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What is Distemper Paint? Distemper Colour Benefits & Uses

  1. Distemper Paint

    Like everything in the world, paints have also been discovered and existed from a certain period. Distemper paint is one of the oldest and most popular decorative paints, and is also utilized as a historic medium for making paintings. It is the most ancient kind of paint to have ever existed from the initial stage of house painting.

    Now that you know what distemper paint is, you might still have questions on your mind like how to use distemper paint, what are the types, and many more. You are just in the right place as we have everything covered for you. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding distemper paint. Let’s get started.

  2. Distemper Paint or Cement Paint – What does it Contain?

    Although distemper paint is quite popular, many do not know that it is also known as cement paint. In the early days, people used to paint everywhere with white colour. It is similar to whitewash, and distemper paint contains chalk, pigment and water and added to it is adhesive of casein or animal-based glue-like substance like eggs.

    These adhesives are added to the mixture so that the paint can properly bind together, thereby increasing the durability of the paint.

  3. Distemper Paint – Where Can it Be Used?

    Are you wondering what distemper paint is used for? Distemper paints are typically used for the interiors of households, offices, institutions, and many more. The composition of distemper paint is such that it possesses an indoor pigment that can stay on perfect for an exceptionally long time. Distemper paint colour has been used for a significantly long time, right from the ancient past. People used to paint houses and other interior decors with this colour.

    Distemper colour did not possess the power of water resistance for a long time, so earlier, people used it to paint the interiors or inner walls. Thus, we can conclude that distemper colours are the magnificent and timeless paint for the interiors.

  4. Distemper Paint – Types of Distemper Colour Paint

    At least two distinct types of distemper paint are found on the shelves. They are - Synthetic Paint and Acrylic Paint. Other than these two, various distemper paints possess different finishes and alter shelf life. These paints provide seamless glaze and exceptional longevity.

    Like all other paints, distemper paints come with a wide range of colour options in the present day. The acrylic distemper colour paint is the finest of all as it provides various kinds of liquid-based finishes for the interior walls. Among the distemper paints, the acrylic option provides a shiny finish with perfect gloss and a smooth texture.

  5. How to Apply Distemper Paint on Walls – Guide to Use Distemper Colour

    If you are thinking of painting the interiors of your residence, you must be wondering how to use distemper paint on walls. It is extremely easy. To apply distemper colour all you need to do is follow certain steps before you start applying distemper paint to your walls. Let’s get you started.

    1. Mix the whiting thoroughly with clear water and keep it aside for some time.

    2. Prepare the glue. Some distemper paints come with a glue-base. Just in case, you are not using one of them, you can mix a water-based adhesive to the paint.

    3. Heat the glue until and unless it gains a soupy consistency.

    4. Mix the whiting with glue after your glue is prepared.

    5. Colour the mixture with tints as per your choice.

    6. Filter wall distemper paint once colour is ready. You must colour through fine muslin.

    7. Once filtered, your colour is ready to be applied to the walls. You can now apply the colour to your walls, ceilings and places where you want. Your house is now shining and as good as new.

  6. Know More About Distemper Colour Paints

    The composition of distemper colour is such that it can circulate air, thereby letting humidity pass through it. Various oil paints react with the plaster on the walls. But on the other hand, wall distemper paint allows the pigment to sink in the primers without paving the way for any reactions with the wall.

    If you are looking to find the best distemper paint in India, you can always choose Beauty Acrylic Distemper – the premium acrylic distemper paint from Nerolac, which has been intricately designed to be used on the walls and ceilings of homes.

  7. To Conclude

    Now that you know what is distemper colour and its uses for your rooms & walls, you are all good to go. Whenever you plan to paint your interiors, choose distemper paint over any other paint, and it will last for an exceptionally longer time than you can ever imagine.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.


Can I apply distemper paint on the outer walls?
Distemper paint is not water-resistant, and it is best not to apply it on the outside walls.
How many variations are there of distemper paints?
There are two variations of distemper paints - Acrylic Paint and Synthetic Paint.
Does distemper colour take time to dry?
No, distemper colour paint has efficiency of drying quickly. The average time for drying is about 4 to 6 hours.
Is distemper colour washable?
Well, the precise answer would be distemper paint is not fully washable. When it gets wet, it peels off quickly.
Can you use distemper paint outside?
Distemper paints are appropriate for both the exterior as well as interior walls. It is also known as cement paint and can be directly applied without using a primer.
Can I paint over distemper?
Well, painting over distemper colour is certainly one of the most difficult tasks, as there is always a possibility of the new paints getting peeled off.
Can wallpaper be applied on distemper?
It is better not to apply wallpaper over distemper. Since distemper has glue, chalk, and water as its main components, there’s always a tendency to drift away from its surface. As a result, there might be a chance that your wallpaper will peel off.
Is distemper breathable paint?
Yes, distemper colour paint can be regarded as a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and breathable paint.

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