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 Dining Room Colours to Dazzle Your Dinner Guests

Dining Room Colours to Dazzle Your Dinner Guests

‘Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof’. - Nate Berkus We all love entertaining our dinner guests, with splendid meals and table talk. However, did you know the walls of your dining space are too dull and bare, they can be all it takes to ruin a perfectly good evening? Iinterior décor experts suggest that wall paint colours influence the mood and personalities of the occupants of a room. If the paint colours on the living room walls are dull and uninviting, the most exciting conversations and delicious meals may seem unattractive and uninteresting. So, how do you mesmerise your dining guest and set the right mood in the living room? Understanding the psychology and effect of the chosen paint colour on the ambience of a room can help select the best

paint colours for living room walls .

Try from our suggestion of eye-catching paint colours for living room walls, to make a visual impact and impress your guests:

Golden Touch

Just like an ornament attracts the eyes, a warm and radiant golden hues, are perfect paint colours for living room walls. Dull Gold can create an inviting atmosphere in your dining room as it radiates happiness and positivity, striking the perfect balance between classy and cosy. Our advice, use gold over the feature wall to fill your room with warmth, or combine dull gold hues with bold shades of yellow and orange, to create a sharp contrast.

Texture paint designs for the living room

in striking metallic hues also can help make an eye-catching focal wall.

Warm Welcoming Hues

You can easily create a warm and welcoming ambience in your dining room by picking colours from the warm end of the colour spectrum. Warm shades such as Pink, Orange, Yellow, or Red intensify the effect of light in the room. When used in combination with neutral colours, create an intimate and warm atmosphere in the living room while still evoking a serene environment.

Berries Blend

What better than sumptuous shades of berries, such as shades of purple and deep red to add a delicious and romantic feel to a living space. Deep and rich tones of berries are modern and together create a dining room that is grand and filled with opulence. Use a vibrant shade of purple, such as mulberry accents, over the focal wall to create a strikingly luxurious dining room that radiates luxury and style. Many people love the elegance of white paint in a traditional dining room. However, a touch of chalky, muted pastels like Violet and Lilac, can add beauty, and interest to the all-white home décor. A combination of white walls, pastel accents and vintage furniture, with well-chosen accessories and floral upholstery, exude a peaceful and soft feel to the living space.

Stripes and Bold Hues

If you are looking for playful living room paint ideas, especially for an open-plan dining room, stripes and bold hues are a promising no-fail. Painting the entire living space with one bright and captivating colour and accentuate your dining space with horizontal or vertical stripes, for a playful and unique feel. Not only does this help define the room, but the contrasting colours also add a sense of fun and playfulness to the dining room space.

Energetic Tangerine

For those of you who use your dining room frequently for dinner parties, a colour scheme that fits each occasion and yet captivates the audience each time is a must. Vibrant orange hues on the focal wall, uplift the mood and energise your living room without an overpowering effect. Don’t let dull walls dampen your spirits and conversations! Try our creative living room paint ideas to add interest and drama to your dining room walls that you will be delighted to show off to your dinner guests.

Next Steps?

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