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 Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

5 Amazing Wall Paint Designs For Your Living Room

“Real comfort - visual and physical is vital to every room.”

Your living room needs more than just a fresh coat of paint, if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends. Wall paint designs for living rooms have become a creative outlet for homeowners to channel their personality and energy and spruce up their space.

Ranging from minimal touches of design to flamboyant vivids, wall paint designs are available in abundance with the help of paints. It’s all about finding the right choice for your living room and balancing it out with the rest of the furniture and decor. And we’re here to help you find your pick.

Our experts have curated a list of amazing, creative and simple wall paint designs for living rooms.

  1. Ombre in your shades

    Ombre in your shades

    From hair, fashion to walls - ombre is a sought after trend in 2022. One of the most trendy wall paint designs for living rooms, the ombre effect can be achieved in a single shade or multiple shades as well. The ombre wall paint design suits large, spacious and minimal living rooms with enough space for the colour to breathe. It looks perfect as the backdrop of a solid coloured sofa or a minimal dining table.

    You can pick your own paint for ombre depending on your living room’s colour scheme. Below are the types of ombre wall paint designs one can experiment with in the living room.

    • Single colour ombre: Choose one colour and use water to dilute the shade
    • Bare wall ombre: Play with a single colour and the original wall colour
    • Dual colour ombre: Choose two shades to achieve a sunset ombre or oceanic ombre
    • Multi-colour ombre: Achieve a rainbow effect with this choice

    Suited for: Large living rooms. Family rooms, dining spaces, creative spaces

  2. Textured walls

    Flaunt textured design on walls

    Known to flaunt a fabric-like finish, textured walls are often seen stealing the limelight in most living rooms. Either as the backdrop of a TV, a sofa or the ceiling, this wall paint design has multiple choices and can blend into any type of living room - big or small.

    Textured wall paint designs have a unique feel as they add depth and complexity to design in living rooms. Whether it’s in muted tones like grey or in deeper, brighter colours, this wall paint design has the ability to add elegance to decor.

    Suited for: Living rooms, bedrooms and bed head walls, ceilings, balconies, portrait walls

  3. Repetitive triangles

    Repetitive triangles pattern

    Triangles do have a charm. This repetitive pattern as a wall paint design, whether placed in an orderly fashion or abstractly, has the ability to sit perfectly amidst a well designed living room. This wall paint design is versatile as it can be done in muted tones as well as pop colours, as per your preferences.

    The repetitive pattern provides symmetry to bare walls and evokes a sense of relaxation. This wall paint design can rest behind sofas, behind cabinetry or beside dining tables.

    Suited for: Living rooms, cabinet backdrops, balconies

  4. Faux Brick Wall

    Faux Brick Wall

    Brick walls are a classic, but a faux brick wall allows you to experiment with texture and colour in your living room. This wall paint design is a favourite in 2022 for homeowners. You can experiment in your choice of shades or the classic shades of rustic red, dirt grey or brown. If you’re not too experimentative and want to go for a simple wall paint design for your living room, the faux brick wall is a safe bet.

    Pro-tip: A touch gloss or semi-gloss finish would be perfect for this wall paint design.

    Suited for: Bar area, dining area, wall unit area, living rooms

  5. Pop designs

    Pop Colour Designs

    Pop colours are a new design avenue and it has slowly made its way to home interiors too. Pop colours in various wall paint designs are becoming a common choice for accent walls in living rooms. Medium-sized living rooms with minimal furniture and extra negative space work well with pop wall paint designs.

    It is a contemporary approach to living room backdrops and emits an edgy, funky vibe. Perfectly suited for households with young, creative energy, this wall paint design is perfect for a living room that’s also a work from home space and a high-traffic area.

    Suited for: Open, minimal living rooms, family rooms

This was a glimpse of amazing wall paint designs for your living room. You can also check out our experts’ view on bedroom wall paint designs and the latest wall paint designs in the market.

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