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 7 Home Paint Colours for Homes with Less Natural Light

7 Home Paint Colours for Homes with Less Natural Light

If you have a room in your house that receives less natural light, you need to be careful with the paint colors you choose for your space. A wrong pick can lead to an even darker-looking room. And with a dark room comes gloominess and the perception of a space smaller than it actually is. We have listed our favourite home colours ideal to create the impression of having more light and space in your dimly-lit homes, and no, white isn't one of them (because home walls in all white can only contribute to making it feel bland and uninspiring)!

1. Muted Lavender

Muted Lavender Opting for home paint colours with a bit of posh and playful take on purple is nothing but the best choice to light up dull rooms. Lavenders have a wide range of shades that work well, from barely-there tints to pale indigos - a home colour for every mood, every taste. The backdrop goes perfectly with silver accessories and ornaments in your house to light up the space even more.

2. Plush Pink

Plush Pink Considering the kind of colour it is, pink can instantly brighten up the space as well as your mood. Ditch getting overwhelmed and pick a cheerful but subtle tone of pink home colour like our Bonbon Pink (4129). For better reflection of light, you can add an accent wall painted with almost-whites and other light home paint colours. Decorate the space with neutral or ivory elements, and your home won't look anything less than a dream.

3. Reminiscing Grey

Reminiscing Grey All the shades of grey wall paint look appealing for home interiors. But when it comes to a low-light room that feels smaller and more confining, home paint colours like Chinchilla Fur (2948) and Elegant Gray (4531) are just apt. Chalk the interiors with this home colour and see how every corner of your room illuminates.

4. Juicy Yellow

Juicy Yellow This poppy colour never fails to disappoint! No matter how less the light is in a specific room, yellows can brighten up the space. From chalky yellows to a bright, sunny yellow, this citrusy home colour can bring excitement to your home in countless ways. All you have to do is pick your favourite tone of yellow home paint colour. Don't forget to pair up the yellow walls with white flooring and ceiling for maximum light reflection.

5. Powdery Blue

Powdery Blue This timeless wall colour shades makes us feel like we’re floating on a cloud in the sunny sky. Bring the accents of clear skies to your home walls by dressing up your home walls with Arctic Ice (2395). Pair the walls with crisp white detailings of accessories and upholstery for stunning ambience. If too much pastel and muted setting isn't your thing, place vibrant cushions, showpieces, and lamps to add a dash of vividness.

6. Pastel Apricot

Pastel Apricot When talking about colours that can amplify the effect of less light, you can't miss out on the marvellous shade of orange. Add a little warmth to your home interiors with pastel orange, and team it up with white detailings. Your room will glow radiantly when lit by lamps, candlelight, or even sunlight from a small window. And if you want your home to look sleek and rustic, you can place deep-toned wooden furniture kept at the corners of your room. After all, empty spaces are vital for dimly-lit rooms.

7. Radiating Beige

Radiating Beige Let richness overpower the darkness of the parts of your home that hardly receive any natural light. Pull off the most classic home colour tinge of beige, something like our Knitted Glove (4481), to add more light to your home. One big reason for the popularity of beige is that it works equally well in both sun-bathed and sun-deprived spaces. So don't refrain from experimenting with this home colour and some golden or white highlights. Lighting up dark and drab spaces was never so effortless. The secret was always hidden in selecting the right home colours. For best results to illuminate your home interiors, pick our Impressions Ultra HD or Impressions 24 Carat range for immense sheen. Your home walls will dazzle up like never before!

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