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What is weatherproof paint?

What is weatherproof paint?

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What is Weatherproof paint?

Weatherproof paint is a paint which can withstand climatic changes and weather factors like sunlight, heat, rain, summer and winter seasons. As the weather is constantly changing, it can have a big effect on your paint job.

Your paint can be worn down by the sun's UV rays, or it could peel from the side that always faces the wind. You may even need to repaint after a storm has ravaged your exterior property. Fortunately, there are paints designed specifically for weather protection that stands the test of time!

One great option is weather resistant paint made with acrylics and siloxanes that seals cracks in concrete surfaces as well as penetrates through layers of metal oxides to provide years of long lasting beauty and weatherproofing protection against rust and corrosion.

Benefits of weatherproof paint

There are many benefits to using weatherproof or weather resistant paint for your next exterior painting project.

  1. Prevents weather damage such as fading, peeling, and rusting:

    One of the main benefits of weatherproof paint is that it helps to prevent your home from weathering damage. This type of paint is formulated to protect your exterior from fading, peeling, and rusting caused by rain, wind, sun, and other elements. However, please note that a weather protection paint doesn't necessarily mean it is also waterproof. Some weatherproof paints are not waterproof. It depends on the paint manufacturer.

  2. Maintains colour:

    Weatherproof paints also help maintain the original colour of your home's exterior over time. The paint will not fade or chip as easily, so you don't have to worry about a drastic change in appearance over the years.

  3. Saves money in the long run:

    In addition to preventing damage to your home, using weatherproof paint can save you money in the long run. You won't have to spend as much on repairs or replacements due to weather-related damage.

  4. Weatherproof paints are available in either acrylic or silicone-based formulas:

    Weatherproof paint is also commonly referred to as weather resistant paint and comes in both an acrylic and a silicone-base formula that provides the best protection against sun, wind, water and other elements that can cause your exterior surface to fade, crack, peel or rust over time.

  5. Easy to apply:

    Thanks to the easy-to-apply formula, weatherproof paint is perfect for homeowners who want a DIY exterior project that can be completed in just one weekend. Moreover, this paint can be used on a variety of surfaces.

  6. Dries quickly for a quick turnaround time:

    The weatherproof paint formula dries quickly, so you won't have to wait long before starting the next step of your exterior painting project.

  7. Non-toxic:

    Weather proof or weather resistant paint is also non-toxic and will not emit noxious fumes if applied indoors with proper ventilation. This means homeowners who prefer a do it yourself approach can complete their entire exterior painting project without worrying about harming themselves or others in the home.

  8. Comes in a variety of colours to choose from:

    Weatherproof paint also comes in a variety of colours, so you can choose the perfect shade to match your home's exterior.

If you are looking for quality weatherproof piant or weather resistant paint to protect your home's exterior, be sure to check out Nerolac Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen luxury exterior emulsion paint.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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Why do changes in weather impact your exterior walls?

Changes in weather can often impact your exterior walls. The most common weather-related damages that can occur are fading, peeling, and rusting. Fading is when the paint on your walls starts to lose its original colour over time. Peeling happens when the paint starts to chip or flake off the wall. Rusting is a type of corrosion that affects metal surfaces, causing them to turn red or orange as a result of oxidation. All three of these damages can be prevented by using weatherproof or weather resistant paint for your exterior painting project. This type of paint is formulated to protect your home from the elements and enhance the protection, longevity, durability, toughness, and strength.

What are the elements, substances or items which lead to wear and tear of exterior walls most?

Wear and tear of your exterior walls can be caused by a lot of elements. Sun's direct light, dust, high humidity, pollution, acid rain, salt spray are the most common causes of weather damage. They can cause fading, peeling and formation of mould on your exterior walls.

Which is the best weatherproof exterior paint?

Nerolac Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen is a luxury exterior emulsion paint with high sheen and elasticity that offers weather protection along with trust and strength – so that your “Home Stays Beautiful for Long”. It is available in various shades to choose from, making it easier for you to find the perfect colour for your home's exterior. Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen can protect the exteriors of your home, irrespective of the region you live in. Whether it is hot, humid, cold, or rainy most of the time, this weatherproof paint can increase the life expectancy of walls. It can protect your home from direct sunlight, rain or any other natural element that could cause damage to your walls over time.

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