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How to Permanently Repair cracks in Walls Before The Rainy Season?

How to Permanently Repair cracks in Walls Before The Rainy Season?

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Wall cracks are the quickest way to tell the age of your home. The main reason for the appearance of cracks in your walls is not using the right materials with your cement or concrete while applying it in the initial stages. Such low quality material is quick to deteriorate in quality and create rapidly unpleasant looking defects in your otherwise perfect home. In this blog we will explore all there is to know about wall cracks and curate a well-informed blog to help you out no matter how varied the situation.

1. Introduction

Wall cracks are a common foe for many homeowners especially in India. Wall cracks are usually elongated gaps in walls that are unnatural. Smaller cracks can occur due to many reasons but bigger cracks usually are telltale indicators for serious structural damage. In this blog, our team of experts will dive into the various details of wall cracks, cracked wall repairs, how to use cracked wall repairs like crack seal or crack filler while also creating an informative guide on how homeowners should ideally proceed after the occurrence of wall cracks.

2. What Are The Types of Cracks In The Wall?

There are various types of wall cracks that indicate the reasons for their occurrence. Usually each type of wall crack will have a minor common cause.

  1. Hairline Cracks

    As the name suggests Hairline Cracks are usually a minor concern and do not normally have an underlying growing problem. Hairline cracks can be easily repaired with quick cracked wall repairs like wall crack sealer or wall crack filler. These cracks are not something that is considered serious unless drastic change appears in them.

    what are the types of cracks in the wall
  2. Vertical Cracks

    Often caused by minor temperature changes or settling, these cracks run all the way down your wall, usually around edges. These cracks are not very concerning unless they display other concerning signs. Vertical cracks are easily repaired by crack filler or crack seal.

    hairline cracks
  3. Horizontal Cracks

    Horizontal Cracks are usually more of a concern as they pinpoint at structural damages that can be slightly worrying. These cracks are temporarily fixed by wall filler or crack seal until professional help can be applied.

    Vertical Cracks
  4. Settlement Cracks

    These types of cracked walls appear usually because the foundation of the construction has settled unevenly. They can act as telltale symptoms of serious structural and foundational problems and should be examined by professionals.

    Horizontal Cracks
  5. Structural Cracks

    These cracks seem pretty serious and could mean there are some real problems with the structure. They can show up in different ways, like a bunch of cracks crossing each other, big gaps, or even parts of the building sticking out. When you see cracks like these, it's a good idea to get help from someone who knows what they're doing, like an expert in buildings. They can check how bad things are and figure out the best way to fix them. It's important to act quickly so things don't get worse.

    Settlement Cracks

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3. Reasons For Cracks In Walls

There are various reasons why cracks occur in walls. Some may be concerning while others are not. The following are the most common reasons for cracked walls.

  1. Your Home Is New

    If the home is new or the construction is new, it is normal for cracks to appear as the home settles into its foundation. This is one of the mildly concerning reasons for the appearance of cracks in your home. Cracked wall repairs can be easily accessed and used by homeowners until professional help arrives.

    reasons for cracks in walls
  2. Your Home Is Old

    As your home ages it is but natural for its original quality to diminish. Over the course of time, along with wear and tear, cracked walls appear as a sign of ageing. Wall crack filler or wall crack seal can easily be a temporary fix for cracked walls in an old home.

    your home is new
  3. Water Damage

    Water damage is a tale as old as time. It is the oldest foe of any homeowner. Cracked walls can appear due to water damage as the quality of materials deteriorates over time due to undue exposure. Luckily such damage can be fixed with easy to use and accessible cracked wall repairs.

    your home is old
  4. Construction Work In Neighbouring Homes

    The impact of heavy construction near your property can also cause cracks to appear in your walls. These are a result of tremors and impacts that are due to construction work and can be fixed using crack seal or crack filler along with some professional assistance.

    Water Damage

4. Factors To Consider When Repairing Cracks In Walls

While we may as homeowners want to get rid of cracks as soon as possible, there are certain factors we must consider before we get into the process of repairing cracked walls. Our experts have listed a few major factors to consider before you begin the repair.

  1. The Kind Of Damage

    Oftentimes we may mistake certain minor imperfections as problems. Now minor defects are very common in homes; however, it is important to note that the kinds of cracks determine the course of repair. For example, minor cracks can be easily patched by homeowners themselves by using cracked wall repairs like wall crack fillers or wall crack sealers.

    factors to consider when repairing cracks in walls
  2. The Severity Of The Damage

    Like in all cases of damage or loss, the repair depends upon the extent of the loss. For minor problems, like small cracks, homeowners can find DIY Kits that will help them easily fix their cracked walls with crack seal or crack filler. However, a more serious problem like a structural crack is better to be assessed by a professional and repaired accordingly.

    the kind of damage
  3. Associated Symptoms

    Pay attention to any additional indications or symptoms that come along with the cracks. For instance, gaps between walls and ceilings, uneven flooring, or doors or windows that no longer close securely could all be signs of more serious structural problems. Such signs, in addition to cracks, should be viewed seriously and trigger additional research. If your home is facing serious structural damage, it is ideal to immediately seek professional help.

    the severity of the damage

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Step by Step Guide on How to Repair the Cracks in Your Walls

There comes a moment in every homeowner’s journey, where a DIY Project lies ahead. To ensure that you can easily and seamlessly ensure the success of your at-home repair for cracked walls, our experts have created a Step-By-Step Guide to cracked wall repairs.

  1. Step One: Widen The Crack

    The first step to repairing wall cracks in your home is to locate and then widen the crack. Crack seal repairs require a significant gap to begin the repair process. This makes the wall crack filler repair easier than ever and simultaneously ensures that the repair remains seamless.

    step by step guide on how to repair the cracks in your walls
  2. Step Two: Clean The Crack

    The second step to seamless crack repair is cleaning. A clean space ensured that the repair seal or filler sticks to the surface properly. Oftentimes it so happens that when we try to repair a crack at home, we fail to clean it adequately and that causes the remaining debris to stick to the seal and leave room for air making it not airtight, which will eventually lead to the crack resurfacing.

    step one widen the crack
  3. Step Three: Fill The Crack

    The third and perhaps most important step to repairing a wall crack is to fill the prepped crack. Now you can choose to fill the crack with seal or filler, either way, once the crack is filled, these crack seal or crack filler products will close the gap.

    step two clean the crack
  4. Step Four: Sanding The Surface

    Once the crack seal or crack filler has rested, it is time to execute the fourth step, which is to sand the surface for a seamless look. Once you finish sanding the surface, it will be as good as new.

    step three fill the crack
  5. Step Five: Painting

    The final step to flawless wall crack repair is to paint over the surface after sanding. The paint will give your repair the perfect finishing touch. Once painted, your surface will appear to have never cracked at all. Cracked wall repair with the use of crack seal or crack filler is the ideal way to ensure a perfect repair.

    step four sanding the surface

6. Products and tools required for Wall Crack Repair

No at home DIY Project begins without a list of materials required to successfully execute that project. Cracked wall repairs are no different. Our experts have curated a list of easily accessible materials required to pull off a cracked wall repair.

  1. Putty Knife

    A putty knife is the tool you will use to widen the crack in the wall. These are easily available at pocket friendly rates at any hardware store.

    products and tools required for wall crack repair
  2. Cleaning Materials

    These will be used before the application of crack seal or crack filler compounds. The use of these tools will ensure that no gaps remain and a seamless cracked wall repair can be made possible.

    Putty Knife
  3. Wall Seal or Wall Filler

    The most important material in this list is the wall crack seal or wall crack filler. This product will close the gap caused by the crack and in some cases even delay or reduce the cost of cracked wall repairs when the time for renovation arrives.

    Cleaning Materials
  4. Sand Paper

    Sandpaper is the tool that is used once your seal or filler has set in and rested. One of the most easily accessible materials on your list, sand paper will create the perfect finish to your newly repaired cracked wall.

    wall seal or wall filler
  5. Paint

    Paint in this DIY project is the garnish on top of the dish. This is to make sure your surface looks previously unharmed and can be found anywhere.


7. Preparing for the Wall Crack Repair

There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for a wall crack repair. Here’s what to do:

Remove any furniture and other objects of décor from the room, then lay a sheet on the cracked wall. To ensure that the wall crack filler or concrete crack filler can be easily applied and is the finest solution for securing concrete cracks, gently open up the cracks using the proper tools and equipment. To be ready for filling cracks, spray water and sweep away debris from the surface.

8. Repairs for Hairline Cracks

Repairing hairline wall cracks is essential to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your living space. These delicate cracks can be effectively addressed using specialised solutions like wall crack seal and wall crack filler. Wall crack sealants work by creating a flexible barrier that prevents moisture infiltration and further expansion of the crack. On the other hand, wall crack fillers are designed to seamlessly bridge the gap, restoring the wall's smooth surface. By employing these targeted products, you can ensure a long-lasting and visually pleasing outcome, preventing the minor cracks from escalating into more significant issues. Regular inspection and timely application of these remedies can help you safeguard your walls and preserve the overall quality of your living environment.

9.Repairs for Structural Cracks

It is crucial to fix structural wall cracks if you want to keep your building stable and secure. It's vital to take into account adopting cutting-edge solutions like wall crack seal and wall crack filler when dealing with such cracks. Wall crack sealants are designed to build a strong barrier that stops moisture infiltration and restricts crack growth, so averting further damage. Additionally, wall crack fillers are made specifically to span and reinforce the crack and restore the wall's structural integrity. You may successfully reduce the risk posed by structural cracks and ensure the longevity of your home by adding these specialised materials into your restoration approach. Prompt and adequate action will not only stop aggravation but also ensure long-term success.

10. Finishing Touches on Wall Crack Repairs

A number of crucial finishing touches are required to complete the cracked wall repair process, which improves the restoration's efficacy and aesthetic appeal. It's time to concentrate on the finer points after the crack seal and crack filler have been applied to address the structural issues. Professionally placed wall crack filler ensures a clean and seamless surface while also strengthening the vulnerable area. This careful filler application completely hides any obvious indications of the repair, giving the wall a brand-new appearance. The crack sealer also serves as a shield, keeping moisture out and limiting further damage. The crack sealer and filler work in tandem to provide a sturdy and long-lasting solution. Once the crack seal and crack filler have been applied to address the structural concerns, it's time to focus on the finer details.

  1. Surface Smoothing:

    Ensuring the surface of the repaired area is flawlessly smooth is a crucial finishing touch. Professionals employ methods to conceal any signs of the repair by smoothly blending the crack filler with the adjacent wall. To produce a faultless finish, this stage needs a competent hand and an attentive eye for detail.

    finishing touches on wall crack repairs
  2. Paint Matching:

    Painting the repaired area to match the rest of the wall may be necessary once the crack has been closed and sealed. To ensure that the repaired area merges in perfectly with the surrounding surface, experts can expertly match the paint colour and texture. To achieve a professional appearance, it is essential to use this paint matching method.

    Surface Smoothing
  3. Texture Matching:

    The wall may occasionally have a particular texture that needs to be recreated after the repair. In order to prevent the repaired area from standing out from the rest of the wall, skilled experts can reproduce the previous texture, whether it was a smooth finish or a textured pattern.

  4. Final Inspection :

    Before declaring the repair finished, a careful inspection is done to make sure that every repair has been done perfectly. Checking for any flaws, unevenness, or discrepancies that might have gone unnoticed during the restoration process is the goal of this stage.

    Texture Matching

11. Different Techniques Used for Crack Repairs

There are several methods of concrete crack repair such as epoxy injection, routing and sealing, grouting, stitching, drilling and plugging, and gravity filling of cracks in concrete.

A variety of techniques are used to efficiently handle various sorts of cracks and structural issues in concrete. Epoxy injection includes pouring epoxy resin into the crack, sealing it while also regaining the concrete's strength. Routing and sealing is the process of widening the crack's route and filling it with a crack sealant to stop moisture intrusion and new cracking. Using grouting, cracks are stabilised and voids are filled, preserving the integrity of the concrete. By inserting metal rods across the crack and cementing them with epoxy, stitching effectively joins the cracked portions. Drilling holes along the crack and sealing them with the proper sealant is known as drilling and plugging. Low-viscosity substances used in gravity filling naturally flow into cracks to provide full penetration. Crack fillers and wall crack sealers are essential components of these techniques because they close gaps, keep out moisture, and reinforce the mended area. Whether repairing a broken wall or dealing with other concrete fractures, using the proper technique and the right crack fillers and sealants offers a thorough and durable solution.

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12. Benefits of Professional Help for Wall Crack Repairs

Seeking professional assistance for cracked wall repairs offers numerous benefits that ensure the longevity and safety of your property. Professionals possess the expertise to accurately assess the severity of the damage and determine the most suitable approach. They utilise specialised tools and techniques, including crack seal and wall crack filler, which are specifically designed to effectively address cracks of varying sizes and types. Crack sealants create a tight, moisture-resistant seal, preventing further deterioration, while wall crack fillers reinforce the structure and restore the wall's appearance. Professional expertise ensures proper application, minimising the risk of recurring issues. Moreover, their experience guarantees that underlying problems are identified and fixed, preventing potential complications. Entrusting cracked wall repairs to professionals not only saves time and effort but also safeguards your property against future damage, granting you peace of mind and a structurally sound living environment.

13. Conclusion

In conclusion, the array of methods available for concrete crack repair, such as epoxy injection, routing and sealing, grouting, stitching, drilling and plugging, and gravity filling, showcases the diverse approaches to addressing structural issues. These methods are integral components of cracked wall repair and the restoration of concrete's integrity. The essential role played by crack fillers and wall crack sealers cannot be overstated, as they are pivotal in sealing gaps, preventing moisture intrusion, and reinforcing the repaired sections. Whether it's the precision of epoxy injection, the stability offered by grouting, or the innovative stitching techniques, the aim remains consistent: to create a resilient, structurally sound surface. By understanding the nuances of each method and employing suitable crack fillers and sealers, professionals ensure not only the repair of concrete but also the preservation of its strength and aesthetic appeal over time.

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