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What is Nerolac Waterproofing Services? Types of Solutions and Benefits

What is Nerolac Waterproofing Services? Types of Solutions and Benefits

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If you own a home, some areas worry you when it rains heavily - a damp basement, leaks on the roof or moisture seeping into exterior walls. While most assume these are small issues to deal with later, the truth is water damage can dramatically impact your property if addressed over time. It's for this very reason that Nerolac NxtGen Waterproofing Services exists - as a leading provider of professional waterproofing solutions, they understand how severe dampness and leaks can be.

Their experienced specialists are ready to comprehensively assess your home and develop a customised plan for reliable, long-term protection from costly water issues through their high-quality services and products.

Types of Waterproofing Solutions Offered

Types of Waterproofing Solutions Offered
Types of Waterproofing Solutions Offered

Nerolac NxtGen takes a holistic approach to waterproofing with their Perma product line. Perma waterproofing solutions are developed using the latest technologies to create highly durable barriers against water. Their experts thoroughly inspect problem areas to determine the best NxtGen Waterproofing Solution for your specific needs.

Basement Waterproofing

A leaky basement can lead to mould growth and structural damage over time. Nerolac NxtGen offers basement waterproofing through tanking and drain tile systems. For tanking, their Nerolac Perma Waterproof Putty is applied as a protective and flexible membrane to the interior or exterior of basement walls. This putty forms an impenetrable barrier and seals any cracks or gaps. A perforated pipe is installed at the footing for drain tile systems to collect and redirect water away from the foundation. Using Nerolac Perma Waterproof Putty, both methods create a long-lasting shelter for your basement by keeping moisture out.

Roof Waterproofing

Roof leaks are frustrating and can worsen if not addressed promptly. Nerolac NxtGen roof waterproofing uses liquid-applied, thermoplastic, or modified bitumen/torch-applied membranes. Their solutions are extremely flexible and securely seal joints, cracks, seams, and other trouble spots. Properly installed, a Nerolac NxtGen roofing membrane can withstand monsoon rains for 10+ years with no leaks.

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Moisture penetrating exterior walls is unsafe and leads to indoor dampness issues. Nerolac NxtGen offers solvent-free coatings and cementitious plasters specially formulated for wall surfaces. Their application protects masonry, plaster, and concrete from water damage. It also prevents algae and moss growth to maintain an attractive facade.

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How NxtGen Waterproofing Services stand out in terms of expertise

How NxtGen Waterproofing Services stand out in terms of expertise
How NxtGen Waterproofing Services stand out in terms of expertise

1. Expertise

Nerolac NxtGen has many decades of experience waterproofing all structures in India. Their technicians and engineers are extensively trained to inspect sites and surface conditions and recommend the best waterproofing method. Their expert knowledge solves even complex leakage problems. You can trust that the job will be done properly by qualified professionals.

2. Internal and External Protection

Most waterproofing companies only focus on external surfaces. NxtGen's Perma products protect both interior and exterior areas. Long-lasting membrane solutions are suitable for basements, wet areas, rooftops, and outer walls of buildings. This provides comprehensive shielding from moisture on all sides.

3. 12-Year Warranty

Nerolac NxtGen offers an impressive 12-year warranty against water seepage when you use their approved products and services. If any leakage occurs within 12 years of the waterproofing installation, they will repair it free of cost. You won't have to worry about re-doing the whole project for a long time. With its long-lasting effectiveness,Nerolac Perma Waterproof Polymer is widely trusted for commercial and residential waterproofing projects across India.

4. No Damp or Seepage Guarantee

NxtGen's waterproofing membranes and application know-how guarantee a dry home or workspace protection from damp problems. Their solutions create impermeable barriers to block water penetration. This ensures your interiors remain completely moisture-free and your structure stays protected from constant wetness.

5. Advanced Japanese Technology

Nerolac sources premier raw materials from globally reputed manufacturers like the Japanese. Their Perma products utilise cutting-edge polymers, additives, and curing agents for the highest calibre waterproofing. You benefit from world-class formulations refined to withstand Indian weather extremes.

6. 14 Degree Surface Temperature Reduction

The special reflective pigments and coating technologies used in NxtGen waterproofing have a substantial cooling effect. After application, the surface temperature decreases by a noteworthy 14 degrees Celsius. This keeps interiors cooler during hot summers while also keeping moisture at bay.

7. DampProof Solutions

For damp problems below ground level, like in basements, NxtGen provides professional damp-proofing using crystalline injection and tanking methods. This controls moisture and protects against future water seepage. All dampness issues are expertly addressed.

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Innovative Technologies

Nerolac NxtGen's Perma product range harnesses the latest advancement in waterproofing membrane technology:

  • Cementitious waterproofing uses specialised cement additives, polymers and reinforcing fibres to form a solid, seamless barrier against moisture.
  • Liquid waterproofing membranes are advanced polyurethane, acrylic or silicon-based coats that are easily applied and form flexible, durable layers.
  • Polyurethane liquid membranes offer the highest waterproofing standards, ultra-low permeability, and resistance to environmental hazards. They adhere securely to most substrates.

Why Choose Nerolac NxtGen?

Why Choose Nerolac NxtGen
Why Choose Nerolac NxtGen

Beyond protecting your home's structural integrity, Nerolac NxtGen waterproofing services are very cost-effective in the long run. Wet area repairs further down the line will be avoided, improving livability and livability. Their experienced team handles all aspects from site inspection and preparation to application and post-works care. Nerolac NxtGen also offers consumers financing options through certain partners. Overall, they provide a one-stop solution for high-performance and long-lasting waterproofing through reliable services and advanced products.

The Bottom Line

Nerolac NxtGen Waterproofing Services should be your top choice if you need expert help with any moisture issue or proactive waterproofing measure. Their holistic system and proven Perma products protect completely from leaks and seepage.

Contact Nerolac NxtGen today to discuss your specific project needs. One of their highly trained experts will conduct a free inspection and provide a customised quote for long-lasting waterproofing solutions installed by professionals you can trust. Rely on Nerolac to protect your home's integrity for many years ahead.

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