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 4 Shades of Pink that will Give a Dynamic look to Your Home

4 Shades of Pink that will Give a Dynamic look to Your Home

One of the biggest home myths - pink colour bedrooms and living rooms are meant for young girls. If it were in our hands, we would paint the whole house pink. And not with just one pink colour shade; we'd pick some amazing and unusual tones from our pink colour palette. You, too, can play around with shades of pink and redefine the look of your home.

1. Ruby Rouge

Ruby Rouge There's something magic about this pink colour shade, and we couldn't help it but place this one on the top of our list. No matter which finish you choose for your home walls, the awesome thing about pink tinges like Flamingoes (4131) and Burnt Umbers (4576) is that they naturally give this pretty velvety look. These shades are perfect for pink wall colour combination with whites or pastels other than pinks. Depending on how much pink you can handle, you can paint your entire room ruby pink or limit it to an accent wall.

2. Barely There

Barely There When talking about pink colour walls, how can we miss out on the subtle tones? All you lovers of sophisticated and clean home decor, try muted and pastel hues of pink wall paint. Right from barely-there shades of pinks close to white to vibrant pastels that are clearly visible, you can pick any colour from the pink colour palette. These light shades provide the best backdrop for all kinds of bedroom and living room themes. All you have to do is pick the right complements for a perfectly balanced pink colour room.

3. Flaming Unusuals

Flaming Unusuals Coming back to rocking dark shades of the pink wall colour, here's a list of pink colour shades with strong red undertones. Why always pick those usual pink colour walls when you can try something new, something unusual? Tones like Salsa Pink (4124) and Dried Clove (2182) have a reddish tinge to them, and these will look amazing on your home walls when you pair them with whites and off-whites. Keep wall art, accessories, and decorative elements to a minimum in this room because the pink wall colours are enough to decorate your space.

4. Coral

Coral Did you know that you get some of the best coral shades when you combine pretty pink and happy orange? Pink with a dash of orange looks rich, modern, and elegant. And the best part is that you can choose your favourite shade of coral from the series of light to dark. Paint your space with just pink coral, and your room will be a beauty in itself. But if you wish to accessorise your room a bit, go for wooden furniture and metallic accessories for a charming space. So you see, there's at least one shade of pink for all kinds of homes. It's up to you what kind of theme and decor you wish to set in your home. Or you can simply get our master painters to help you. They'll talk to you, understand your expectations, inspect your house, and suggest the best home colours.

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April 5, 2021

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