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 Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens

Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens

Open your heart to open kitchen designs for Indian homes

Open kitchen designs were initially a rare thought in the Indian market. Overtime, with exposure to modern designs, and the onset of modular kitchens, open kitchen designs have fared well in this landscape. There are many advantages aesthetically and functionally to having an open kitchen in Indian homes. One of the primary advantages is that open kitchen designs widen your living room area leaving more space for entertaining guests and family. Gone are the days where boxed up kitchens with cluttered countertops symbolised the heart of the home. Let us introduce you to various kitchen design inspirations that are modern, contemporary and designed for newer and upcoming home layouts.

  1. Advantages and a guide to having an open kitchen design

    Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens
    • An open kitchen design lets you blend into the living area while eliminating barriers like walls and doors, giving you a larger outlook of space
    • Open kitchen designs are redefining living spaces and entertainment as it has direct access to get-togethers held in the common room
    • Open kitchens can enjoy ample light, both natural and ambient giving cooking lots of room for enjoyment
    • Pro-tip 1: Always choose a minimal design and for open kitchens as they’re also part of a larger space and it should not appear cluttered
    • Pro-tip 2: Since Indian kitchens have a lot of flavours and fragrances, ensure you have good ventilation and exhaust systems in an open kitchen design
    • Pro-tip 3: Open Kitchens have the advantage of having a breakfast area, an island or a dining table attached to it creating a cohesive and stylish dining environment

  2. Introduce a lovely contrast to your open kitchen

    Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens

    Although your open kitchen design can take on its own shades, it is important for some colours to blend in and complement the overall living area colour scheme. A two-toned approach helps in building uniformity while giving the kitchen design its own uniqueness and distinct elements. Popular colour combinations and contrasts include white and shades of blue, blue and grey, pastels and white or wooden textures, grey and white or shades of beige. In order to blend in with your existing colour scheme and stay up to date, let’s have a look at top 3 kitchen design shades and combinations that can give you just the finish you need:

    • For a living area with an overall white, off-white colour scheme and lots of natural light: Cream, terracotta and wooden textures / White with soft pastels like pale yellow or light blue
    • For a living area with deep colours like grey and charcoal with ambient lighting: Grey and deep blue, black and white, deep green and grey or beige
    • For a living area with a pop of colour and minimal design: Pantone combinations, any pop colour like blue, yellow or mint green with white

  3. Open Kitchen designs with Pantone colours and wall textures

    Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens

    Pantone colours are derived from the Pantone colour system which is a world renowned colour matching ecosystem. It was devised to help designers create or identify colours that cannot fit into the traditional CMYK. Pantone colours are timeless and always in trend. Search for typical Pantone yellow or Pantone blue for your simple kitchen design, and pair it with subtle and muted wall textures to transform your open space. Pantone’s 2022 colour of the year is the ‘Veri Peri’. It is essentially a mix of blue undertones with violet and red tinges. Perfectly suited for open kitchen designs, this pantone colour can dazzle your common space and complement your already existing colour scheme. Few colours that you can experiment with wall textures:

    Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens
    • For the Pantone Very Peri: Choose Sweet Bianca (2327) and stark white brick textures
      Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens
    • For a pale yellow inspired by Pantone Popcorn: Choose Meringue (2011) with greys or wooden texture
      Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens
    • For lovely, pastel blues inspired by Pantone Tourmaline: Choose Blue Leaf Mallee (4255) and beige textures or walnut wood

  4. Open Kitchen with a statement backsplash or accent wall

    To distinguish your kitchen from the common area, always get creative with a statement backsplash or an accent wall to add an element of design and uniqueness. Marble, tile, textured or wooden - backsplashes add character to your uniformly painted kitchen space. Additionally, if you want to utilise your vacant walls, you can create an accent wall in contrast or in blend with the existing colour scheme. Let’s look at what’s trending for open kitchen design backsplashes and accent walls in 2022:

    • White for the win: Hexagonal backsplashes, brick backsplashes and glazed marble in white
    • Wooden textures and accents for cabinets with textured backsplashes in matte tones of greige and charcoal
    • Neutral accent walls that match muted colour schemes to add drama and also become a presentable space for hanging tools and crockery

    Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens

  5. Semi open kitchen design with blending elements

    A semi open kitchen design is when the kitchen isn’t a separate room altogether but has a demarcation in terms of a pillar, a barricade or a table. The good thing about semi open kitchens is that it gives you the illusion of it being an open space while subtly creating its own corner or niche. To keep the open kitchen design in tandem with the common area, homeowners can play with certain design elements or ideas to ensure the same. For example, blending elements can include an island cum dinner table that makes both spaces meet or tilework that’s common for both spaces bringing in uniformity. Here are a few design ideas for semi open kitchen designs with blending elements:

    • Introduce a transparent wooden or textured sliding door to separate the two units
    • Introduce a window approach with similar tiles and colour schemes to show the semi-partition and extension
    • Add an island or table between the open kitchen and the living area as a demarcator.

    Also read:5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas For You in 2022

    Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Stylish Dining in Open Kitchens

  6. Open Kitchen designs in gradient shades

    If you like a single shade for your open kitchen, you can go with it by creating a gradient result with hues of the same colour family. For example, if you like the shade of blue, you can start with a pastel blue for your walls, a darker blue for your cabinets to a grey-blue for your floors to create a gradient look. Many homeowners are choosing a monochromatic effect for their kitchen and adding a two or three-toned approach by opting for similar hues in the kitchen. Let us have a look at trending 2022 gradient shades for open kitchen designs:

    • Green: From mint green to forest green, open kitchen designs flaunt this dramatic colour family to make an impression
    • Blue: Blues are timeless and depending on the shade you use, the kitchen gets transformed. Pastel hues and navy blue are the most popular in open kitchen designs
    • Yellow: Mustards to popcorn, yellow is a kitchen colour, truly. It not only graces your open kitchen design with light and energy but uplifts the mood too.

    With the top open kitchen design ideas of 2022 to your disposal, we hope you remodel or build the kitchen of your dreams. To read up on this topic in depth, have a look at our top trending kitchen design ideas of 2022 here.

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