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Wall Texture Design for Bedroom


5 Stunning Wall Texture Designs For Your Bedroom

Wall texture design for bedrooms is not just a trend, but it has changed the way we look at colour schemes, depth, dimension and design. Texture design for bedrooms can emit whatever aura you want, on the basis of the style chosen. Exposed walls, concrete walls, uneven walls, faux brick wall textures, geometric textures, panelling and distressed walls are some of the popular modern wall texture designs for bedrooms. While texture paints, wallpapers and wall finishes are some of the techniques to achieve wall textures, it is important for us to understand the space we’re about to design and why textures are important for today’s design era.

Understanding the bedroom and texture design for bedroom walls

The bedroom is a personal safe haven for most of us. We spend most of our time in the bedroom, relaxing and unwinding. A bedroom’s design must be an extension of your personality so it can make you feel homely and comfortable, unlike a hotel’s cold room. Hence, when it comes to designing your bedroom, you must not overlook textures and colour schemes. Simply splashing a bit of paint on your walls is a job half done, for the perfect bedroom. It is important to study your design style, your colour scheme and introduce textures to your walls along with decor and the right upholstery. Adding textures to your bedroom walls increases the aesthetic value of your bedroom and adds personality to the design. Let us look at the latest wall paint texture designs for bedrooms that have been curated by our experts and designers.

  1. Organised geometric texture designs for bedrooms

    Wall Texture Design For Modern Bedroom

    Whether you’re aiming for a royal look or a minimal and open design, geometric shapes give you a clean and defined result. Geometric themes have lately gained a lot of popularity when it comes to interior and home design. Organised geometric texture designs for bedrooms range from simple shapes in rich textures like wood panels, abstract shapes in simple textures like lacquer finish and organised geometric patterns in simple texture paints that give out a linen aura. These are a few ideas that homeowners can experiment with while brainstorming for geometric wall texture designs for bedrooms. Let’s look at a few styles and how geometric themes fit in for these styles with the latest wall texture designs for bedrooms:

    1. Modern yet royal: Organised geometric patterns like triangles or squares can be used with panels, an extended headboard with foam or rich wooden texture boards.
    2. Chic and minimal: Ditch over layering and panels. Use drywall paint in neutral tones and rich textures while drawing abstract lines to have a minimal geometric theme and a statement wall.
    3. Quirky and vibrant: Infuse a three colour combination on one wall and concentrate all the drama of the room here within a geometric pattern and pop colours.
    4. Monochromatic drama: Stay true to one texture paint or textured wall like stone or marble and its colour while using lines of paints in different hues of the same shade.

    Personality: Minimal, quirky, contemporary, chic

    Suited for: Bedrooms with minimalism, bedrooms imitating the NY studio vibe, bedrooms with a modern approach, bedrooms with room for pop colours

  2. Exposed wall trick: Modern wall texture design for bedrooms

    Trendy Wall Texture Design For Bedroom

    The beauty of this home design trend is that you either leave your bare, naked walls untouched or you make your walls look like they’re worn out and exposed. Since modern design is moving more towards messy, undone and uneven finishes, this exposed wall texture design for bedrooms is making its way onto every homeowners’ radar. This exposed texture design for bedrooms is gritty, coarse and looks great for bedrooms that have a bohemian or an earthy vibe. Often combined with brickwork or wooden ceilings, this exposed wall texture design for bedrooms is adding the raw and rugged style to prim and perfect bedrooms. Let’s look at a few styles that have become latest texture designs for bedrooms:

    1. For the bohemian you: Introduce exposed walls by using texture paints with a gritty finish and paint it in your colour scheme while making it an accent wall.
    2. For the chic yet earthy vibe: Use a distressed wallpaper or texture paint with knockdown finish in cool tones in contrast to your earthy colour scheme.
    3. For the modern artist: Let the texture of your bare walls remain as you add a coat of fresh colour to it, introducing vibrancy and rawness together.

    Personality: Raw, rugged, inspired, unique

    Suited for: Homes with plants and natural light, bedrooms with a cottage vibe, bedrooms that have minimal storage

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  3. Concrete wall textures: Latest texture design for bedrooms

    Latest Wall Texture Design For Bedroom

    Concrete finishes are meant to be used artfully and with taste. It is not always in colours of grey or charcoal that you will find concrete wall textures. Concrete wall texture designs for bedrooms can be tastefully chosen with a wide range of rich finishes and colours. These latest wall paint texture designs for bedrooms do not limit your bedroom’s personality to raw and rugged styles. You can turn your bedroom into a royal and chic oasis or an artistic pad depending on how you treat your concrete wall textures. Let’s look at a few personalities your bedroom can imbibe with concrete wall texture design for bedrooms.

    1. Smooth and chic geometry: A rugged and raw finish can always take on a royal and chic colour like navy blue with geometric shapes on the wall.
    2. Immaculate white minimalism: Just like any other wall but with texture and depth, concrete wall textures in immaculate white can be just the perfect contrast for your minimal and warm toned bedroom.
    3. Organic wooden oasis: If your bedroom is dark and nature-inspired, let concrete finish with a wooden texture speak volumes on your accent wall.
    4. Contemporary monotone: A perfect way to own a two-toned bedroom is to use the same shade but introduce a distressed, concrete wall texture against your headboard wall or ceiling

    Personality: Luxe, industrial, warm, raw

    Suited for: Contemporary bedrooms, bedrooms with a modern outlook and new textures, bedrooms with open space and warmth

  4. Lines and divides

    Wall Texture and Lines Design For Bedroom

    you choose a textured wallpaper with geometric lines on it or texture paints with lines drawn/painted to divide the wall, the scheme adds just the right amount of depth, dimension and design to your walls. Homeowners can experiment with abstract uneven lines or organised lines depending on their style and personality. Let’s look at a few ways to experiment with styles and texture designs for bedrooms:

    1. Use straight lines on dry walls with texture paint for a subtle textured effect
    2. Embrace an abstract, textured wallpaper to add style to your plain bedroom
    3. Use a textured wall material and divide it with lines to add geometry, depth and consistency

    Personality: Suave, modern, chic

    Suited for: Bedrooms with small spaces as this texture and lines help with height illusion, bedrooms with less room for dramatic textures, bedroom with less space for colour combinations

  5. Metallic texture designs

    Metallic Wall Texture Design For Bedroom

    Whether it’s industrial colours in a metallic finish or vibrant colours, wall texture designs for bedrooms can take a new turn with this type of finish. These textures lend a certain elegance and lustre to your walls. They can also act as a subtle contrast to your existing bare walls. Since metallic texture designs for bedrooms are not as dramatic as other texture designs, most homeowners that want a different sheen and a slight differentiation on a single wall go for this.

    Personality: Elegant, bright, unique, sophisticated

    Suited for: Bedrooms with one colour scheme, statement walls, walls with portraits

    Well, bedrooms should never be left unexplored by the hand of textures. Along with these, there are many more textures that work well in all rooms of your home and can increase the design value of your home.

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Where can texture designs be used in bedroom interiors?
Texture designs can be used on bedhead walls or as a false bedhead. They can also be used in balconies, on wall unit walls, empty walls and ceilings.
What are popular texture designs for bedrooms?
Popular texture designs for bedrooms are striped textures, rustic textures, wooden textures and metallic textures.

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