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What is Synthetic Enamel Paint and Its Uses?

What is Synthetic Enamel Paint and Its Uses?

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Although the name is synthetic enamel paint, it has no connection with molten glass. It only borrows the name from enamel which refers to a glass covering for ceramics or metals. Read this article to find out about a specific type of enamel paint, synthetic enamel paint, and its uses.

Synthetic enamel paint has high adherence as they are made from oil. It can provide high gloss and last for a long time. Synthetic enamel paint can offer glossy as well as matt finishes. The best part about synthetic enamel paint is that it can be applied to all types of primers.

  1. What Is Synthetic Enamel Paint Used for?

    Synthetic enamel can be used on the following surfaces:

    1. Woodwork: You can apply synthetic enamel paint on woodwork after cleaning dust, cement and other external items from it. You should apply synthetic enamel paint on dry and moisture-free wood. If the wood surface seems uneven, use sandpaper to make it even before applying synthetic enamel paint.

    2. Iron and Steel surface: Synthetic enamel paint used for iron and steel surface needs good quality priming. Scrape the iron surface to get rid of rust and clean all dust and dirt before applying the paint.

    3. Plastered Surface: Synthetic enamel paint can also be applied on a plastered surface. But don’t apply the paint until the plastered surface is completely dry. Dust or mortar on the plastered surface should be cleaned before painting it. If there are holes on the plastered surface, use putty to fill in the holes and apply paint.

    4. Old Surface: You can also paint an old surface using synthetic enamel paint. If the paint on the surface is in good condition, remove grease. Rub the surface with sandpaper to get rid of all dust and dirt. Apply synthetic enamel paint only when you find that the surface is smooth and even. Apply the second coat of paint only when the first coat dries out. Rub the surface with sharp paper to get a glossy and even look.

  2. How to Use Synthetic Enamel Paint?

    After knowing ‘what is synthetic enamel paint’ and what its uses are, you should know how to apply it. Some tips for using synthetic enamel paint are as follows:

    1. The surface needs to be laid with cement-based primer before applying synthetic enamel paint.

    2. You should never use synthetic enamel paint for bitumen surfaces. The oil in synthetic enamel paint reacts with bitumen.

    3. Plaster of Paris or putty should be dry before you apply the paint. Using Plaster of Paris, a little bit of roughness on the surface can help the paint stick better.

    4. Apply synthetic enamel paint after six months of plastering a surface.

    5. Blistered old paint should be removed before applying synthetic enamel paint on a surface.

  3. To Conclude:

    Synthetic enamel paint is available in containers, and you can apply the paint without having to dilute it. If you want a lasting finish for your wall paint, use Nerolac Synthetic Hi-gloss Enamel paint from Nerolac, which is a time tested and proven, high quality hi-gloss enamel paint from Nerolac.

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Where Can I Use Synthetic Enamel Paint?

Synthetic enamel paint can be used on various surfaces, including wood, steel and cement walls.

How to Apply Synthetic Enamel Paint?

Before applying synthetic enamel paint, the surface needs to be prepared. After that, use painting brushes to evenly apply synthetic enamel paint on the surfaces.

How Do You Thin Synthetic Enamel Paint?

White spirits or mineral spirits can be used to thin synthetic enamel paint. You can also get various commercial synthetic enamel paint thinners in the market.

Can You Spray Synthetic Enamel Paint?

Synthetic enamel paint can provide a glossy finish if applied properly from a spray gun.

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