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The Ultimate Guide to POP Design For The Kitchen

The Ultimate Guide to POP Design For The Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is the center of your house and connects the inhabitants through communication laced with laughter and sewed together with food that warms the soul. This is why finding the best possible way to make your kitchen the hub of social interactions while also maintaining its homely characteristic is important.

POP ceiling design for the kitchen is a way to amp up your space. Ceiling POP designs can be simple yet appealing to the aesthetic tone of your home. POP design for the ceiling can mold itself into any tone you set for your kitchen, be it simple, modern, rustic, etc.

Ultimate Guide to POP Design for the Kitchen Curated by our Experts

  1. What is POP?

    What is POP

    Plaster of Paris (POP) is a building material that is created from heating gypsum. It is found in a region near Paris, France, hence the name. POP can be molded and designed in various ways including creating architectural designs, and decorative structures. POP ceiling designs also have a very classy finish.

  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of POP Ceilings

    Advantages and Disadvantages of POP Ceilings

    POP is relatively easy to work with since it is water soluble and comparatively lightweight. POP is one of the best materials to use for the kitchen because of its heat resistant properties. It also does not reduce in size while drying hence avoiding the possibility of a cracked looking finish.

    It is easy to use and very durable, while also being one of the most budget friendly material options for false ceilings.

    While being a rather economic choice, POP designs are limited to the interiors of a home. Since it is highly soluble with water, it can be used for the exteriors of a home or in moist areas, such as the bathroom. It can also require thorough maintenance from time to time.

  3. Some Ideas for Kitchen POP Ceiling Designs

    Some Ideas for Kitchen POP Ceiling Designs

    POP Ceiling design for kitchens is a huge trend in this day and age. Kitchen POP ceiling designs are a very viable option for interiors these days because of the classy POP finish, the heat resistant nature of POP that allows for a low ceiling as well. False POP Ceiling Designs are easily shaped hence making it easier to achieve more complex design ideas as well. Here are a few ideas of POP Ceiling designs for the kitchen.

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  5. Simple POP Ceiling Design

    Simple POP Ceiling Design

    A simple POP ceiling design can add to the aesthetic tones of your kitchen, achieving the minimalistic look while also increasing a dash of class in the overall look of the home. A simple kitchen POP ceiling design can also help in making the space look slightly larger, marking it the perfect spot to be the epicenter of all things social. A simple yet minimalistic POP ceiling design could be a POP plank with attached round led lights which make the space nicely illuminated and also makes the false ceiling look not too shabby, as it can be used to conceal wires and other electric works.

  6. Curved POP Ceiling Design

    Curved POP Ceiling Design

    Curved POP ceiling designs can add dimension to any space. They can be used in any size of kitchen, in fact, a curved POP ceiling is the best option as a small kitchen POP design as it tends to make the space look enlarged and adds just the right amount of dimension to the space. A curved POP ceiling design with neutral colour shades and white lights can dazzle up your space while adding a touch of modernity to it.

  7. Two Colour Combination POP Ceiling Design

    Two Colour Combination POP Ceiling Design

    A two colour combination is ideal for a small kitchen POP design. POP ceiling designs are the best option for smaller kitchens. A two colour combination POP ceiling design for the kitchen would instantly brighten up the space and create a space that encourages the creative exchange of ideas and thoughts, making it the go to choose for a POP ceiling design. A vibrant colour paired with a neutral tone, can really make the space stand out.

  8. POP Ceiling Design with Wooden Beams

    POP Ceiling Design with Wooden BeamsA rustic touch to any space, wood is the perfect element to embrace your natural aesthetic tone. Another great POP design for kitchens, is a ceiling POP with wooden beams. It adds an organic feel to your kitchen space. For those of you, who wish to embrace their more natural side, this is the perfect POP ceiling design for you. The wood amidst the neutral tones, adds a dash of uniqueness to the space while also keeping it relatively simplistic. This simple kitchen POP design is guaranteed to be a perfect fit in the homes of the rustic aesthetic enthusiast.

  9. Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design

    Plus Minus POP Ceiling DesignWhen you have space constrictions, you must make the most out of the space you have. A plus minus POP ceiling design is apt for a simple kitchen POP design as it can be amped up with various design ideas, such a victorian details, curved details, wooden beams, etc. this flexibility makes plus minus ceiling POP designs the go to option for everyone, it creates room for creative and aesthetic liberty.

    A Victorian or floral detailed plus minus POP ceiling design would showcase an eye of delicate details, and with POP finish add an elegant touch to any modern kitchen.

  10. LED light with Simple POP Ceiling Design

    LED light with Simple POP Ceiling DesignA minimalistic simple kitchen POP design can be paired with an LED light and POP ceiling to create a futuristic aesthetic for your kitchen. This particular design is considered very popular because, though it is simple, it adds a touch of modernity to your space along with subtle dimension to your space. A simple POP ceiling for a small kitchen can create the illusion of a larger and brighter space but the LED light adds a touch of colour that is not too loud but makes its presence known, this design is ideal for the modern aesthetic.

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  12. Arched POP Ceiling Design

    Arched POP Ceiling Design

    An arched ceiling POP is the epitome of regal. It adds to your space a noble touch, along with setting an elegant tone for a considerably simple kitchen POP ceiling design. The arch adds texture to an otherwise plain space. It is also a grade A illusion to create the sense of a larger and longer area. This style of POP design for kitchens, can make any place climb the ladders in terms of sophistication. It is the perfect choice for a small kitchen POP design. A ceiling POP like the arched POP design is definitely a head turner.

    Ceiling POPs are very flexible and easy to work with interior material. POP ceiling design is the way to amp up your space, because of its versatile nature and non-negotiable pros, that make them a friend of every homeowner. These designs are created keeping in mind the restless need for creative freedom in your home and cater to every aesthetic in mind. POP Ceiling designs are the shapeshifting gadget in every homeowner’s toolbox, transforming itself into the tone of what you want.

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