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 Complete Guide on How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture of Your Home

Complete Guide on How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture of Your Home

Indians have always preferred having wooden furniture in their homes. We prefer wooden items over other alternatives, from wooden tables and chairs to sofa sets to even doors and windows. And why not? After all, wooden furniture is robust, adds a classic character to Indian homes, and survives for several years. Although they survive for decades compared to other furniture materials, they do require proper upkeep and care. If you let your wooden furniture pieces be, they will lose their richness over time and may also become inefficient if pests start attacking them. Moisture, mould, fungus, termites, pests, and other factors may affect wooden furniture’s look and durability. So how do we keep damages at bay? Just follow these tips from time to time, and your wooden furniture will look new-like most of the time.

Clean Them Right

Clean Them Right Airborne particles can build a filmy layer on wood that scratches the surface. And not to forget, the unpleasant layer of dust that settles and spoils everything. Frequent dusting keeps this buildup from happening. Use a microfiber or soft cotton cloth to dust wood furniture daily without damaging the wood polish. Sometimes dusting isn’t enough, and you’ll find it necessary to clean your wood furniture. Never use all-purpose cleaners, which can damage wood furniture and the finish. Dilute a mild dish detergent, dip a soft cloth, and quickly but gently clean surfaces. Then, dry surfaces with a tissue or dry cloth to avoid any chemical reaction or wet stains.

See What You Put on Them

See What You Put on Them Wooden furniture and surfaces may be sturdy, but they are delicate at the same time. You should think twice before putting literally anything on them. The first one on the list of things you should keep away is any sharp object. Sharp points and edges of anything can engrave the toughest of marks on your wooden furniture. Dust and dirt can settle in these crevices and ruin the look of your wooden favourites. Other big NO-NOs are extremely hot and cold objects. Regular and long exposure to hot or cold items can leave an impression that may distort the surface’s original texture.

Add a Layer of Protection

Add a Layer of Protection You should also ensure that you coat your wooden furniture and other elements with a wood coating that protects them in several ways. The best wood polish coating you can give to your wooden furniture is Nerolac's Wonderwood Gloria. Wonderwood Gloria adds a tough layer of scratch and stain resistance to your furniture pieces, making them resistant to most shocks and damages on the outside. The wood paint prevents any damage due to moisture, rain, tannins, or pests and adds to wooden pieces’ durability. Along with providing protection, the wood coating looks super-premium and adds a dash of gloss to the surfaces. And thanks to this product, you won't have to apply oil or wax to your furniture regularly, which may increase the chances of damaging furniture.

Sunproof Your Furniture

Sunproof Your Furniture Place your home furniture pieces smartly so that they aren't exposed to the sunlight all the time. Prolonged exposure to the sun results in a phenomenon called ‘spotting,’ where bright and dark spots appear across the cross-section. But if you can't do much about moving your wooden favourites, try to protect them. Put a table cloth and cover on wooden tables, chairs, and sofas. And for other surfaces, coat them with Wonderwood Gloria. It comes with excellent UV protection that prevents damage caused due to sunlight. With these tips you can ensure your wooden furniture survives for many more years to come without any flaws, be extra careful around them and take care of it just like your favourite plant. Your wooden furniture pieces will keep loving you back for decades.

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