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Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas

Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas


Explore kitchen design and shades that complement the best styles of 2022

A beautifully designed kitchen that optimises the space, functionality and aesthetics is every homeowner’s dream come true. It is one thing to have your favourite colours adorn your kitchen space, but having your utility marry design is a work of art. Most homeowners struggle with space in kitchens but design and colours make it possible to make even the smallest of spaces appear elegant. We believe we can always do a lot with less, and that is true when it comes to small kitchen designs. Let us have a look at a few tips clubbed with lovely shades for Indian small kitchens of 2022. Following is a list of shades and design tips curated by experts for homeowners struggling with space and design concepts.

  1. Tips for a modern, small kitchen design in 2022

    • When you have a parallel kitchen, optimise it with space, design and modular cabinets
    • Make use of empty walls for compact shelves or hooks
    • Use shades that can make small spaces appear wider
    • To avoid staining or dirt in Indian kitchens, use darker colour cabinets and brighter walls to create a contrast
  2. L-Shaped to C-Shaped in Shades of Blue

    Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas

    Whether your kitchen is L-shaped or C-shaped, it is sure to look good in shades of blue like teal, turquoise, navy blue, deep blue and grey-blue. The blue colour family has the ability to turn the stressful kitchen environment into a serene one. When it comes to L-shaped kitchens or C-shaped kitchens, blue tends to optimise the space and add an element of design and trendiness to cabinets and walls. Here are a few ways to experiment with hues of blue for your kitchen design:

    • Pastel blue in herringbone pattern can make for the perfect wallpaper in an all-white small kitchen design
    • Navy blue cabinets can add character to an otherwise cramped up kitchen that has storage from top to bottom
    • Blue-grey, a new trendy colour can add the perfect contrast that makes a small kitchen look spacious

    Characteristics: Warm, energetic, soothing

    Suited for: C shaped kitchens, parallel kitchens, L-shaped kitchens

  3. Mix vibrant shades of yellow with small kitchens

    Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas

    Yellow is a versatile colour that gives a fresh and invigorating appearance to any type of kitchen. It is not always spacious kitchens that steal the show, but small kitchens can give you a cosy, warm feeling that is rare to find. Yellow has characteristics to bring in a sunny, chirpy appearance to your small kitchen design, resulting in your space being just the cosy nook you need. Pro-tip: Yellow is perfect for kitchens that do not have much natural light, bringing in just the burst of energy and sun you need. Here are a few ways to style your kitchen design with yellow:

    • Mix walnut wood and mustard yellow for a traditional and rustic look
    • A small silver-based kitchen can have a vibrant backdrop with yellow
    • Use yellow accents like a yellow countertop or a yellow wall to draw attention in small kitchens
    • If you’re bored of white, use banana yellow or pale yellow as a backsplash to your kitchen

    Characteristics: Sunny, inviting, cosy

    Suited for: Small cosy kitchens, parallel kitchens, open kitchens

  4. Create Consistency with a monochromatic effect

    Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas

    Even with limited space, a monochromatic small kitchen design stands out. The beauty of monochrome is that it's trendy and contemporary. It steals the attention from space and directs your attention to the consistency of colour and ornateness of the space. Common monochromes are greys and blacks, but what’s trending lately is the deep, warm forest green for small kitchens. With a leather-like look, it has the ability to transform your small kitchen into a sophisticated cooking nook. Green fills your kitchen with good energy, abundance and positivity. Here are a few ways to style your kitchen design with a monochromatic effect:

    • Turn your small kitchen into a Scandinavian styled kitchen with black and white monochromatic effect
    • Ditch black and go for a green monochrome paired with grey accents in your small kitchen
    • Utilise your cabinets and use shades of the same colour to have a gradient effect from top to bottom in a small kitchen design

    Characteristics: Uniform, trendy, unique

    Suited for: Open kitchens, small, converted kitchens, L shaped kitchens

  5. Use neutral textures to create an illusion of space

    Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas

    Ditch boring old wall colours and adopt textured walls or neutral wallpapers to add an element of design to your small kitchen. A tasteful, neutral background with sleek, modern cabinetry can create the perfect illusion of space in comparison to a cramped up, furniture-first kitchen. Textured walls are the perfect addition to a small kitchen to add character, detail and elegance. Greige (grey + beige) is a new trendy colour that has made its way into home designs. Greige wallpapers and textured walls give you an elegant grunge effect without being too over-the-top. Here are a few ways to use neutral textures or greige for your small kitchen design:

    • Texture up your tiles, walls and ceilings to give a monochrome neutral effect
    • Give importance to the wall between cabinets and the kitchen slab
    • Paint an accent wall with textures to create the illusion of space

    Characteristics: Unique, personal, authentic

    Suited for: Box kitchens, round kitchens, corner kitchens

  6. Go with a bold contrast to augment small kitchen designs

    Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Areas

    Create drama in your kitchen space by adding contrasting elements, be it in terms of colours, textures or more. Contrast as a design principle always helps smaller spaces look trendier and spacious. Famous striking contrast shades used in kitchens are dark blue and yellow, grey and white, pastel and white. Use your cabinetry and hardware as one design colour and your wall backdrops as one colour to create an efficient contrast in a small kitchen design. Here are few ways to create contrast in a small kitchen design:

    • Use light-coloured cabinets like teal or pale yellow with dark-coloured hardware like grey
    • Add wood and wooden textures to create contrast with yellows and blues
    • Try the top to bottom gradient contrast from ceilings to tiles including cabinetry in shades of yellow, dark blue or grey

    Characteristics: Modern, trendy, timeless

    Suited for: Small open kitchens, small parallel kitchens

    Whether contrast is your choice or neutral wall textures, small kitchen designs can result in something beautiful when you marry layout, colour scheme, cabinetry and natural lighting. You can read more about stylish kitchen designs of 2022 here.

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