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5 Trending Wall Colours to Look Out in This Winter

5 Trending Wall Colours to Look Out in This Winter

Winter is the season of many flavours. For some, it is all about festivity and celebrations, and for others, it is cosy nights, funny movies, and fuzzy blankets. (And there are some who despise winters, too!) This is a great time to re-paint your home and welcome the winter with apt wall paint colours. So, set the mood for the coming season with these fabulous wall painting ideas.

1. Splash of Cool

Splash of Cool

Winter is going to be cold, so why not have the mood of your house match the breeze of winter? You can get a feel of winter in your home with these cool tones like the Pinnacle of Kashmir (4312) or Swiss Alps (4313). If it gets a little too muted, add a dash of dark contrast to the environment by playing around with skirtings, mouldings, and doors and windows. Oh, and these wall paints for home work best with walnut or cherry wood furniture.

2. Touch of the Dark Side

Touch of the Dark Side

If you enjoy the darker side of things, winter is definitely your season! The nights are cold and long, and the days are breezy yet short. For you, there are the darker shades of grey like Gloomy Sky (2979), Dark Moss (2931), Lava Stone (2924), or Black Hills (2952). Dark shades work best if you have broad and high walls, maple floors, big windows, and metallic furniture. Also, dark shades look quite sophisticated.

3. Comfort of Neutral Tones

Comfort of Neutral Tones

Imagine sitting by the fireplace, reading a classic novel, and drinking aged wine. If you love this image, you should choose neutral tones like beiges and light peaches that offer comfort, unlike any other. Plus, neutral tones are elegant! You can choose Tender Touch (2106) or Paper Moon (2029) as wall paint for your home, as they offer the perfect blend of simplicity and colourful pop to your home walls. These work best with Scandinavian interiors, making your house feel like a posh winter space.

4. Nostalgia of Rustic Pastels

Nostalgia of Rustic Pastels

Winter takes people back to childhood, where they spent days in the countryside waking up to mist and smell of nature. If you are one of those people, you should go with our rustic range of colours, including Tonic and Lime (2591), Springy Green (4425), or Daisy Chain (2018). Dress up your walls with these colours to give your home a rustic, forest-like feel, and pair them with contrasting pastel or brown upholstery to bring out some traditional flavour.

5. Passion of Festivities

Passion of Festivities

You can’t talk about winter without mentioning two of our country’s favourite festivals—Diwali and Christmas. After all, winters in India are all about festivities! So, choose something like our Adventure (2189), Kokam Red (4108), or Zaffran (4117) shades. These festive shades are poppy and cheerful, reflecting the festive passion of winter. Pair these colours with traditional furniture and stark ceilings for the most appeal. Your guests will definitely love it!

A new season calls for a new home makeover. What are you waiting for? Connect with our master painters and make your walls reflect the mood of winter in your home. Whether you want to make your home look rustic, minimal, or cosy, we have the right wall paint colours for you.

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