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 What is Acrylic Putty?

What is Acrylic Putty?

What is acrylic putty?

You may be wondering what acrylic wall putty is and how it can benefit you. Acrylic wall care putty has a wide variety of uses in the home for a number of different purposes. It's easy to use - just roll it out across your surface and smooth with your hands or a roller!

Acrylic wall putty is a water-based, alkali-resistant undercoat made using special acrylic binders with a peanut-butter-like consistency that is formulated to fill in cracks and repairs holes on walls. It can also be used for many other home renovation aspects, including filling in nail holes, repairing broken tiles or wallpaper - both exterior and interior.

Features of Acrylic Wall Putty

When it comes to the features of this painting putty, it is important to know that there are many. Some of the key points are:

  1. Water-resistant and alkali resistant formula:

    This is a great feature of this acrylic putty because it can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, which will allow you to get the most out of your purchase. Moreover, it is also resistant to fading, so your repairs will last for a long time.

  2. Fill in cracks and holes:

    One of the main reasons people use acrylic wall putty is because it can fill in any cracks or holes on walls quickly and easily. This means that you don't have to spend hours trying to fix something that's been broken - the putty will do all the hard work for you!

  3. Non-toxic:

    Another great feature of this acrylic wall putty is that it is non-toxic. This means that even if you have small children or pets at home, you don't need to worry about them coming into contact with it - they'll be safe!

  4. Ease of application:

    As mentioned above, a great thing about using acrylic wall putty for all of these aspects in home renovation projects is that it's very easy to use - just roll it across your surface and smooth with a hand or roller! There are no other tools required at any point during the process.

  5. Peanut butter consistency:

    The peanut butter consistency of this product makes it perfect for filling cracks or holes in walls as well as smoothing over wallpaper when redecorating - without sacrificing the quality behind its water-resistance alkali resistance properties.

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Benefits of Acrylic Wall Putty

  1. Cost-effective solution:

    A great advantage of using acrylic wall putty for all kinds of different home renovation tasks is that it can save you a lot of money in the long term. It's an affordable solution that will get your walls fixed up fast - without any hassle or headache!

  2. Quick results:

    This product offers quick-fix solutions, so if there are any cracks or holes on your walls that need to be filled quickly, then this is definitely the perfect product for you! You won't have to wait around until tomorrow before these problems are fixed because they'll be done within minutes.

  3. Exceptional finish and durability:

    Lastly, the acrylic paint putty provides an exceptional finish and durability. This means that your walls will look smooth, sleek, and professional even after years of application.

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How to Apply Acrylic Wall Putty?

  1. Step 1: Apply the painting putty

  2. Step 2: Apply primer

  3. Step 3: Apply the finishing coat


There are many reasons to consider using acrylic wall putty for your next home renovation project. Try out Nerolac Acrylic Wall Putty for the best results!

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