of the wood will prevent such issues from occurring.


Wood paint is highly beneficial for your home. There are several types of them available, and you can use these wood paints to enhance and protect the wooden surface or objects of your home.

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What can wood paint do?
Wood paint can enhance the feel and look of wooden surfaces and furniture. It can also protect it from manmade and environmental factors.
What are the different types of wood paints?
There are many types of them available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are latex paint, oil-based paint and water-based paint.
How can wood paint protect the wooden surfaces?
Wood paints can prevent bacteria or fungi from forming on the wood, and they can also offer protection from the sun's UV rays.
Are water-based paints easy to use?
In short, yes, they are.
How good are the oil-based paints?
The oil-based paints are extremely good because they offer a smooth surface. When it dries up completely, you can get a glossy finish.
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