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Experiment with 5 Shades of Purple in Your Home

Experiment with 5 Shades of Purple in Your Home

Looking for an elegant wall paint colour for your home? Want something that looks opulent and chic? Want something that may also complement your home decor ideas? A purple paint palette is a solution for all your amazing expectations. No matter which purple room paint shade you choose, the colour will always look rich and be a perfect backdrop for all types of interior home themes.

But don't just settle for the usual eggplant-like purple wall colour; play around with shades of purple colour in your home.

1. The Real Eminence

Artifiying Your Hallway

How do we describe the awesomeness of the original purple room paint in words? Simply pick any tone between usual purple like our Splendid Lilac (4210) and deep purple like African Violet (2286) and start feeling great about your bedroom or living room. You can play around with various wall painting ideas to spice up plain walls and play around with interesting purple wall colour combinations.

2. Shining Bright Amethyst

Shining Bright Amethyst

A little subtle, or even darker, tone of purple wall paint with minor blue undertones is perfect for spaces of all sizes. Whether you have large French windows or small windows to let in enough natural light, shades like Sweet Lavender (2340) and Violet Velour (2341) are enough to brighten up space in style. These purple wall paint colours are ideal to give your space an instant facelift that looks pretty every single day.

3. Deeper Beauty

Deeper Beauty

If you like to keep things dark, we have a lot of darker shades of purple colour for you. Whether you want purple with grey undertones, pink, or mauve, there’s at least one shade for you. Create perfect purple wall colour combinations with a deep purple accent wall and off-white colours on other surfaces. Decorate the space with large mirrors and artworks and hand decorative chandeliers to switch to deluxe space instantly.

4. Mellow Minimum

Mellow Minimum

Pastel purple room paint colours continue looking plush and adding more space and light to your rooms. Our Wood Violet (2276) and Rose Beauty (2241) and the perfect picks for all your rooms, even the washroom and kitchen. Depending on the degree of contrast you wish to add, pair light-purple walls with either dark (black or wine) furniture or subtle (off-white or other pastel shades) elements.

5. Berry Wine

Berry Wine

There's no way we can miss out on those fancy shades of purple colour chart inspired by juicy berries. Blueberry- and mulberry-like purple room paint colours are flattering, warm, and lively, and meant for people who like to keep things happening. Shop around for metallic chandeliers, showpieces, artworks, and furniture and throw them all together to complement dark purple wall paint. You can also add bits of gold or silver on door and window frames to complete a swish look.

Purple wall colour combinations and purple interior wall paint will always stand out from the list of picture-perfect home interiors. They not only make amazing first impressions but also make you feel happy about your home every single day. So talk to our master painters and explore the possibilities of using a purple paint palette to its best in your home.

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