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Involve Your Kids and Decorate Your Children's Room This Festive Season with These 5 Décor Ideas

Involve Your Kids and Decorate Your Children's Room This Festive Season with These 5 Décor Ideas


Kids are curious; they are excited, especially when it comes to redesigning their rooms. No matter what kids room wall painting ideas and decoration visions you pick, it is always better to go by what your kids like. And when you combine the idea of decorating their room with festival feels, the excitement touches the sky. So use all the happiness and excitement in the air to change the look of your young one’s room.

  1. Light It Up Pretty

    Light It Up Pretty

    There's one thing that can instantly beautify the space and change the look of your child's bedroom - pretty lights. Those fairy lights with tiny little bulbs are the ultimate game-changers your kids will love, no matter what kind of little humans they are or superheroes they love. Simple fairy lights or those star- or tree-shaped ones work perfectly for kids of all ages and tastes. All you (and your kid) have to do is pick the right spots to put up the lights. Lining the bed headboard and windows is the simplest way to light up the room. Rest of the decoration can then fall in place!

  2. That Merry Tree

    That Merry Tree Christmas is around the corner, and your kids are surely excited for the same. So why not get inspired by the merry festivity and rework on their room to match the Christmas vibes? Put up green, white, and red-coloured decorations in various corners of their room. If you are planning to paint your home, this is the perfect time to experiment with a Christmas colour combination for kids room with shades of green, red, and white. Pick classic Christmas kids room colours like our Adventure (2189) or Green Ginnie (2546) and pair them with a white accent wall, ceiling, and door elements. And not to forget, place a Christmas tree in their room - big or small - and ask for their help to decorate the same.

  3. Planting Freshness

    Planting Freshness A lot of kids love the idea of sowing a seed and seeing it grow into a plant. If your kid is one of them, turning their bedroom into a living space of plants and climbers would be a great idea this festive season. No matter what children's room colour scheme you have, plants create a lovely decor idea with all types of walls. Make the most of their helping hands, get some of the best indoor plants, and get started. Place potted plants, succulents, hanging planters, and even a bonsai to add the freshness of real plants. Isn't this an amazing change to the room before the new year starts?

  4. Snowy Feels Inside

    Snowy Feels Inside What looks like a dreamy December? Well, a lot of things, but we are talking about snow. You cannot actually bring snow to their bedroom to add a little more playfulness to their lives, unless you live in the North and Northeast India. But you can definitely create the feel. Ask your young ones to make several snowflake-shaped danglers out of white and sparkly papers. Hang these danglers all over the ceiling and create a dreamy snowfall-like feel in your child’s room. Pair these danglers with snowflake-shaped lights to dimly light the room when it gets dark outside. If you think it won’t be a mess, get a fake snowflake machine that sprays out snowflakes from time to time. It will be a perfect way to create the snow-clad mountain landscape in your lil one's room. We are feeling excited already!

  5. Camping Inside the Bedroom

    Camping Inside the Bedroom Did you know that you can add a dash of privacy and an additional living space inside your kid's bedroom? All you need is ample space to place this new addition and the right kind of tent. Yes, TENT! Look up online, and you will find several tents that fit in the dimensions of your child's room. Place them smartly and let your kid fill it with their living essentials, toys, and books. Don't forget to ask them to decorate their new den a bit with lights and danglers. What’s more? Discuss with your kids, explore their creativity, decide if all of that is doable, and then go ahead and pick some of the best decor ideas for that special room in your house. A kid’s mind is the warehouse of fantastic ideas, so make sure you use it in the best possible way.

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