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 Wall Painting Designs to Give a Rich Look to Your Home

Wall Painting Designs to Give a Rich Look to Your Home

Rich-looking, insta-worthy homes are made all about choosing the right wall paint colours, decorating with unusual elements, and keeping them clean. But when you move away from plain walls and try various wall painting design patterns and styles, the beauty of your home is doubled. This piece will share some easy yet artistic ways to give your home a dash of richness and style.

Throw in Some Textures

Throw in Some Textures Four plain walls are the style of 2020! It's now time to add at least one wall that screams style. The world is full of amazing wall painting design patterns and textures that you can do on your own or hire master painters for. Textured walls add depth to your rooms that most simple walls cannot. The shapes, variations of colours, and illusions created with textures are enough to spice up your entire room. If you look at our DIY videos, you'll see that you can create artistic patterns using simple tools like a comb, string, sponge, and plastic bag. So choose your style soon.

Do the Stencil-Work

While textures require precision, stencil work is an easier way to play with plain walls and add some design. You'll find countless stencils in the market available in various sizes and designs. All you have to do is place them accurately on a painted wall and dab in some colour. Remove the stencil only when the paint is semi-dry and see how lovely your walls will look. If you don't find a nice stencil in the market, you can create one of your own on a thick plastic sheet. The sky’s the limit when it comes to dressing up your home walls with stencil wall painting designs.

Try the Stripes

Try the Stripes Stack two or more straight lines, and you have the most artistic wall painting designs for halls, bedrooms, and balconies. Strippy walls are clean, easy on the eyes, and infinitely variable. Perhaps that’s why the most common patterns used to decorate interior walls are stripes in all their glorious variations. They can be horizontal, vertical, one stripe, lots of stripes, jagged stripes, colourful stripes. Choose your pattern, choose your colours, and add just-the-right impact on your home walls.

Go Duo

Go Duo Don't wish to experiment with wall paint design patterns and textures? Simply add more colours to space! This idea is simple, but you need the right sense of colours to bring beauty to your rooms. Look at the latest wall painting design online or pick your favourite colours and follow the dual-tone colour scheme for your bedrooms and living room. Create a perfect balance of dark and light in your rooms so they don't look overwhelmingly muted or overpowered by colours. Want more wall painting design ideas for your home? Talk to our master painters, and they will share countless possibilities to switch to a richer look for your home.

Next Steps?

Want to know which colours will look good on your walls? Use Nerolac’s Colour Palette and get colour combinations of your choice in seconds.

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I have my quirry, I want to get my home dream painted with Nerolac paints. The exterior of my home I want to see bold sober dark and glossy white. The pillars of front side porch and the horizontal beams I want to paint in either blackish grey, brownish black or blackish mahroon colour. The walls in between the columns be glossy white. Suggest me plz
February 10, 2021

Amazing article sir. I have been following you from the past 6 months. Thank you so much. You can visit our blog also.
March 2, 2021

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