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Navratri Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Home

Navratri Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Home


Navratri involves nine days of worshipping the divine goddess, Ma Durga. The festival is celebrated in diverse parts of the country with distinguished rituals. But one thing common about the celebrations all over the nation is Navratri decoration at home. Delve deeper into this blog to get the best ideas for transforming your home into an abode of positivity and auspicious energy during Navratri.

1. A Dash of Rich Colours for Navratri Decoration at Home

A Dash of Rich Colours for Navratri Decoration at Home

Navratri is a great excuse to spruce up the walls of your home. Choose exclusive shades from the Nerolac interior wall paint range to lend a charming personality to your entire home. Remember that your Navratri decorations won't stand out if your walls don't ooze out a vibrant and exquisite appeal.

2. A Grand Entrance for This Navratri

A Grand Entrance for This Navratri

Decorating your home starts right from the entrance. Hand flower garlands, clay bells, and streamers in your hallways to make your abode look more inviting. A vibrant touch of colours right in the hallways will bring out a festive essence. It is a way of showing guests that you have welcomed the joyous times with an open heart and want to celebrate with them.

3. A Simple Decor for Navratri

A Simple Decor for Navratri

If you want a simple Navratri decoration at home, play with curtains and wall accessories. Curtains in bright shades will add a pop of colour to your living space. You can also add wall clocks and photo frames to decorate your space. Another simple yet visually appealing decoration idea for Navratri is adding pictures of Hindu deities on your wall to create a divine presence.

4. Magnificent Mandap Decorations for Navratri

Magnificent Mandap Decorations for Navratri

The mandap or puja space should give out a feeling of tranquillity. This is the place where you will perform all your Navratri rituals. Therefore, adorn the mandap in a way that lets you connect with traditional values. Use the fragrance of fresh flowers to make the mandap space more divine. The beautiful blooms will also help make your mandap look visually appealing.

5. A Wall With the Art of Crochet

A Wall With the Art of Crochet

If you are looking for unique Navratri decoration ideas, crochet wall hangings are a great option. They have a creative touch that will make your living space stand out. While white crochet hangings look enchanting, you can also experiment with other colours in your crochet hangings.

6. Make Beautiful Flower Rangolis

Make Beautiful Flower Rangolis

Flowers are one of the most versatile Navratri decoration items. You can use them to make garlands, captivating arrangements, and more. You can even ditch making rangolis with powder colours for gorgeous blooms. Flowers will fill up your home with a magical fragrance and help you make unique designs and shapes.

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7. Choose Traditional Prints for Upholstery

Choose Traditional Prints for Upholstery

Your upholstery also deserves a change during Navratri. If you choose handicraft weaves for your upholstery, it will look enthralling with the overall traditional theme of the festival. From Rajasthani patchwork to Kalamkari, try incorporating all kinds of quirky prints in your cushion covers, sofa covers, and more.

8. Use Earthen Lamps and Pots to Light up Your Space

Use Earthen Lamps and Pots to Light up Your Space

If you want a rustic and vintage Navratri decoration at home, earthen pots and lamps will come to your rescue. Use them as showpieces to maintain a traditional and auspicious touch in your celebrations. Depending on the amount of space you have in your home, you can arrange earthen lamps on the sides of each step in your staircase or under your staircase.

Use earthen pots of different shapes and sizes to amp up a corner of your living room with a unique decorative item. Place tea lights inside pots and place them in different corners of your home.

You can even make your own diyas and make them a part of your Navratri decorations. If you want to show off your artistic side this Navratri, paint on earthen pots and diyas and keep them as decorative pieces all around your home. Use bright colours and add decorative items like mirrors and sequins to dazzle your guests with beautiful pots.

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9. Adorn Your Doorways with Torans

Adorn Your Doorways with Torans

Torans are traditional pieces of decor to amp up the doorways of your Indian home. These are gorgeous pieces of decor that look flattering and can impress guests in seconds. Therefore, don't forget to include torans in your Navratri decoration ideas at home.

You will come across torans with plastic flowers in the market. While they are quite enriching, you can make your own torans with a twist. Use colourful paper and thin threads to create beautiful toran strings of origami. Make flowers, birds, or even abstract shapes and add bells or trinkets to beautify your Toran origami strings.

10. Add Photogenic Fairy Lights

Add Photogenic Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are an amazing piece of decor for different festivals. These strings of sparkling lights will illuminate your place and create a radiant look. Whether it's your place of worship or the entrance gate of your home, you can hang fairy lights everywhere to create a magical spectacle.

But if you think fairy lights have become too mainstream, we have some unique ideas to make them look enthralling. Place fairy lights inside glass jars or bottles to create a charming ambience. You can also convert them into lanterns by placing them into paper bags with punched holes.

Use strings of fairy lights to make a chandelier and add a radiant glow to your Navratri mandir. If you are having an intimate celebration this Navratri, print memorable photos of your loved ones and hang them on the wall with these lights.

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The sky's the limit when it comes to implementing a creative Navratri decoration at home. Be innovative as possible and spend a memorable Navratri with loved ones. Let the Navratri colours and decorations ooze out positivity and help you celebrate nine days of joy at your place.

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