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Liquid Waterproofing: A Monsoon Season Guide to Safeguard Your House

Liquid Waterproofing: A Monsoon Season Guide to Safeguard Your House


Monsoon is the time of the year where the endurance and durability of homes is put to the test. The intense weather can often leave serious damage to your home. Our experts hope to provide a perfect solution for keeping your home safe and able to weather the monsoon. Liquid waterproofing intends to be the perfect solution for homes that are susceptible to water damage. A well protected, waterproofed home can yield many benefits that are most advantageous to homeowners. Liquid waterproofing is the ideal way to kill two birds with one stone - it protects your home and increases its value and life as well.

In this blog, we introduce you to liquid waterproofing and its importance during monsoon season while taking you through its benefits and types.

What is Liquid Waterproofing?

What is Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing is the process in which a liquid waterproofing membrane is applied to a surface through means of hand application or spray. This coating of waterproofing liquid is used to make the surface water resistant. Over the years liquid waterproofing has become a very popular way to make homes water resistant. It is easy to apply, and it provides long lasting protection to your home. As a relatively economic choice, liquid waterproofing membranes are very versatile in their use. With easy application and long term benefits, liquid waterproofing has become a very homeowner friendly choice to waterproof their homes.

Why Is It Important to Liquid Proof Your House During Monsoon?

Why Is It Important to Liquid Proof Your House During Monsoon

The monsoon season in India is usually very intense. Due to the very extreme nature of the weather in India, it is ideal for homeowners to liquid proof their homes. Rain water damage can be very extensive and lead to severe property damage as well. During the monsoon, homes are faced with very tough climates. Here are a few reasons why it is important for homeowners to liquid proof their homes during the monsoon;

  1. Water Damage

    Water Damage

    Water damage is the most common problem that liquid waterproofing acts as a solution for. During the season, rainwater can create cracks or crevices in your materials which leave open a path for seepage and leaks just waiting to happen. Your materials tend to deteriorate during the monsoon a lot due to the excessive exposure to water and moisture. The accumulation of excessive water and moisture can make your materials porous. A home that is protected by a liquid waterproofing membrane can withstand the weather and avoid serious water damage.

  2. Maintaining Health and Hygiene

    Maintaining Health and Hygiene

    Monsoon season is usually when cold and flus are running rampant. Rain water accumulations are hubs of bacteria, and can easily cause infections. A home that is shielded by liquid waterproofing can easily prevent unnecessary accumulation of water and avoid illness.

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  4. Curbing the Growth of Mould and Mildew

    Curbing the Growth of Mould and Mildew

    During the monsoon, growth of fungi like mould and mildew skyrockets. These fungi infestations look unpleasant and can cause various health risks. Liquid waterproofing ensures that there are no fragments of water seeping through and cultivating a home for such bacteria.

Benefits of Liquid Waterproofing

Benefits of Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing membranes possess various advantages for homeowners. It is a fail safe method to protect your home from water damage and various other problems while also allowing you to reap its various benefits. Our experts have noted some of the benefits of liquid waterproofing and waterproof membranes, they are:

  1. Preventing Water Damage

    Preventing Water Damage

    Water damage is a serious and very common problem witnessed in Indian homes. Liquid waterproofing membranes act as a stopper, preventing water from flowing into your home and creating water damage. A waterproof membrane can easily protect your home and its surfaces and act as a barrier between the free flow of water and your surfaces, thus blocking the water from seeping in and causing damage.

  2. Increases The Value of Your Home

    Increases The Value of Your Home

    Statistically, liquid waterproofing can inflate the value of your home by a drastic 25%. A home that is guarded by a waterproof membrane has an extra layer of protection, guarding it from various problems like cracks, holes and wear and tear. A liquid waterproofing membrane is preventing your home from enduring these happenings, and thus increasing the overall value of your home.

  3. Extending The Life of Your Home

    Extending The Life of Your Home

    Over the years, homes go through considerable wear and tear. Liquid waterproofing ensures that your homes are sealed and protected for a longer time and are able to increase their durability. A well protected home that is safeguarded by a waterproof membrane has a higher level of durability and thus has increased longevity. Liquid waterproofing ensures that your home is enabled to withstand the weathers and still stand strong.

  4. Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

    Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

    In this day and age we are no strangers to the various environmental problems around us. Being energy efficient is one of the ways to reduce the adverse effects of problems like global warming. Liquid waterproofing is one of the most energy efficiency friendly processes in today’s market. A home that is covered by Liquid waterproofing membrane is said to be able to control water ingress and reduce the huge amounts of energy used for insulation, drying,etc making your home much more energy efficient.

  5. Increasing Peace of Mind

    Increasing Peace of Mind

    As a homeowner it is but natural to be concerned about your home, even more so during the monsoon. Liquid waterproofing and waterproof membranes act as a tough layer of protection that can easily safeguard your home during the intense weather. With a waterproof membrane guarding your home, you will have a greater peace of mind, knowing that your home will be able to withstand the climate.

How Liquid Waterproofing Works?

How Liquid Waterproofing Works

A liquid waterproofing job is fairly simple to understand. To make any surface waterproof by means of liquid waterproofing, the first step is to apply a coat of a liquid waterproofing membrane. This membrane consists of a primer and two top coats. This waterproof membrane is a thin and flexible layer of waterproofing material. The thin waterproof membrane is to apply and can be applied in various ways such as, sprays, roller and trowels. This simplicity makes liquid waterproofing one of the most go to materials for waterproofing for roofs and homes. This waterproofing liquid for roof and homes in general will cure into a rubbery texture.

Types of Liquid Waterproofing

Types of Liquid Waterproofing

There are various different types of liquid waterproofing membranes that can be used to safeguard your home from the intense monsoons of India. The three major types of liquid waterproofing membrane are i) Water or Acrylic based, ii) Bituminous and iii) Cementitious

A common element in all these is the ability to use Polyurethane. Polyurethane is a hybrid liquid waterproofing product but is most commonly formed with water or acrylic based membranes.

  1. Water- or Acrylic-Based Liquid Waterproofing

    Water- or Acrylic-Based Liquid Waterproofing

    Water based liquid waterproofing membranes are used to create a waterproof barrier on your surfaces. Along with acrylic based liquid waterproofing membranes are highly popular due to their flexibility and resistance to high temperatures.

  2. Bituminous Liquid Waterproofing

    Bituminous Liquid Waterproofing

    Bituminous is one of the most durable materials for liquid waterproofing. It is a tar like substance which is mixed to form a sticky texture. It is versatile, durable and can resist heat, which makes it one of the easiest materials to work with but it can be a rather expensive choice because bitumen is made from crude oil.

  3. Cementitious Liquid Waterproofing

    Cementitious Liquid Waterproofing

    A mix of sand, organic and inorganic materials along with some silica based products, cement based waterproof membrane is very easy to apply. However, due to its cementitious properties it is not very flexible. With an equal amount of pros and cons, a cementitious waterproof membrane is most commonly picked by contractors because of its affordability.

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How to Choose The Right Liquid Waterproofing Products

How to Choose The Right Liquid Waterproofing Products

Our experts have created a perfect how-to guide for homeowners to choose the right liquid waterproofing products. There are five major factors that come into play when selecting the right liquid waterproofing products. A waterproof membrane is very important when it comes to protecting your home during the monsoon.

Here are five steps that will help you choose the ideal waterproofing liquid for your home.

  1. Step One-Costing

    Step One-Costing

    As homeowners it is necessary for us to be considerate of costs for the home. Liquid waterproofing membranes are available in various rice ranges across the market. So the first step ideally is to set a budget and browse for materials accordingly after. Liquid waterproofing membranes are usually very budget friendly and have long term durability.

  2. Step Two-Choosing The Material

    Step Two-Choosing The Material

    Once you have allocated the budget, the next step in choosing the right liquid waterproofing materials for your home is to pick a material. As elaborated before, there are various types of waterproofing membranes available in the market, so finding one that sits well within your budget should not be too difficult.

  3. Step Three-Identifying The Areas of Damage

    Step Three-Identifying The Areas of Damage

    When analysing the areas of damage, you will get a clearer idea of exactly what is required in your home. Finding areas that are prone to damage in the monsoon, is the first step to avoiding liquid damage. Since waterproofing membranes are flexible and easy to apply, it should be relatively simple for homeowners to protect their damage prone areas.

  4. Step Four-Assessing Durability, Maintenance and Flexibility

    Step Four-Assessing Durability, Maintenance and Flexibility

    In a broader sense all liquid waterproofing materials have a long life and sustaining capabilities but some can have a shorter life span and tolerance compared to others. Once this is assessed it all becomes very simple for homeowners as they become well aware of the maintenance requirements.

  5. Step Five- Installation

    Step Five- Installation

    Once all these steps are factored in, the final step is the installation of these membranes. Waterproof membranes are flexible and easy to apply but it is best to seek professional assistance to ensure that the membranes are correctly applied and your home remains well protected. Contractors are professionals that can easily help safeguard your home.


In conclusion, this blog intended to highlight the advantages of liquid waterproofing and helping homeowners safeguard their homes all year round. Waterproofing liquids for roofs and homes in general are considered to be one of the most popular ways of waterproofing a home.

We created a homeowner friendly guide to manoeuvre liquid waterproofing. Our experts hope to create a pool of well informed homeowners and instil a sense of familiarity and knowledge amongst them.

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